Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Things that go bump on your head

There is nothing quite liking waking up in the bed of your co-worker.... but no it was not anything dodgy. I wake up at Simons a little confused. My first thought is where am I quickly followed by Ouch which brings it back to me oh yeah. Oops.

Simon asks if I slept okay from the floor
"Yes fine thanks." I say feeling a little uncomfortable, "Er thanks for letting me stay and for giving me the bed."
He sits up, "Well i had to do something to get back in the good books."
"So me knocking myself out was part of your evil plan?" I smile
"Oh yes." He says seriously , "In fact i tripped you."
I laugh, "Now that I can't believe, you know I could trip over a speck of dust.
He looks serious, "You had me seriously worried.Don't do that again"
"Well it was in the diary to repeat Friday but okay.....OH no." I say, "I was sick on you!"
He laughs, "Well if it makes you feel better Jamie's been sick on me too and he had no excuse."

Hmmm I really wasn't wanting to add throw up on a workmate to my list of what not to do's

"So can I use your shower?" I ask, He shows me where it is and gives me a towel.I take clothes in with me to avoid any awkwardness.
After showering I change into my clothes. I hate wearing yesterdays clothes. I consider the advantages of wearing yesterdays knickers over going commando and then remember the time I accidently flashed my thong. Yesterdays knickers it is.

"By the way Kate," Simon asks once I am dressed, "What were you dreaming about? I am sure you were muttering about a world of rabbits." I blush.Whenever something upsets me I have the rabbit dream a recurring nightmare about rabbits invading the earth. However, in the interest of seeming vaguely sane I don't think I should share this with anyone especially a guy that oi have a slight attraction to. And who was a complete gentleman when i was ill.

Must not lust after workmate until healed and wearing clean knickers....

As we get into work everyone crowds around me and asks how I am. They all are suitably impressed by my bump. I am less happy about that and ask how they would like walking around with a big lump and with co-workers who weren't tactful enough to pretend they couldn't see it.
Rob laughs, "But it is so cool you have a alien head." I glare at him.
"When I am better my head will be normal." I say, "You on the other hand have a cone head."
He looks thrown for a second and begins to examine his own head seriously. Jamie and Ethan laugh.

"Are you sure you should be in today?" Ted asks me..
I am momentarily touched by his concern.
"It's just that we don;t want to get in trouble if you collapse." He carries on. I am overwhelmed by his lack of concern
I glare at him.
"If I do collapse I am going to tell everyone you hit me over the head." I say
Ted looks worried for a second and then smiles. "Well it might make you lot take these bloody evaluations seriously. No names er Rob...."


  1. I still feel sorry for Ted. I just can't help myself

  2. Simon is a sweetheart. I want something to happen with him!?!?

  3. Ah, the old "I have a concussion, please take me home with you" ploy. Gets em every time. I can't believe you also used the old "puke on the shoes" ruse and still didn't win him over. He must be made of stone.

  4. I'm glad that you're back and okay! Was getting worried for a bit.

  5. Aw Simon sounds lovely! Is there an office romance brewing? I hope so!

    Kate x

  6. I hate taking a blow to the head.

    Wait. What?

    Let's try it again.

    I hate getting concussions; I've had my fair share. Here's hoping you're better soon.

  7. Flirting by being sick on him? That's nuts.

  8. This is all rather funny. Assuming, of course, that you haven't passed out by now.

    I hate wearing yesterday's clothes but sometimes I feel like I'm obliged to if they smell and look clean. Anyone relate to that?

  9. You should tell Simon about the rabbit nightmare. He'll be smitten instantly. Although, it seems he already might be.

  10. Hehe. I'm curious about this rabbit dream. Are they evil rabbits or just take over by mass population?

    Oh, and I've always thought about putting an extra pair of knickers in my purse for just these occassions. But the I worry that I'll be rooting around and they will become visible or fall out. So I don't. There's never a win-win.


  11. smiling----rabbit domination and co-worker beds---perfect start to my boring day!!!!

  12. Simon. Totally. Likes. You.

    And good call on the underwear, I hate yesterdays underwear too, but considering your record of coolness, I probably would have done the same.(sorry, but its true)

    Also, you have a rabbit dream, I have a jungle world dream with talking tigers. Where does this stuff come from?...


  13. Great post as ever, very much looking forward to how the evaluations turn out. :-)

  14. "Must not lust after workmate until healed and wearing clean knickers...."

    Sage advice! :) Good luck with everything, and I hope your alien head has gone back down! I hear chocolate and wine help with that immensely.

  15. I'm curious about the world of rabbits too! Perhaps another post? Anyway, good luck with Simon, he does sound good. Maybe you can keep extra underwear at work...

  16. A single fix for the day old underwear - pantie liners - carry them for just in case. Much less of a social ooppss if you dig in your purse and they fall out.

    Go for Simon. Totally go for Simon.

  17. Simons bed then Ted with the rabbits in your head.. hmmm I just KNOW that there's going to be a FANTASTIC follow up to this story!
    Can't WAIT Kate! ;)


  18. Sounds like you n Simon...ehhh??????????????

  19. ted is such a great boss....NOT!

  20. Your rabbit dream made me laugh - have you read 'Of Mice and Men'?.....

  21. Oh I see something in the future of you and Simon and it's making me a little excited. Can't lie about that. Very sweet of him to sleep on the floor.

    So you don't share the rabbit dream with Simon but perhaps with us...?

  22. Aw... Simon's so sweet. I agree with the others, he likes you. Hell EVERYONE likes you, lol!

  23. Wait, doesn't Simon still have a girlfriend? Keep your head on straight and healing properly, hon.

  24. Awww...what a gentleman!!! I am glad you are ok!

    Great post and I gave you an award today on my blog! Go one over and get it, you deserve it!

  25. I told you Simon was a good guy, didn't I?
    Oh, well I meant to.
    This rabbit dream, did you ever watch a series in the 70's called, "The Goodies"?
    In one of the episodes a rabbit called Big Bunny, who lives on the moon, attempts to attack Earth.
    Perhaps it stems from you seeing that episode as a child and then subconsciously storing it in your memory.

    ...Nah, I didn't think so either.

  26. Ohhh man, you slept on the floor? But I guess with the head bump, that was the least of your worries! x

  27. I've MISSED your work stories!!! It's nice to be back and reading about your various co-worker crushes. I am voting for Simon as well.

  28. Dreams about rabbits invading the earth?
    That's SO cute.
    Gooo Simon!

  29. I your misery...I feel suitably ashamed! But, it's the way you tell it. x

  30. Waking up in that bed, it makes you have a new perspective when you go to work after that.