Monday, 21 December 2009

Awkward silences, hot sauce and a lack of seats...

I sit at my desk feeling like a moron. I start to look at some work and I see Simon and Andi arrive. Simon is sporting a bruise on his face. Rob also comes in a few minutes later. Great. I try to avoid looking at anyone and engross myself in work. Next time must choose something that has a possibility of sucess. After a minute I abandon it and browse facebook.

Ethan picks up the phone that the rest of us are ignoring and laughs when it finishes.

"Ted's called in sick today," He laughs. "What a lightweight"
"So we can talk openly then. " Fishy laughs, "Anyone else want to see last nights entertainment."
I blush which seems to make him laugh even more.
Andi says "Fishy that's so mean."
He laughs and says "Yeah like you and Rob can talk, I saw you both kissing at the end of the evening."

Andi gives a forced laugh, "What are you the office peeping Tom?"
Fishy grins, "Just a casual observer."
"Bet you were just jealous no one wanted to kiss you." Simon retorts.
"True but no one hit me because of it."
Andi looks shocked and says to Rob, "you hit him?"
Rob looks sheepish, "We're okay now right mate."
Simon blushes and says, "yeah I probably deserved it."
I avoid his eye and see an email from him flash up - it says
Really really sorry - can we talk later?
I press delete and glare at him.

How about we all kiss and make up over lunch? " Fishy says, "Unless that would be awkward for you anyone.." He shoots me a look
"Sorry not me." Says Andi, "Gotta leave at midday."
"I'm in" say Ethan, Rob and Simon.
"So you think you can resist these guys long enough to eat lunch with us Katie?" Fishy smirks
"F*** Off." I respond. Not mature but satisfying
"So you are too scared to come?" He says
"Fine I'll come. Now will you shut up?" I glare.

Ethan decides Nandos is a good move but they only have a booth for four. Fishy says we can squeeze. I somehow end up wedged between Rob and Simon.

"Are you okay Kate?" Fishy asks, "You look a little uncomfortable....with these two."
I blush and see him smiling wickedly.

He must be stopped....


  1. I love Fishy! Quality post - ace ending.
    Check out my latest post - I went on a date with the

  2. Kate

    Absolutly brilliant. I just love your posts, they really make my days.

    I really must get up to your office and shoot 2011's office calender!

  3. hey first time visiting your blog - loved the post.

  4. You are an independent woman who can do whatever she wants! (Keep saying that to yourself). What will you do about the Fish? Any incriminating evidence on him?

  5. You poor, poor girl!
    But at least it makes for some funny posts ;)
    Though I must say I still don't really get what happened at the party.
    It's like trying to remember what the hell I did last Saturday...

  6. I'm still waiting to find out who was the best snog: Rob or Simon!


  7. at least your not wearing a watch this time....

  8. Naw Katie, I like Simon.

    Rob..yeah he's okay. Of course I think you're amazing, another well done on your post :).

    Love the immaturity, it's a classic :)

  9. Tell Fishy to "play nice" and he too may get a chance to get "bruised" by an office mate (like Simon did) at next years Christmas Party :)

    I can't wait to hear what you really said/did though Kate :D

  10. Wow, if I were you I would knocked Fishy to the floor by now.

    Good restraint :)

  11. iephotography - Aw thanks :) Lots of airbrushing please!

    Skye Blue - Thanks - hopefully will see you again x

    Tina - I like it. I think its the blushing thing it makes him laugh. I might have to start wearing makeup. As for the Fish am definitely thinking of something....

  12. Fishy fishy fishy. Actually, I thought your reply was remarkably mature...

  13. Oooh that Fishy!! He most certainly needs to be taken care of!!!

    Great post once again!

  14. Uh oh. The whole thing sounds unpleasant.

  15. You should turn this into a book

  16. Ah Kate, I've been away for a bit, I obviously need to catch up on this because I am so out the loop it’s unreal.

    Off to read back on your posts.....

    (Is it bad?)

  17. Fishy is like some kind of diabolical supervillain. Is there any way to get a hold of the video evidence and destroy it?

    Good luck, Kate! :)

  18. You're remark was right target...

    I second that Fishy seems a bit jealous.

    Good on ya for deleting Simon's email. But I would kind of like to hear what he has to say for himself.

