Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Angry Fishy, gloating and new responsibilities

Wow I'm a manager so do I get more money?" I demand.
Ted sighs, "Yes I am speaking to Jay about your new package."
"Great. Can I suggest a big raise." I smile as sweetly as I can manage
Ted laughs, "You can suggest it." (Damn my smiles are clearly not effective or persuasive)
I smile harder - my face kind of hurts, "If I promise to be really nice to you can I get one?"
Ted laughs, "That's up to Jay and off the record the man is the biggest cheapskate you'll ever meet."
I sigh "So what do you think I'll get."
"I'll try and get you around 26K" he promises
"Twenty seven would make me even nicer." I say hopefully.
He laughs, "Don't push it girlie."

Ted quickly stops off and grabs a sandwich and I dash ahead to gloat.
"I'm a marketing manager now!" I call at the sales team,
The guys and Andi give me a hug and Fishy looks horrified
Fishy glares at me, "You have to be joking?"
"Nope" I say smugly
Fishy scowls, "So does this mean you are going to be on time now?"
I smile "Still suffering with SMS I see."
"Okay I'm going to bite." Simon says, "SMS?"
"No." I explain, "It's short man syndrome, affecting males with size complex, they over compensate by being mean. Actually it has been found this makes it worse and causes erectile dysfunction. The poor short men."
Fishy rolls his eyes, "I'll stop being mean when you say something intelligent or do something useful."
I shrug, "I thought the whole point of being a manager is to get less done and steal other people success."
Fishy smirks, "Hi Ted." He calls behind me, "Kate was just talking about you."

Oh crap.

I blush and Ethan and Simon seem torn between looking sympathetic and amused
Ted rolls his eyes, "When you have finished trying to be witty can you and Jamie come through to the meeting room I need a word."
Jamie and I exchange guilty looks - what have we managed to do now.

Ted sits us down and says seriously "You two are going to be my new team. I need Sales and Sales support" (Marketing I mutter) Ted ignores me, "110% focused on the job. Therefore we are creating a new role. The new person will take over some of the easy renewal sales from Jamie and assist Kate with the marketing."
"Sounds like a great idea." Jamie says.
Ted nods "And to give you two a bit more responsibility you will be joint interviewing all applicants. I will have the final say. So I need you two to work closely together this week and come up with a plan of action. Go Team Sales!"

Hmmm I am beginning to think that snogging Jamie last week was an even worse move than I thought....


  1. Super sales team, go get them.

  2. If they say no to the raise, which you clearly deserve, it's time to say, "So I'll get a laptop instead? An extra 5 days paid time off? How about a cell phone?"

  3. Love it! I can't wait to see what happens working so close with Ted! Good luck girl!

  4. Dying to see what's next!! Is this for real? So funny.

  5. I can't be listening seriously to people who mention getting a "package" and "raising it" in the same paragraph. That's just dirty. Dirty Kate! :)

  6. The money, get the money, then it's easier to handle all the crap.


  7. LOL I love your blog! I always want to talk about work but I don't for privacy reasons :/
    Do u watch the Office TV show?

  8. Wow, how much do I love your acronym "SMS"-- I have a boss who is 5' 2". He definitely has a Napoleon Complex (typed as I check to make sure he's not hovering behind me...)...

    I loved your comment on my blog a bit ago. I always ended up staying awake way too late because of my bedroom TV!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  9. Oh my gosh this is the best concept for a blog EVER! I love it! You've definitely got a new follower. :)

  10. Why is Fishy so mean? Shoo, fishy, shoo.

    I think a snog with Jaime was to help team morale ;)

  11. "SMS!" I've HAVE to remember that one. I usually say "bantam rooster" in reference to those small guys, with a "cock of the roost" attitude.

  12. Bobby - I know Ted is a walking cheerleader

    Jen - I like it!

    Christiejolu - Hmmm working close with Ted. It sounds like a recipe for trouble doesn't it.

    Serenityville - For real - unfortunately yes!

    The Vegetable Assassin - Ha ha I am so glad it isn't just me

    Secretia - Good advice

    Jill - Hmmm yeah I just changed a few of the names... no I haven't watched the office much though everyone tells me I should.

  13. Good stuff Kate! One of the reasons I love this blog is because it is a continuous story, not some random thoughts dragged out of someones mind. Plus you always tell it really well.

    Really pleased for you matey.

  14. You had me at "Yes I am speaking to Jay about your new package." Thats what SHE said.
    I really thought the story was going to go somewhere else. I'm a little dirty like that.

  15. hahaha I really like your blog!, i came across it on google looking for interesting blogs and i absolutely love yours, definitely going to follow!

  16. Can't wait for the next story, though I think you should get the raise.

  17. Fishy, good ol' Fishy, nice to have him back at his witty fishy best. As for you, I reckon you're getting what you deserve...although, it does make for a fine story.

