Monday, 25 January 2010

Fights with Fishy, dates with Ted...

As I arrive enthusiastic and injured to work on a Monday I am greeted by Ted demanding to know what time it is.
"I need to load my computer first." I say, "Because I don't wear a watch."
Ted sighs, "It was sarcastic." He informs me. "It is half nine and you were meant to be in half hour ago."
"You missed my company? " I ask. "I'm touched."
He laughs, "Do you think we could buy you the ability to be on time on eBay?"
I make a face at him and sit down.

"Do you think we could buy Rob a gag while you are there?" Ethan asks.
Rob laughs, he is leaving in a few days and has been making us all jealous talking about his around the world trip repeatedly.
"Maybe we could buy one for all of you." Fishy glares.
I glare back at him, "Perhaps you could get some manners there, or a sense of humour."
"I suppose it depends what you find funny." Fishy says, "I find video's funny."
"Fishy give that a rest." Ethan says gently. "I think you've played that to death."

I decide to go and make tea to get away from the tension. Simon usually gives me a hand but this time Fishy does.
"Coffee for you right?" I say, he nods and watches me - which makes me uncomfortable.
"What?" I finally ask.
"Just wondering."
"Wondering what?" I say getting annoyed
"How you manage to wrap everyone in this office around your finger."
I stop pouring tea and look at him,"Are you serious?"
He laughs, "Well it doesn't look good you have three guys fighting over you, the boss lets you get away with murder and even Ethan acts all protective over you, that helpless act clearly works a charm."
I try and think of something to say but go blank.
"Any reason you are being such an asshole?" I ask
"Why worried about having one less guy to cry on his shoulder."
I blush (unfortunately I do this when angry as well as embarrassed) "Were you dropped on your head as a baby?"
"no I just don't trust you."
"Fine don't.." I say taking the tray filled with teas."Then make your own damn coffee" and pour his in the sink."

I storm off to the other end of the office thinking this day can;t get any worse when Ted calls out - Katie remember to put down our meeting on Wednesday in your diary - work evaluation.

Concussion sounds really good right now.


  1. Wow. Ted a bit pissed off perhaps?

  2. So why were you late anyway? Stay up too late? I thought so.

  3. Ooooh, a cranky Monday. Not a good start to the week. I hope the rest of the week gets better.

  4. Is Ted afraid of you for his job or his heartbroken ?

  5. Well at least you didn't pour the coffe ON Fishy

  6. Ouch. Some people have their panties in a knot. Maybe you should remind them of the lump on your head that you obtained at work!

  7. She should have poured the coffee ON Fishy.

    Just a little bit, anyway.

  8. Are you sure you and Fishy haven't got a bit of sexual chemistry going on?

  9. Wow, that Fishy is a real ass.
    He's starting to piss me off and I don't even know him...
    Those comments he made were so uncalled for, AC's right: you should have spilled some of that coffee in his lap ;)
    Though I do think Fish might have a point, maybe he had a thing for you.
    And he just hasn't evolved from playground style pick-up skills.
    Hope he comes around a little...

  10. Urgh, what a knob! But maybe he does secretly like you...or he really wants to climb up the corporate ladder? In either case, he doesn't look like he's getting anywhere!

  11. Fishy, you douche! Leave the poor girl alone!

    It's ok Kate, I bet he was like that because he hasn't been laid in a VERY long time.

  12. Sounds like he does like you...AWKWARD!!

  13. Fishy fancies you! It is so obvious!

    Kate x

  14. Fishy huh ? Isn't this how most of your romances start off ???

  15. I agree with other commenters. I think Fishy is jealous. He wants all the attention for himself. But he's being a total douche. WTF!

  16. I am pretty sure Fishy couldn't write a story half as well as you. Speaking of writing, do you enhance your Britishness or is that natural? It's lovely. Reminds me of all the Brit books I read, so charming! (do you feel better yet?)

  17. i don't like this fishy guy. good for you for pouring his coffee down the drain.

  18. Fishy sounds a touch jealous of your super powers. Poor fishy.

  19. Maybe if Fishy tried being nice to people, they'd like him, too :)! Just a thought.

  20. Wow! Good move pouring out his coffee. :D

  21. What the hell is up with this Fishy character?! He sounds a little jealous of you. Be careful, I can imagine him going through your rubbish in an attempt to become you.

  22. Fishy sounds like a right misogynist, either that or he resents the fact that it wasn't him being filmed in a clinch with you.
    Actually, childish moron that I am, I would have acted just like Fishy if I had filmed a girl I fancied in the arms of another man, so he probably has got the hots for you.
    Right, I'll take my Agony Aunt hat off now.

  23. Kate I forget how brilliant you are.

    Tops to this post, Fishy can shove it. Of course guys fight over you, it's only Rob, Jamie and Simon.

    It even makes me laugh that you have an online blog about all of them while you're in the room.. Hahah.

    Charli, x

  24. I reckon that Fishy beats off to the video he has of you and the other chap.

    That's a grotesque image. Sorry.

    There's only one way to solve this problem: Challenge him to a kung-fu fight in the car park after work. You may need a training montage beforehand.

  25. Touche. I'm being old-fashioned here, but perhaps Fishy has the hots for you?

  26. loved this post Kate.. can't wait for your next one! Hope all is well with you :D


    P.S. what is up with the Rabbits?! Dang I'm Curious!!

  27. You pretty much have that place under your control.


  28. Ian - Yes he is grumpy this Jan

    mo.stoneskin - I am always late I have issues with being on time

    Sparkless - Thanks :)

    Miss. Ardeth Blood - I think he just doesn't like me.

    Kristy - I kind of wish I had!

    Lifebeginsat30ty - Good plan I might do that.And Fishy is weird. We found out more Friday

    AC - tempting....

    Plentymorefishoutofwater - Ew nooooooooo!

    Little Sophie - Yeah he is in trouble!

    You Make My Date - Him liking me is a horrible thought I think more liking he wants to climb the ladder.

    Kato - I hope he hasn't the thought is scary!

    The Invisible Seductress/
    Kate - Nah he hates me!

    Hiding Myself From Me - Romances I more think of occasional mouth to mouth

    Tara - I know Fishy is evil and must be destroyed

    Serenityville - Aw thank you. Do I sound particularly British? It is not on purpose!

    Sarah - Yeah he is a pain in the arse

    The T-Dude - Ha revenge will be sweet

    Rebecca Knight - I know being nice is a much better way to make friends.

    Aunt Juicebox - Wish it had been poured on him..

    theblueeyedboy - He is an oddball alright

    R.R.Jones - I really don't think so he barely speaks to me except to be mean

    Another Face - Thanks Charli!

    TheUnwashedMass - Er okay and EEEEEW - I really hope not!

    Aion - Thanks - and I am just rabbit phobic

    Secretia - Watch out Ted (evil laugh)

  29. Just passing by to say hi Kate,
    have a great week!!! :)
    Betty xx