Monday, 22 February 2010

Interviews, airbras, and what not to do

Sorry for the late update it has been a busy week so far I have:

  • Received over 100 job applications from the guardian job advert - wow
  • Seen five people for interviews
  • Fallen over three times
  • Fallen over once in front of another person - score!
  • Ended up an a passionate moment
  • Which then resulted in a half deflated air bra - not a look I would recommend
  • Realised after an hour of walking around with an uneven chest that I could have just removed the other pad.
  • Tried to break up with Jamie twice and failed both times
  • Realised I am a moron.
So interviewing someone this should be easy right?

Interviewee number one

Short guy with a goatee. (Goatees for me lose a point automatically)Turns up in jeans and a shirt with what looked like ketchup on it. I also think he might have been stoned. Jamie and I spent half an hour trying to get some sense out of him and then ten minutes laughing once he had left.

Interviewee number two

Rather tomboyish girl turns up wearing a suit - Jamie and I knuckle punch under the table (knuckle punch means points thumb grab means minus.) She seems nice, laughs at Jamie's feeble joke about not having to be mad to work here. As she gets up to leave Jamie raises his eyebrows at me and I smile - we think we have found our girl. As she leaves we both shake her hand and then she lets out the belch to end all belches. I blush instantly mortified for her. She laughs, "If I get the job you'll be hearing that a lot." She says.

Jamie and I look at each other when she has left. "No!"


  1. Bleching?? Woa what an idiot. Hope you find someone!! I fall all the time too!

  2. Let's just be thankful it came out of her mouth and not her hind quarters ! Kate, one of these times you're going to fall down and really hurt yourself. Please be more careful.

  3. Did the half deflated air bra relate to the passionate moment and did that relate to fall? Presumably the whole thing did not relate to the goatee?

  4. An air bra? Is that like those old Nike pump shoes?

  5. So you and Jaime are officially an item?

    If I burped like that in an interview, I would have been mortified! I guess in such a small office, belching proclivities can derail and application ;) Good luck on the search!

  6. Did I miss a post. When did you and Jamie become official and why did you say you tried to break up twice?

  7. I don't think she really wanted the job. I guess you'll be doing more interviews.

  8. What are you like?! Great to have you back :-)

  9. NOOOOO! Really? She BELCHED?! Amazing!! I am speechless!

  10. At least it wasn't a water bra. That would have been a mess.
    Love that she belched! I would have passed gas and acted as if nothing happened. Probably a good thing I mostly work by myself.

    BTW, my word was "skineos" I think I may have to use that!

  11. what are those interviewees thingking?!

  12. I'm jobless and only had one interview recently (which was too easy).

    But come on! - Belching?!


    So I'm assuming the stoner has the job then?

  13. That's mental! Keep your body sounds to yourself lady ^^)

  14. OH MY!! How embarrassing for her! Hahah! Poor Kate, but it sure makes for interesting reading!

  15. Using an airbra? That's interesting.


  16. Wow, belching... Eh.. I'm sure she will wonder why she didn't get the job too.

    BUT, I hope you will tell us about all the other action, the falling over and the passion!

  17. Airbra. I need one.

    The belch takes the cake. What a way to NOT get a job. Hum......

  18. Ain't that supposed to be some confidentials?! Your boss gonna fire you!


  20. Yeah when did you and Jamie become an item?! WOO!!

    As for the burping. Classy.

    Kate x

  21. You and Jamie?!?! Omg! Tell us more. Also, don't judge a girl by her belching! Haha.

  22. Burping in a job interview that's tacky! Any advise on the best way to write a resume, I need to start looking for a part-time job and haven't had a resume in 12 years or so (left my job of 10+ years to go to college)

  23. Poor girl! Interview #1 sounds like a real winner. Who shows up for an interview in jeans! Did I miss something? I didn't know you and Jamie were seeing each other. Not working out I guess???

  24. Very funny post, Kate. Okay, we all belch, and sometimes at embarrassing times. I'm more concerned about her post-belch comment: "You're going to hear that a lot." You're right, she can't actually want this job. You've got 90 or so more applicants.

  25. Weeding through hundreds to get to the one. Good luck on your endeavor and hope that perfect candidate is stepping into your office sooner rather than later!

    Do you hate it too?

  26. I was an interviewer for a year. The stories I could tell. Sheesh!

  27. She belched at the end?! Doh! Just when you think it is in the bag....

    No details on the passionate moment...?

  28. I've interviewed before and it always amazes me how people act when they're supposed to be making their best imprssion... wow, a belch... no wonder she's jobless...

  29. When you got the job, what do you think about what they said about you? Be kind... diamonds in the rough look- rough...

  30. She actually said that? I'm falling over laughing right now!

    Much love,
    AC @

  31. wow you're really keeping us guessing about jamie aren't you? ;)

    i minus points for goatees too!

  32. The stoned guy sounds cool. as a joke character for your Blog I mean...
    Actually, I've got a goatee, what's wrong with that?
    I am defo not into belching tomboys, they should stay at the rugby club they came from.

  33. Half defalted airbra! Haha!

    I think the girl should at least get points for joking abou ther belching, don't you think?

    Snafugirl xoxo

  34. passionate moments make up for falling down moments. LOL.

  35. CRAZY! who belches at an interview!

  36. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist is a great movie. Definitely one of my favorites. I hope you get to watch it soon.

  37. Haha...deflated airbra?! You do make me laugh, Kate!

    I can't believe those are you final candidates! I wouldn't even dream of a) not dressing smartly for an interview and b) belching in front of my potential employers. No wonder i'm disillusioned from all my job hunting. Everyone is hiring nutcases...

    Tell us more about you and Jamie. More! (I'm a romantic at heart and nosy). :)

  38. Weird people for this interview...Sure it was not a joke?

  39. Tried an airbra, that sounds so interesting! :p
    Based on the post, I can feel that you were really busy! Have some good rest! :) Take care!

  40. OMG you have to be kidding me, BELCHING?? Out loud!! At an interview?!? GEEZ!

  41. Melanie's Randomness - I know that was so gross!

    JStar - I just can;t wait for the interviews to stop.

    Hiding Myself From Me - I know I am crazy clumsy

    mo.stoneskin - Ha ha not to the fall on the goatee but that sounds like some late night fiction!

    Hunter - Hey if you were a 30A you would need help too!

    Lifebeginsat30ty - Yes and no. I like him but not sure I like him enough.

    Miss. Ardeth Blood - We're not really official as such..... and I keep thinking I need to break it off

    Sparkless - I hope not!

    Happy Frog and I - Thanks

    Anything Fits a Naked Man - Amazing and apparently not embarassing for her. I am sure I went red in sympathy!

    The mad woman behind the blog - Do they do water bras? If so I need one!

    Sarah - Maybe they don;t want to work!

    Teaser - I know and if she had apologised i would have felt sorry for her and probably given her another chance.

    Smileyfreak - Definitely!

    Kato - Where do we fnd these people?

    Secretia - I need one!

    Wynn - I bet she is confused!

    ReformingGeek -They are great - way better than just underwire

    Rondell - If he saw this blog he totally would

    f1trey - Apparently so.

    Kate - Proabbly not for much longer...

    Tara - It's doomed already.

    Mama Wheaton - Hmmm my only advice is spellcheck so many people have spelling mistakes it's crazy

  42. Serioulsy?! What a tramp!

    Lottie x

  43. Seriously??? How is it that intelligent, clean-clothed, non-body-function-emitting people like me have trouble getting an interview? Amazing the people who are out there...though it makes me feel a lot better about my chances!