Friday, 26 February 2010

The trouble with office romances and Ted gets fit?

Ah playing in the company sandbox. Never a good plan. As my friend Jamie is funny sweet and a great friend. Unfortunately as a more than friend, he is jealous, texts me all the time, destroyed a nice bra from La Senza. (I like pretty underwear so am having trouble forgiving.)and seems to spoent every hour trying to convince me to sleep with him. Which considering I have heard him brag about conquests in the pub feels like a bad idea...who said romance was dead?

I arrive to work and yes I am late but ted has gone on a new get fit routine. I have a theory his wife is forcing him so every morning Ted arrives at 8am changes into jogging gear, goes for a run in Green Park and comes in late and stinky holding a bacon sandwich. Oh Ted.

So I arrive at half nine and Ted doesn't even know - score.

"Afternoon" Fishy calls snidely.
I ignore him and move with dignity towards my desk. Unfortunately I managed to knock a huge pile of files over. Damn. I kneel over to pick them up.
"What are you wearing on your knees Kate?" Ethan asks.
"My plasters?" I say confused.
"You have Cinderella plasters?" Fishy says, "Are you three?"
I blush "Simon got them for me after my concussion."
"With strict instructions to stop needing them every week." Simon laughs.
"You'll be jealous if you cut yourself." I say to Fishy.
"Why because he can't look like an idiot too?" Jamie says shooting me a dirty look before storming out. I sigh.

"What is up with him at the moment?" Ethan asks.
"I think I've annoyed him." Simon says looking worried, "He's been funny with me for a while."
"It could be Kate rejecting all the cute girls from the interview." Fishy says.
I look up, "What are you on about Fishy, you're making even less sense than usual."
Fishy smiles, "Jamie told me whenever a pretty girl goes along you reject her. Jealous much?"
"Are you high?" I say.

I think back to the interviews we had two attractive girls one who said she would only take the job for a salary of 30K (We have 18K to offer.) and one who I really liked up until the end of her interview.
"Why did you leave your last job?" I asked
"Well I didn't get on with my boss." She admits.
I can sympathise Ted drives me mad on occasions I think
"You see I really can't work with women." She carries on.
I think my jaw actually dropped. Then I got paranoid that maybe she thought I was a man. Anyway she was a no from me and I stand by it.

At this point the smell of Ted distracts me from killing Jamie Fishy and possibly an innocent bystander.
"Morning Team Sales!" He booms, "How are we all today? Ready to make money money money?"
The team mutter unenthusiastically and I glare.
"Oh your interviewee is waiting upstairs by the way Kate. Are you and Jamie ready?"

I text Jamie, Interviewee is here, stop acting like a five year old girl and get your arse back NOW

Great an hour stuck in a small meeting room with my soon to be ex. Office romances are a bad move.


  1. Although I've witnessed a few office romances, I admit I've never engaged in one myself. You remind me not to start!!

  2. Ugg. Office romances, do they ever end well?? I know the one I had didn't..... No more of that kind of stuff for me :)

  3. 1) La Senza. I don't know what the price of one of their bras are over where you are, but here that would be a $120 bra. I'd be mad too if it got destroyed.

    2) The woman thought you were a man? Or did she make the remark thinking she was your replacement-thinking you were interviewing her on your way out of the company?

  4. The office romance never worked out for me either. There never seems to be any time apart from each other. Fishy and Jamie could use a good dope slap !! Kate look on the bright side at least you haven't fell down today...yet.

  5. Office romances only work if your offices are on the other side of the building! I'm curious to see who you'll actually hire!

  6. looks like jamie is going to make trouble for you. maybe it's not a good idea but let him down easy so he doesn't create a scene. and hire an ugly guy. :)

  7. How on earth did Jamie destroy your bra?

    Kate x

  8. Good call on not sleeping with Jamie... cause yah. Pub bragging = not sexy. Good luck with everything, Kate!

  9. hmmmm-should I be glad I am not in an office environment right now or jealous?? I am so confused...smiling

  10. When did this Jamie-thing start? I mean, I missed that you actually are "involved" and it's not just him kissing you here and there.

    You should totally rebound with Rob when he gets back.

  11. I hurt for you. The office romance gone sour. Fishy. Smelly, bacon sandwich Ted.
    But in your pain, I find comedy. So sucks for you!

    Okay, I do feel bad but I can't get enough. Its like The Office but with better romance scenes!

  12. I had an office romance once. Just once. She's my wife now. ;)

  13. Every single one of my relationships were a result of working with them. Definitely not a bad move!

  14. Oh this just keeps getting more tangled and interesting. Will Ted every get fit? Will you and Jamie break up? Who will be the new employee? Will Jamie brag about you in the pub anyway? Can't wait to find out!

  15. So it looks like not every office romance ends up like in The Office. That's too bad about Jamie. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time...but now, not so much. He really is acting like a 5-year-old!

  16. Having had a vague office romance in my younger days, it put me right off them for life. It's a challenge to fight for the custody of the social life.

  17. Mmm. Bacon.

  18. I've dipped my toe in the company pool too... it's easy to do, we spend so much time with these people... but it rarely turns out well...

  19. How did he destroy your bra?
    Damn, Team Jamie is another disappointment. He does sound like an annoying, immature brat. Sorry to hear that. Is there anyone left there worthy of your time?

  20. I can not stand to be around people who have any odor.


  21. Don't sleep with him, bragging is a sign of insecurity and his behavior just backs that up. Besides he ruined an expensive bra and hasn't bothered to replace it? Yeah not for you.

  22. Aw, I was really hoping for true romance. Ah well, onward and upward (just not Ted obviously).

  23. Hahaha! Running and awarding oneself with a bacon sandwich. I would run more if I thought this was a good idea :)

    And office romances can be awkward! I worked with my guy for a few years, but thankfully we were already together when we both got a job at the same place.

    Still very awkward though! Good luck Kate! xoxoxox

  24. Never a good idea, I can't think of one work place romance that went well. Being dumped by blog post? That's gotta hurt even more than being dumped by the good old text message.

  25. Cinderella plasters, I have to get me some of them! :-)

  26. "You see I really can't work with women." - WTF??!!!??
    Just what the world needs - another dopey bird :P

  27. Okay the part I thought was hilarious was that Ted is married and he is still trying to shag you!! OMG...I have worked with married doctors that thought it was okay to touch me in various places.but what could I do they were the Doctor...and I guess it was an order...but I really only let one Dr. touch me cause I used to pull him into the clean utility...he was superman after all and we are still friends...

  28. Makes me so happy I never had an office romance!

  29. Anything Fits a Naked Man - I don't know it does help relieve the monotony of office life...!

    Tara - I know a bad idea but yet kind of fun

    Miss. Ardeth Blood - I always thought I looked kind of girly - paranoia! I think she was just stupid though

    Hiding Myself From Me - No one of these days i will learn to walk

    Lifebeginsat30ty I really want another girl

    Sarah - Ha ha I think he is behaving again

    Kate - Groping like a teenager!

    Rebecca Knight - Thanks

    Sorry for slow response so much been happening this week but In will reply to all comments I promise!

    Kate x

  30. In this country, they say something to the effect of "don't poop where you eat"....don't date people you work with.

    Of course, I always have....and I've married them too.....