Tuesday, 6 July 2010

You have to be mad to want to work here…

So we’ve been interviewing and we have two candidates.
1) Amber – she is definitely not lacking in confidence and could do a good job but doesn’t have all of the database skills.
2) Jenny – She seems very nice has all the skills and is a bit quiet. Jamie thinks she “lacks the confidence” actually he doesn’t fancy her.

Ted, “We need to hire someone. This TEAM is incomplete.”
I roll my eyes, “You do know these little meeting Jamie and I keep disappearing to are expressly for that purpose Ted.”
Ted glares. “So will anyone do so far?”
“I like Amber” says Jamie quickly.

I sigh ever since I dumped him prior to her interview Jamie has been going on about Amber being fit. And I know I dumped him but it’s annoying me. What’s worse is Fishy has picked up on the fact it is annoying me and is joining in.

“So we have Amber or Jenny in the running then.” Ted says stating the obvious. “Hmmmmm well TEAM the only solution is put it to a vote.”
I groan softly and Fishy shoots me an evil grin.

“Right TEAM gather” Ted calls.
I bang my head on my desk a few times in despair.

“We the sales team have a dilemma – two candidates can do the jobs – so who do we choose. Jamie and Katie you have a minute each to make your case.”

I glare, “Jenny can do the job better.”
Jamie smirks, “Is that is?” He asks, “Well Amber is intelligent, proactive and will fit into the team. Plus she will look great representing it.”
“You are unbelievable.” I tell him

“Enough kids.” Fishy interrupts. “So are we voting Ted?”

Ted beams, “Form a circle and we will vote going around?”
“What is with you an d circles?” I mutter, “Would no one play with you at school.”
Simon sniggers and we get into the circle.
I go first and vote Jenny, Simon follows.

Fishy and Jamie vote Amber.

“As Ethan is off today I get the decider.” Ted declares, “And I vote Amber.”
Jamie and Fishy cheer and I console myself with he fact at least this means no more interviewing people.

Plus the chances of them picking someone I didn’t humiliate myself in front were always slim. Amber is starting Monday...


  1. So looks got Amber the job too? Woa. These men you work with are a lil shallow. Hopefully things die down about you & Jamie & Amber isn't too too bad.

  2. Not jealous are you, Kate? I'm sure she can't compare to you.

    Good to see you keeping regular again!

    With blog-posts, I mean. Not... y'know...

  3. So did you not like her?

  4. Did you not like her?

  5. Definiately a bit jealous - she is incredibly glamourous. Plus it would have been nice not to make an idiot of myself as a first impression.... oh well ....

  6. Melanie's Randomness - to be fair she was actually pretty good in her interview just less techy than Jenny! I am sure she will do a good job.

    Anon - she seems nice but just a bit insecurity inducing you know?

  7. Somethings never change huh? Good luck with the newby.

  8. Wow, this sounds as dramatic as my work stories. Will it be you training her?

  9. MEN!

    Be sure to remind them of this when Amber fucks up the database and everyone has to work late for a month. :)

  10. Just confirms my belief that looks, trumps ability! Like I didn't know that already.

  11. Kate we can't make any informed decisions without any photographic proof.


    And Veggie Killer is right........ MEN!


  12. Kate, glamorous people are often very insecure which can only shine a good light on your confidence and mature bearing...

    Oh dear.

  13. I hope she does the job and isn't too ditracting :) :P

  14. I can feel some good blog posts in the future following Amber's recruitment. Sorry you didn't get the person you wanted, but at least it was close!

  15. What's the betting you and Amber become BFFs united against Ted and Fishy!

  16. Hey! I've been reading your blog for sometime now and I thought I'd comment!

    Wow. Someone knew to the office. This will be interesting. I can't wait!

    I just wanted to say I love the clear voice of your writing. It makes me want to read more.

    Best wishes,


  17. Very interesting. A part of me kinda hopes that she'll be as emtpy as good looking, another part hopes that she'll embrace you as a woman in the office and totally pair up with you in all the shenanigans going on there!

  18. well maybe you and Amber can become really close and make fun of Fishy together.

    Or you can cut into any coversation she has with Jamie and steal her for yourself. you may get some lesbian comments, but hold her attention and jamie will be jealous!

    I'm trying to come up with back-up plans here!

  19. If she's hotter, she's in. End of story.

    PS here was a headline from reuters.com

    "Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters"


    There's just too much out there. The world needs innuendo filterers!

    PS no dating around the office- bad politics!

  20. I say pick the uglier of the too! That is skill is better than a fast typer

  21. They will regret their decision, but they'll be so busy gawking at Amber that they won't regret it too much.
    Sorry Kate.
    Be well,

  22. So shallow and so predictable really. No matter how bad she'll be at the job, they'll forgive her everything.

  23. Awww sorry Kate :(
    She probably has a massive fault in some glaringly obvious way that no one has noticed yet. Failing that just trip her up one day :)

  24. well i guess at least amber can't say she didn't know what your office is like after seeing you trip and fall down the stairs...

  25. Ha ha thanks for all comments guys - excuse my rubbishness I should be back to normal service soon! x

  26. I hope she does the job and isn't too ditracting :) :P