Friday, 12 February 2010

New professional me, email abuse and inappropriate meetings

Now I am a manager I decide things are going to change I am gong to be professional and detached and start falling over less. I only decided this this afternoon so the mornings fall does not count.

However I get back to my desk after lunch to the email.
"Hi Kate C, thanks for setting up a profile on our site - we look forward to matching you up with available lesbians soon."

Er what the hell?

"Who added me to a lesbian dating site?" I shout, "Because I am going to kill you."
Simon and Jamie both start laughing and Ethan looks torn between amusement and disapproval
"Jamie?" I accuse, he shakes his head laughing
"I wish I'd thought of it." He says
Fishy glares at me, "Don't look at me, I enjoy my lesbian fantasies having you there would ruin it."
Ouch a slightly uncomfortable silence falls before Ethan says, "Kate i think you are forgetting the obvious culprit, Rob?"
"Oh right." I say.
"And give it a rest Fishy." Ethan says, "I mean it."
I smile at gratefully at Ethan.

At that point Ted decides to come out of the meeting room - he has been holed up in there all day.
"I have a task for my new management team," He says gloatingly. "Jamie Kate, you will be writing a job description for our new member of staff. But don't worry I felt it was unfair to leave my two minions without a little of my guidance" He beams giving us a printed sheet.
I see Fishy smirking and swear at him behind Ted's back.

Jamie and I wander into the meeting room and I am quickly distracted by "Oh Sh*t"
"Whats wrong?" I say
He groans have you seen Ted's description.

I look over and feel my stomach drop

Superstar Sales and Marketing wannabe
We need someone full of energy with a degree, preferably two years experience and a strong work ethic,. They must be willing to put in all the extra hours we need, sell when needed to and assist with all marketing and admin. The job will include overseas travel and exciting progression.

Jamie and I give each other a look
"Overseas travel?" I ask
"I know and have you seen the salary?"

The salary is 18K

"So how are we going to break it to Ted that he is living in a dream world?" I ask
"Over this or just in general?" Jamie says.
I laugh, "We could just re-write it to something sensible?"
We sit and work for a bit and I begin to relax. Things aren't tense between us I think, it's fine he doesn't even care any more.
Which takes me even more by surprise when he suddenly kisses me.

I get the feeling kissing in a meeting room might not be maintaining my professional exterior


  1. Lucky you! I can honestly say that I have never kissed anyone at work or even anyone from work!

  2. WOW! I just love your office! This is like Boston Legal!

    I have an award for you!

  3. Of my God. Katie you are a floooooze... (Did you bang him in the stationery cupboard? Well did you?)
    **Read about my dating disasters at plentymorefishoutofwater**

  4. Hahaha. Kate and Jamie sitting in conference room, K-I-S-S-I-I-N-G.

    Wouldn't you call that 'team-work'? ;)

  5. So are you going to check out the available girls on the dating site ? Be honest Kate !

  6. LOL...No not professional lol

  7. Nah, it isn't professional but makes for great blog posts. The only trouble with your blog is that I wish the weekend away too fast on Fridays because I want to know what happens next!

  8. Go for it Jamie my son, lol...
    Er, I mean, how was it Kate? (smiles innocently)

  9. Kissing... I think I remember what that is but it's been too long.

    And the new staff member you need to hire, how are you going to re write the list letter without him finding out and just re-writing it his way again?

  10. Wow. Just wow. I've never worked in such an exciting place!

  11. Would this be considered perks, or liabilities?

  12. o0o0o0o0oo00o0oo00o0o lol

    Kissing at work Kate depends what kind of professional you are going for lol

    Lottie x

  13. Well, I was cheering for team Jamie all along..didn't know it would happen so quickly and at work.
    Enjoy the new position(s). :)

  14. There are just too many good things to comment on! Ok so I COMPLETELY relate to the whole falling thing. In fact, my latest fall is documented in sordid detail on my latest post- - and I have a feeling you will totally related. And the lesbian dating site thing had me laughing out loud, which of course meant that I got a judgemental stare from a coworker who happened by my office at that exact moment. God, I heart your blog.

