Monday, 8 February 2010

Work evaluations and awkwardness in in the kitchen

Right before my evaluation I end up arguing with Jamie in the kitchen.
"Seriously Kate what is your problem today?"
"I'm attracted to deeply effeminate men" I reply
He glares at me, "It was just a kiss Kate, didn't know it was going to turn you into a total bitch."

Ouch and I think I deserved it.
I sigh, "I'm sorry I just have the meeting with Ted coming up and I don't want to give Fishy more ammunition so I am doing my aloof innocent thing."
Jamie gives me a look, "You're not acting aloof trust me. Try acting normal. It may be a stretch I know."
"Okay point taken." I say. "Friends?"
"Yeah but you and I are talking later. Good luck with Ted and try not to jump on him."

Great just great. Note to self must engage brain more.

I sit and brood until a loud voice booms "Ready Katie Kins?"
Must not be mean to Ted right before my work evaluation. I will let the Katie kins go for now.
Ted takes me to a coffee shop and looks at me. I am splitting your evaluation into five sessions, Attitude, Ability, Passion and the X Factor, then I will give you mine and Jay's overall recommendations".
I consider breaking into a verse of song at this but bite my tongue.
The evaluation turns out easier than i expected. Ted seems quite happy to just talk to himself and I am quite happy to let him.
"And the example?" I look up - Ted has clearly just asked a direct question. Rare.

I blush
"I was just considering the best one to use." I say
"Well passion is an important part of life." He says beaming. "So I need examples of you displaying passion in the team."
Really not the question I needed today. I blush more take a gulp of coffee and then choke. And carry on choking and wheezing until tears start streaming - not the impression I wanted to create. Ted whacks me on the back a few times and I eventually stop spluttering.

Unfazed Ted carries on
"So from next week we are promoting you to Marketing Manager."He says
I look up shocked. "Seriously me? Why?" I say I should not have said that out loud
Ted laughs, "That was what exactly what I said to Jay and Arthur."

Oh... well who cares what he thinks. I got promoted!


  1. "Must engage brain more"

    A moral we can all relate to.

    Congratulations on promotion, don't let it go to your head!

  2. Congrats.
    Does this mean you get to make Fishy's life hell now?

  3. Wow, congratulations.
    I guess these things do hit you when you least expect it.
    Now you will actually have to "engage your brain more".
    Jamie is being a little mean, how did the talk go?

  4. Do you get a pay rise? And what was Fishy's reaction? Can't wait to hear about his face...

    Read about my dating disasters at plentymorefishoutofwater

  5. Hey there,

    Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment about our music :)

    Enjoying your blog! Think I'll stick around a while. Funny stuff :)

  6. Woo! Promotion!

    You certainly have a very interesting office life! I think calling someone a bitch is rather out of line. Harumph. (sorry, I am protective of my internet bloggers)

  7. Congrats Kate and.. umm who's Arthur???

  8. Joshua - I think so - Ted is telling me later about my new duties

    TheUnwashedMass - Ha ha true - thanks I will try but no promises. Power awaits!

    Miss. Ardeth Blood - I hope so!

    lifelove'n'wine - Thanks - yay!

    Little Sophie - Or try to at least! Yeah hopefully things will improve there

    Plentymorefishoutofwater - Yes and his reaction is in the next post

    Jenn@ You know... that blog? - Thanks and no problem you have an incredible voice

    Lifebeginsat30ty _ I can;t work out if it was deserved or not. I think I was beign kind of mean but so was he....

    Aion - One of the shareholders - I'll add in the link if I can figure out how!

  9. Okay here is the build up to meeting Arthur

    And the aftermath!

  10. Thank you Kate! Now I see said the blind man lol - No WONDER you received the promotion!!! I should pay closer attn :) Thanks for taking time to look that up for me.. and again, congatulations!

  11. How come Fishy didn't come into this story? I miss ol' Fishy.

  12. Very good news. Can't wait to hear what happens next!

  13. wow great news. maybe you should talk back at ted more!

  14. Hi Kate, loving your blog so much I've just tagged you with a blog award from over at 'A Patch of Dirt' :-)

  15. Congratulations Kate! Did you get a raise too?

  16. Congrats all round then... I think. I hope the extra money'll be worth the extra hassle.

  17. Yay for Kate! And I loved your lament to the snail in the previous post.

  18. Did you say "Show me da money!!!"..

  19. Congrats on your promotion!

  20. Brain must have been engaged at least some of the time: you got promoted!! Congrats!

  21. Good for you, it's lucky you get along with everyone after work too, and that it doesn't mess you up professionally.


  22. Woohoo! Good for you Kate!! Now you cann tell them all what to do and how to do it!

    I can't wait to here those stories!

