Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Years reolutions achievements who we are and apology

Sorry for the long gap between postings. I didn't have access to a PC for a lot of Christmas and like a moron managed to fall over in the snow and sprain my wrist. It's still sore so please excuse the lateness of this post!

Kate's resolutions for 2010:
  1. Do not kiss any more work colleagues, once can be forgiven, twice perhaps
  2. suggests the need to stop drinking three times is just office suicide. Do not do it
  3. Find a way to get back at Fishy and ideally destroy the photographic evidence of one of the above indiscretions...
  4. Be nice to Ted for the first few weeks. We have work evaluations coming up.
  5. Stop falling over.
  6. Arrive on time - or at least before half nine.
  7. Try and avoid flashing anyone.
Actually the last two would be a good guide for life not just the office Even I can do this right? So the achievements (I use achievements lightly) of last year included:
  • The thong incident...
  • The infamous Christmas party
  • Throwing up on a flasher
  • Annoying Ted on many many an occasion
  • Not getting fired.

And finally a little reminder of who everyone is...
Kate: That's me!

Jay – The CEO – a complete snob who loves to talk down to you.

Andi – American admin manager.

Jamie –The cute sales man who likes to smooth talk - has a LOT of girlfriends.

Rob – Salesman and extreme charmer approach with caution - he is leaving in two weeks time.

Ethan – The office big brother, hard working and nice - what is he doing here?

Fishy - The new recruit - an older sales man who likes to mock the rest of us mercilessly. He and I do not get on.

Simon: Sales junior, sweet and nice but too desperate to prove he is not a total innocent at the moment and not single....

Ted - A.k.a Mr Motivator. Oh dear.

May – Sensible and on occasions scary. Rob and Jamie are bother terrified of her. I think she is great.

Stee - Graphic designer.

Laura - Poor accountant who is stuck working alone with Jay. Very scatty and on the rare occasions she joins us for drinks a lot of fun


  1. Sorry about the wrist Kate. I really missed you! Everyone, this is the best fun, dating, office blog around!

  2. Yes, it's funny how the festive period is such a vacuum.

    This post saves me lot of time spent trawling through past posts to establish character profiles. Neat.

    Happy 2010.

  3. I hope your wrist gets better soon! x


  4. Welcome back. Sorry about your wrist.

  5. welcome back kate

    check out my naughty new blog post


  6. So splendid you are back. I can't wait for the 2010 office adventures.

  7. No!! Not resolutions! Those are made to be broken. Sorry to hear about your wrist. I'll send you a pair of flat shoes so you can at least manage #5.

  8. Good heavens! I hope your wrist heals expediently!

  9. Throwing up on a flasher is pretty impressive.

    Welcome back!

  10. I would love to work at your office! LOL! You had more excitement last year than I did in the last 20!

  11. Throwing up on a flasher is the best achievement I have read in all the blogosphere for 2009!

    Glad you are back.

  12. Hello Kate. I have been reading your blog through my Dad's (Aion) website.

    Truth is, it's hilarious. I work in a small newspaper office and can relate to the hookups/backstabbing/and bitching that you deal with.

    I'm now following you!

    xoxo Nicole :)

  13. Keeping the cast of characters handy, I was so lost!!

  14. I'm also so glad to see you back. I've been waiting.
    Glad you had Simon's watch off well before breaking your wrist..or maybe not.
    Here's to quick healing.

  15. ouch! that's not fun. hope you feel better now. good luck on getting back to fishy.

  16. it's good to have you back :) i think #5 on your achievements for 2009 is an excellent achievements given the happenings haha! hope your wrist gets better!

  17. Welcome back ... take care ... BEHAVE! ... or not...

  18. Welcome back my dear! I hope your wrist gets better soon!

    Poor thing!

    I think that you might be able to achieve all your goals. I hope you don't though...*devilish smile*

  19. Happy New Year - hope your wrist feels better soon!

    Kitty x

  20. Oh , I missed you.
    Been checking up with false hope of a new post.
    Anyway, sorry about the wrist, hope you didn't ruin your holidays.


  21. I am sort of new to your blog and that list is very interesting... also it will make understanding your blog much easier. Hope your wrist will heal up soon...

  22. Welcome back and good luck with the resolutions!

  23. I hope you feel better...Good advice :) now are you gonna head your own advice? lol

  24. I'm very sad that you and Fishy don't get along. I had such high hopes for ol' Fishy.

  25. I hope your wrist feels better girl. Your right about the last 2. I should work on actually getting to my job on time. lol. Fishy really seems like he needs to take the pole out of his bum. lol. Good luck this year sweetie & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  26. ha ha ha...i was trying to imagine throwing up on a flasher...

    ha ha ha....

  27. My favorite accomplishment is still barfing on the flasher... so proud of you for that! =)

  28. Throwing up on a flasher?! GREAT STUFF!! loved it :) Glad your back Kate!!

  29. Wow, so many comments! Hope you are feeling better soon, Kate and Happy New Year!

    Mel x

  30. Happy New Year! Hope the wrist gets better soon.

  31. Hope your wrist is better soon matey. If that had happened to me, then my sex life would definitely be out the window for a few weeks....

    And the cast list is very handy.

  32. Wish I worked in such an exciting place!!

  33. Hey Kate, Nice resolutions...But I think I should have a completely different one for myself...like..
    1. Stop working fast...bcoz I learnt, the more earlier u finish a file, u get more...while the others go forward slowly....with one file...remember none noticed that you are working hard...uhmm..
    2. Use your full 1 hr lunch break...by being back before the 1 hr will not be noticed by anybdy...and the day u take 2 mts more than 1 hour, u r pierced with staring looks...uhmmm
    3. Spend lot of time in the washroom...even if u have no business in there, still just enjoy the ethnic beauty u can see from the full length glass wall of the washroom...
    4. Always look behind before typing any blog comments...u never know, who has an extra eye on ur monitor...
    5. Even if you reach the office a bit late in the morning, in the evenings never be late to leave...

    and soo onnnnnnn....

    Kate, hope ur wrists are fine...Happy New Year


  34. Hey alll thanks for the comments - I will write more back to you all once typing is less low and painful

  35. hope ur wrist is getting bettr. else do see a physiotherapist. keep posting :)


  36. I think I'm going to be a new reader of yours, in for the long haul, so this update was kind of perfect. It's nice to meet another ice cream loving blogger ;)

    Much love,

  37. This is very late just to say sorry for not responding to all comments - I am now at full speed to will be doing so now. Thanks for commenting all i really appreciate :0

    Kate xx