  18. Loved this post and as ever can't wait for the next one!

  19. Congrats on your new role and rise Kate! I can't wait to see what happens with you and Jamie working more closely together! ;-)

    Kate x

  20. I warned you... promotions with out money in hand are simply a hand job... working is all about more money!

  21. Congrats on your promotion, Kate!! :D Best of luck as you transition!

  22. haha.. there's that 110% again.

    and i'm already anticipating the interviews. this is gonna be fun :)

  23. Congratulations Kate!! Go get em, Tigress!!

  24. I'm in LOVE with you blog! Thanks for responding to my question!

  25. It mean to say that but I had to crack up over the SMS.. such a relief to hear that words after hearing the constant PMS LOL

  26. Thats AWESOME Kate :D But keep pushing till they give u a hike. Congratsss dude!

  27. onfessions From A Working Mom - Ha ha I know it must be a size thing.

    Plentymorefishoutofwater - I get the feeling you wouldn't do much work!

    Salt - Thanks Salt (I'll slip you the cash later!)

    Lifebeginsat30ty - I know he is an angry little man. I think the kiss was more about being annoyed at Rob...

    Melanie's Randomness - Me too - new shoes here I come. Plus my rent costs a fortune

  28. i guess that's the price you pay for a promotion and a (hopefull big) pay raise. go team sales!

  29. "I thought the whole point of being a manager is to get less done and steal other people success."
    Great line.
    You'll probably having Jamie wrapped around your finger in a jiffy, don't sweat it K., you'll come out alright; it is your Blog after all, lol.

  30. Ms. Anthropy - Oh I kind of like Bantam Rooster

    Mara - Thanks :)

    Dan - Aw thanks Dan - you know I love yours too

    The mad woman behind the blog - Glad I am not the only one ha ha

    The Girl - Thanks really glad you like and hope I don't disappoint

    Mama Wheaton - Me too!

    mo.stoneskin - Fishy is my nemesis!

    Happy Frog and I - Thanks am updating Friday

    Kate - It sounds like a recipe for trouble methinks

    buffalodick - Ha ha better not be!

    Rebecca Knight - Thanks - I figure now i can become an evil boss from hell.

    TheUnwashedMass - I know he is "Special"

    little miss angry - 110% drives me mad!

    Marla - Thanks and raaah!

  31. I really enjoyed your post!!
    Congrats on your promotion ,Kate! Get the money. That would be great!
    Betty xx

  32. I just want to know who was the best kisser? S

  33. Yay! Go, Kate! Now you are very important and have very important things to do. ;) Fishy now really does have to look up to you...both literally and figuratively.

  34. I loved the kicker at the end "I am beginning to think that snogging Jamie last week"

    I've always loved this blog. I needed a reminder as to why!

  35. Oh, pick someone really hot or really funny.
    And loves to drink, that's a must.
    Congrats on the pay raise and Fishy is a moron.

  36. sms - i know a couple of that. ted, is it sales or marketing? make up your mind.

  37. I really don't have time to follow another blog, so why do I keep checking yours?

  38. Damn your brit names, Jamie sounded like a female name to me and i was like, why is she snogging Jamie!!! :P

    as they say size doesnt matter, unless it matters to u :P ofcourse nobody minds a bigger it dicks or boobs :P oh wait Pamela Anderson has no boobs, only footballs, look gross

  39. It's about time I come over and read your blog. :) Is "Fishy" the same Fishy that I love on PMFOW?

  40. Can't wait to see how the interviews turn out. Fishy's just bitter he's below you in more ways than height. I think you should buy some 5 inch stilettos to make him feel worse.
    Kissing Jamie was all in an effort to unite the team further ;)

  41. Isabella -Thanks Bella and no problem - be interested to read whats happens!

    Kristy - He must be stopped

    Farila - I know it feels mean but he so deserves it!

    Sup! - Hikes are good!

    jo - Payrises make me happy I have decided!

    R.R.Jones - It's unfortunate that Ted heard it though! Fingers crossed.

    Betty - Thanks I am definitely trying!

    Anonymous - Simon

    Tara - Annoyingly he still outranks me!

    Lola Lakely - Thanks - I figure if I am going to embarrass myself anyway it might as well entertain

    Little Sophie -I think we need another girl!

    Sarah - I know I wish he would remember I am not in sales. Grrr

    Gorges Smythe - Sorry I'll kick myself if it helps?

    sanely insane - Ah oops - Jamie can be unisex here!

    Dating Diva - Glad you did. Fishy is named in honour of PMFOW Fishy (I change all the real names) but nowhere near as nice as him

    clo - I am not sure if I should be excited or scared

    Thanks for comments all Kate xx