  23. Congrats on the promotion, that's the best kind of review you can get :)

  24. YAY Kate, a promotion- that's wonderful news! Hope it includes a pay rise for you...even better.

    Let's hear more about the kiss! :) x

  25. Congratulations!!! Who cares about the awkwardness if that's the end result.

  26. Kate that's amazing news, congratulations! Maybe you can crack the whip over the boys now...especially Fishy! x

  27. congrats! i want your job haha!

  28. Woohoo! Congratulations kate! You deserve it. Now, he better stop the "Katie Kins."

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  30. Congratulations! I bet it's all down to these yummy biscuits you've baked!

    Poetry and Pornography at

  31. Well congratulations! You won't have time for blogging anymore

  32. Congratulations on the promotion!

  33. Media Junkie/Christiejolu - Thanks (and are they crazy?)

    Aion - No worries and thanks :)

    mo.stoneskin - Fishy is coming up mmore over the next few posts. (I am a little behind so expect a Fishy week next week - I love typing that!)

    Happy Frog and I - Thanks - me too!

    Sarah - Ha ha I think Ted is annoyed enough at me as it is...

    Kate - Thanks for the award - really appreciated and congrats on receiving your own

    Picture Imperfect/Aunt Juicebox -Yay me - Thanks!

    Sparkless -Being discussed!

    R.R.Jones - Been promoted means more hassle?

    The Girl - Thanks - poor snail though!

  34. Kristy - Thanks!

    buffalodick - Damn I so should have!

    P - Thank you

    Eva Gallant - Either that or the management is really stupid..

    Secretia -Not yet at least!

    Kato - Apparently not - how mean

    Martyn - Thanks - definitely better than being fired!

    Lou - I hope so - more shoes to be brought

    secret agent woman - Exactly

    You Make My Date _ I so want to

    jo - No I just got it!

    RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - I know! I get called Katie-kins occasionally but on Ted it is wrong

    Hans - Don't spam or I will delete you

    Beautiful but Grumpy - Hmm must bake more

    UberGrumpy - I have more time - management are the laziest don;t you know

    once_bitten - Thank you

  35. congrats! I need to go back and figure out who's who in that place. Love your writing.

  36. Congratulations!

    I know I haven't been around in a while in the comments, but I have been reading still, I promise.

  37. You choked and sputtered your way into a promotion. Congratulations! I hope you got a huge raise, too! Title are great, but show me the money!

  38. Congrats on the promotion, that's awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by

  39. Hmmm Kate... does this mean now you can actually stop people making nasty marketing calls?
    Congratulations on promotion.

  40. Fantastic! Promotion!

    Always drink coffee with care. That's one of my mottoes.

  41. haha so I think this is a good story? :) I enjoyed it, congrats!

  42. This is a fabulous story. And if choking on your coffee gets you promoted, maybe if you'd spilled your whole plate of food in his lap, he might have made you president of the company. Think of THAT for your next review.


  43. Congratulations Kate! Good news, good energy


  44. congrats!! and so refreshing to have a guy want to initiate conversation for a change. i mean jamie not ted of course ;)

  45. That is awesome! Congratulations and a celebration are in order!

  46. Jeanne - And Yay!

    Serenityville - Thanks :)

    Badass Geek - Likewise and I still read you and I love your blog!


    MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings - Choking works apparently

    Ms Bibi - Thanks and you too

    Farila - Unfortunately thats the sales team not the marketing person!

    DK Leather/Miss Caitlin S/Lorenza - Thanks

    Richard @ The Bewildered Brit - It's a good motto I should have listened

    Nanny Goats In Panties - I must try that!

    little miss angry - Yes just a little awkward I am not sure we are in the same place.

    The Girl Next Door Grows Up - Thnak you. Hmmm celebrations...

  47. Absolutely freaking yeah!! In your face moment is what I say!!..
    I added you to my blog roll I hope you don't mind...Your just very clever!!!I still laugh at some of the past blog entries!! Hugs and cheers for alcohol

  48. U asked why?! Lol
    U r funnnyyyyyyyy Kate heheheheee