Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The boss needs to know everything, office fights

More and more interviews I swear I can’t even seem to hear the answers any more. Amazing the number of responses you get from an advert in the Guardian, some of them from the certifiably insane and some just desperate. Apparently the lure of publishing is such that people are queuing up to work with Ted and earn 18K a year.

Ted has also decided this week that he wants to get more involved in all of our day to day tasks.

“I want to know what you are all doing at all times!” He announced with the air of the management gone mad with power. Or maybe it is lack of sales, poor Ted hasn’t managed to sell anything in weeks.
“So Katie what is your day today going to consist of?” he asks.
I sigh, “Well seeing as yesterday Jay told me you have agreed a new book client I am going to spend most of the day working on a promotional plan. The rest of the day is wondering how the hell I am going to fit in this plan with only a month notice.”
“We don’t have defeatist talk here.” He responds. “I want an hourly status update kiddo." I glare. kiddo?

"Simon who are you calling today?" He carried on oblivious to my death glare.
“How about I just email you my sales leads?” Simon asks.
“No talk me through it. As a TEAM we all need to know what everyone is doing.”
Simon sighs and lists his clients.
“Is that all your calls today?” Ted demands his eyes possessed looking.
“I was also going to call my mother and wish her a happy birthday.” Simon admits, “But I thought you wouldn’t care about that.”

Ted goes around the room until Ethan finally tells him, “I could take you through my list of sales prospects or I could actually call them and make some money. Your call.”
Ethan losing his temper is rare and this shuts everyone up for a while

Ted leaves to make tea and we all exchange looks,
“What the hells gotten into him?” I ask.
“He thinks the atmosphere here is unprofessional.” Fishy replies smugly
“For God sake.” Ethan says
“I don’t blame him.” Fishy says, “You lot are mad”
“Funny how he asked you too considering you are so much better than us.” I retort.
“Cut it out you two.” Ethan says. “I have a meeting with him this afternoon I’ll have a word then. Kate, Jamie get someone hired. I think that will calm him down.”

“Can we go and talk about our next interviews?” Jamie asks.
I sigh and follow him into the meeting room.
“Are you not talking to me?” He asks
“No this is all psychic communication – spooky.” I say
He glares, “Mature really mature.”
“Well without meaning to sound even more immature you started it.” I say.
He laughs, “So what are the chances of kissing and making up?” he says.

Hmmm bad idea?


  1. Yes, of course it would be a bad idea!

    Your boss sounds a bit mental. Smells like fear... How many interviews have taken place so far? Would be fun to get a running total.

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  2. I wish I was as mature as you, I'd get into a lot less trouble that way.

  3. Wow you three are quick!

    Urban School Teacher - He is mental. So far fifteen am blogging the latest soon.

    Plentymorefishoutofwater - You are a bad influence!

    mo.stoneskin - mature me??? Really

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm with Fish ;)

  6. KATE!!!! WHAT UP?

    Leave well enough alone.

    Btw - how have you been?

  7. LOL...Yea, something is going on with ya boss..He is really trippin....SOmething musta happened...

  8. it's official--ted has gone mad. hour by hour report? that can't last long before the office is totally empty.

  9. Yup, Ted has lost his nut! Find a real unusual employee that will keep Ted busy. LOL!

  10. I think kissing and making up could be fun! haha

    An hour by hour report? Ted should forget that and go look for his marbles.

  11. Don't do it, I did and ended up with a baby although not strictly with just kissing....



    P.s. I've left you a little award over on my blog.

  12. Wow, you're boss sounds like he might be wound a bit too tight! I say, all kissing is good, make up or not!! Go for it!!

  13. I've gotta say that Simon's response about calling his mother with birthday greetings was classic.

    Re Jamie, I suggest you keep him working for a make-up kiss. Maybe your cold shoulder has been starting to affect him - in a good way. Perhaps you could keep a distance for a bit longer until he's nicer to you. Just a thought.

    Hugs, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. Don't do it and give your boss a break!

  15. dang i hate micro managing bosses. then again your office is simply unreal! so kiss and make up? :P

  16. "The air of management gone mad with power!"

    I so know what that is like, everywhere I worked it happened!


  17. Hehe kate, why are you asking if it's a bad idea when you've already gone there?! Silly...


  18. What is really going on in Ted's world? Something is up and he's taking it out on everyone. You should find out.

  19. Kiss. A LOT. But then don't make up.

    Hahah! Kidding. What would be more crazy? Not kissing at all or kissing and making up?


  20. The "air of management" - Oh I really do not miss those days! Poor you!!

  21. This Ozark farm chick is thinkin' bipolar maybe he's just off his meds! Heeehehe! I just wanted to thank ya for your visit and sweet comment.

    From the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a fantastic day!!!

  22. Lifebeginsat30ty - No thats the dark side! Do you mean fishy in my blog or plentymorefish by the way?

    Ian - I would if I could..... Been good but super busy - it is easing off now - have popped over to catch up on your last posts xx.

    JStar - Yeah he is actually going mental

    Sarah - I know. he was never Mr Sane but now???

  23. Maybe a bad idea,but it may be fun!

  24. Thanks for your vote!

    Eh, kissing is always fun. What's the worst that could happen?..oh, right.

  25. you could write a book! i'm in a small office, but just quit! thanks for stopping by

  26. Bad idea! But you know you're going to..... ;)

  27. Probably bad but fun to read.

  28. An insightful post. Would you say you got more responses from the certifiably insane or the just plain desperate?

  29. I do not know what to say. I want to say bad idea but I also want to say do it because you know you want to (he sounds very cute and charming, and kissing very cute charming guys can be nice sometimes). My head cannot process this dilemma. Hope yours works better! (but somehow I think you've already made up your mind =P)

  30. Maybe your boss should just follow all of you on Twitter... however would you obey such a regiment efficiently?

    uTube & iShare

  31. DO it!

    Kate x

    Kate x

    PS: I've left a little something for you over at my blog:

  32. yeah save those lips for me... forget the boos as he is a spazz and might go off the deep end.... dont get pulled under with him....

    lets run away!!!

  33. I have heard some lines in my time but that's really lame.

  34. Thank you for stopping by my blog! So glad you did, now I am following you . . . :)

  35. Seeing how he is fishy I might not want to make out ...but you can't help guy for trying right?

  36. The desire to know all about us is unnerving. I'd have to make something up to sound interesting.

  37. I am not a big fan of the kissing and make up situation, it always turn out to be a big mess, by the way, I love your blog.


  38. Damn, missed that. Is it too late to apply?

  39. I just wanted to thank you for your visit and sweet comment over at my blog.

    God bless and have a great day!!!

  40. Always a good idea, especially in hard times


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