    Love love love that you got sandwiched between Rob and Simon...that's totally what would have happened to me. Own the awkward situations, own them haha

  19. Kate, it seems you have all the men in your office after you! Rob, Simon and now Fishy...can't wait for the next post! Really enjoying your blog. :)

  20. First time to your blog, have read quite a few of your posts and really enjoyed them. Look forward to reading more :)

  21. Fry the fish!
    Good luck in finding something that will shut him up (and I don't mean that in the ironic way it may be read).
    And at least you weren't the only one who messed up, Andi and the punches. Fishy smells your insecurities and uses it against you, if you show no fear he'll get bored :D

  22. Where's Jamie been through all of this? I don't like the way Fishy and Rob are acting (smug). We already know Simon's slimey too. SO now I'm on team Jamie - where I started. He seems the most humble for you.

  23. i bet fishy wanted to kiss you too haha! i'm dying to see the video! :P

  24. 4 guys and a gal...i wonder how you all are going to 'kiss and makeup' could be messy.

  25. Kate

    Im sure no one on the office needs paintbrushing!!! Lets go for the natural look.

    2011 could be a great calendar!!!

  26. Little Sophie - Unfortunately neither do I!

    Bamberio - Simon

    Hunter - I doubt it he is a lot older and married

    f1trey - True watchless days are an improvement

    Another Face, - Thanks :) Someone loves me!

    Aion - Nooooo

    Teaser - tempting.

  27. Your blogs are very interesting Kate.. I am very curios to know what happens next... who gets kissed and who gets kicked.

  28. Ha! What a great idea for a blog. Funny stuff! :)

    Merry Christmas to you.

  29. I haven't been here in a week (Christmas is messing up my whole bloody life) and couldn't wait to catch up. Definitely not disappointed.

  30. Mo.stoneskin - Thank you - he is my new nemesis - step aside Ted

    Kato - I know revenge will be sweet

    secret agent woman - I know very complicated but it does make work more interesting

    Kristy - I just need an editor and an agent and a publisher.... any volunteers :P

    Dan - Hey my fellow Brit - nice to see you back :) It is bad....

    Rebecca Knight - Possibly we have been cooking up a phone plan....

    Single and Shallow - I don't think he is jealius he just likes picking on me and seems to find it funny to make me go red.

    Stephanie Faris - I'm not sure it is even sexual anymore...

    Lou - Ha ha nah, Fishy hates me, Rob is a playboy and Simon has a girlfriend. Not looking that good...

    brittanyjoy - Thanks :)

  31. Wynn - I know he just seems to like the fact he can make me change colour. I am learning to wear makeup next year. Foundation here I come

    RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - Jamies been off sick all week :(

    adrienzgirl - He is

    jo - the video must be destroyed (it isn;t flattering)

    Sarah -Ha ha I've learnt my lesson there. I think...

    iephotography - Ha ha thats it I am going to start wearing makeup

  32. The word fishy always scares me!

  33. Your office is way more interesting than my office. Way more.

  34. Gut him. Simple as.

  35. Fishy needs a bruise to match Simon's. You should give it to him.

  36. Fishy sounds nasty.

  37. I still like Simon though..I want to hear what he's got to say for himself.

  38. OH ! I'm so glad I clicked your name. I came thinking I'd return the favor of a comment, but your blog is like peeping through a window I shouldn't be peeking though~ delicious and naughty!!

  39. you sure live an interesting life. thought of writing a book about this??

  40. I worked in a office for 17 1/2 years, but it wasn't anything like this one! :)

  41. Ah sod it, you were drunk, if they can't deal with it it's their problem. Fishy sounds like a right git.

  42. What Kristy said. There's so many writers out there linked to my blog plus this Nathan fellow who everyone I know reads his stuff. Check it out.

  43. Secretia - Ha ha he is disturbing in general!

    Millions Of Atoms Man - Thanks but I am guessing you get more done than we do...

    Technolustmaxx - Maybe I can frame Ted.

    Jen -Unfortunately I hit like a girl

    Anonymous - Revenge will be sweet.

    Keren David - I have just put the next one up

    JenJen - Thanks :)

    Shadow - Ha ha I wish

    jinksy - This one is unique not sure thats a good thing...

    R.R.Jones - Fishy is evil

    Ian - Thanks I will check Nathan out - whats the link?

  44. Awfully feisty for a newbie that Fishy. I hope you cook up something good.

    Loving this blog Kate, highly entertaining.

    Keep it up :)