  15. Hey, if no one sees, it's still professional ;).

    Good for you, Kate!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. I agree with Rebecca--no one saw it--totally professional--and I am jealous---sigh..

    Happy Valentines Day!!!

  17. Office snogging - excellent work Kate! So you like Jamie, right? Are you thinking of dating him?

    Kate x

  18. Well that's interesting! I've only kissed in elevators at work!

  19. Kissing a coworker at work, how very daring!! Love Ted's job description. I want that job. LOL!

  20. Who wants to be professional when the other option is so much more fun?? And much better blogging material too ^^)
    Just stumbled across your blog,very nice!!

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  22. with all that hormones going on how on earth do you guys get anything done?

  23. that is why I am professionally unprofessional...I used to pull Dr. Goldenrod in the clean utility closet in the ER....I wrecked him up!@

  24. OMG, Kate! Jamie is giving you major mixed signals! What are you going to do??

  25. to heck with trying to be professional... this is just massively entertaining :)

  26. Kissing may not be professional.. at least for a MM but it makes good impression on blog reader ;)

  27. Emails at work from coworkers can get very tricky, careful all the way!


  28. Mr Teacher -Lucky or stupid?

    Christiejolu -Thanks :)

    Plentymorefishoutofwater - No I'm not that much of a floozie!

    Lifebeginsat30ty - Definitely - being a good team player is on my Cv after all

    Hiding Myself From Me - Damn busted

    JStar - No not so much...

    Happy Frog and I -I love weekends!

    R.R.Jones - Well way better than actually working

    Miss. Ardeth Blood -Kissing good - as for the new staff member I think we are going to wing it.

    Hunter -Exciting/incestuous

    Ms. Anthropy - Mayeb a bit of both...

    Lottie - Ha ha true. Must do better

    RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild -Hmmm thanks I think...

    Keren David - Thanks

    Lola Lakely - Oh I love your blog too - have been meaning to comment on the last post actually I will do later x

    Rebecca Knight/The Invisible Seductress - I like it. No one saw so it's fine.

    Kate - Not sure in truth I am horrible fickle

    Kristy - Elevators sound interesting too!

    Sparkless - You have seen the pay right?

    Smileyfreak - Thanks and welcome :)

    Alexander Bujak - Thanks glad you like

    Sarah - We very rarely get anything done!

    Just telling it like it is - Ha ha I love it

    Tara - No clue. So far doge his phone calls

    jo - It didn't stick!

    Farila - Ha ha it certainly makes work more interesting.

  29. if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it make a sound? yes

    if you steal a kiss in a dark office room does anybody see?
    yes.. there is always proof lingering around... lip stick marks, mused hair, looks,

    oh who cares... kiss

  30. Seriously???? SO movie-esque...I love it! What drama. You could write for tv ya know. Fab!!

  31. I'd say breaking up the monotony of another day in the office !

  32. You had to prove you weren't a lesbian..

  33. Kate! You work in such an interesting office! Seriously, i've never known anywhere like it...ever.

    Ooooh..kissing...can't wait to read the next installment.

    Loving your blog. :)

  34. Once upon a time, a number of years back, I was sitting on a hay bale under a starry summer sky with a pretty baler girl. There we shared a very sweet kiss only to be interrupted by the grumpy farmer whose field we were baling. He thought it was pretty funny.
    Now that I am old I am reduced to the prank playing side of things. Like giving the long suffering hispanic worker a t-shirt from the Portland Gay Men's Choir. (He thought it was funny) And whistling at ugly girls getting your high school aged and girl crazy employee to look.
    Kind of pathetic I suppose... But it breaks up the boredom of driving in circles in a huge field all day long!

  35. I must explain. It was funny to give the hispanic worker the T-Shirt as his command of English is not the best. Also, he has been approached several times by older gay fellows who like brown-skinned boys. Sooooo, it was funny for him to walk around half the day with a Portland Gay Men's Choir t-shirt as he didn't know what it said... O.k. it was a lame joke but we all laughed and so did he.

  36. Oh dear...falling, kissing, no delegation on your part...not very 'managery' now is it?

  37. Your office is certainly more interesting than mine. I have to delegate the kissing.

  38. Thanks so much for stopping by blog for the blog of note. I appreciate it!

  39. Wow! My offices always consisted of a bunch of whiney, overweight women going on unsuccessful diets and whining about their husbands! I like your office better!

    Thanks for the laugh! Have a great week!

  40. I am whistling at you Kate! Kissing in the meeting room= HOT! :)

    Things are getting even MORE interesting around there...

  41. Dude! u r a rockstar! :D

    Check out my new post :)


  42. Your awesome for posting answers to peoples post

  43. Ooh, this is great! I work from home, all alone. Now I can live vicariously through you and your office mates.

    Sorry, I just found you, your comment went into my spam folder.

  44. someone in my old work once pierced their own penis in three places. The next year or so was spent mostly discussing his various infections. Some days were spent debating whether his penis had shrunk because of said infections.

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  46. You are one of my favourite bloggers and as such I have passed on to you the 'Beautiful Blogger' award.

    Keep up the good work.


    Ian :)

  48. Haha that's funny! My office is so boring compared to yours!

    Here's an award for your endless funny stories and allowing me to live vicariously through your office adventures!

  49. Oh My God! I haven't been able to around much (congrats on management position) and now I'm so excited!! I've been wanting this to happen so much!!

  50. jamie kissed you in a meeting room! this is exciting news :) what happened next????

  51. lol @ lesbian dating website: "Well, nobody's perfect ." - Some Like it Hot. Hahahahah…

  52. Thats not good.

    Is that good?

    Its probably not good.

    Or is it?

    Do you think its the new found power Kate? Perhaps its sending all the blokes mental?

  53. Sorry for being slow on comments - crazy week - occasional working internet failure and a few falling over episodes - will answer all comments this evening I promise!

    Katie x

  54. Sir Thomas AKA (Winters Reaper) - But if I don't wear lipstick does that mean i am allowed??

    Serenityville - But way less glamourous!

    Melan - The office can get pretty dull..

    buffalodick - Yeah I blame Rob!

    Lou - Interesting/unprofessional!

    buddeshepherd - I actually have no words and desperately trying not to make a cheap sheep joke - must refrain!

    DJ Kirkby - I figure I am only learning.... plus at least he is a manager too!

    Madame DeFarge -Wow the kissing is the only bit I like doing!

    Dr. A - Congrats on being the blog of note :)

    Anything Fits a Naked Man - Wow I think I would fit in nicely! You too

    Kato - I know must try to behave or at least lock the damn door!

    Sup! - Oh I am no where near cool enough!

    Just telling it like it is - I thought I was really bad at that

    Jen - No worries hope you like!

    WhisperingWriter - Kissing is generally nice.

    Beautiful but Grumpy - It gets worse!

    Georgia - Ouch! One of my friends actually dragged me along with her to get an intimate piercing.... not nice

    shilpa - Sorry I don;t like robots please leave

    Martyn - Thank you and so sorry for being so slow to go and say thanks on your site

    Ian - SAorry was so busy whoring I forgot my blog - how rude!

    Princess T -Although you guys probably don't all catch each others germs! And a belated huge thanks for the award

    Tina - Well I am a week late in updating so more to come tomorrow
    little miss angry - My left boob deflated - see the next post!

    Cheyelle Omar Rob is in fact evil

    Dan - I think the blokes were mental already and I compare it to a Macdonalds at the time it feels great but you wake up the next day feeling dirty.