Friday, 18 December 2009

The morning after, revelations and evidence

You know it is not going to be a good day when:
  • You wake up on your sofa with a stiff neck and aching body
  • The hangover is killing you
  • You have to shower with one arm in the air so as not to make the watch that is
  • stuck on your wrist wet
  • The floor is still spinning.
Okay strategy I think. I am always late to work so today I will arrive early. that will prove that I am not hungover and didn't do anything wrong. I quickly throw on some makeup - red nose is now covered up and make my way to work.

Outside the building I am filled with the urge to run like hell and call in sick. Probably not a good idea I decide so make my way in.

It is 8:45am so there is only Ethan and May in the office.

May greets me politely but looks distracted and Ethan shouts "Morning." Enthusiastically and offers me a cup of tea.
They are both being so normal I relax a bit

"So how are you feeling this morning?" Ethan asks
I blush,
"Fine fine." I lie
"So did you guys stay late?" He asks me, "Ted and I left about half ten"

Relief - he and Ted weren't there. Maybe no one actually saw us.
I blush and say, "I have someones watch stuck on my hand, can you help me get it off."
Ethan laughs, "Yeah here you are kid. Hope you didn't do anything stupid."
I blush and he gives me a hug

I begin to relax when Fishy comes in smirking.
"Morning all," He calls, "Kate you're on time? I thought you would be still sleeping it off."
I blush but say in my most sober and professional voice "No I am feeling great this morning thanks."

I am a very bad liar.

Fishy smirks, "So looking forward to the awkward moments between you and Simon?"
Ethan looks up.
I blush and say "I don't remember anything that would be awkward."
He laughs and says, "Want the visual, we got bored so took a video."

Oh shit!

Ethan looks torn between amusement and sympathy and I can feel myself going purple. Must control this blushing.

"Although," Fishy continues clearly enjoying my squirming, "I think it will be even more awkward between Simon and Rob."
"Whys that?" Ethan asks as I sink into my seat.
"Rob hit him," Fishy says "Apparently he felt it was unfair to Kate that Simon already has a girlfriend."

Er WHAT???


  1. That's going to make for a great day at the office. Oh lord...

  2. The plot thickens. How on earth did you get a watch stuck to your hand?

  3. I'm shocked!
    A girlfriend and he still blushes whenever he talks to you?
    I can't wait to hear the rest of this.
    How can you this to us, your loyal readers... must know how it ends ;)
    But hang in there, you couldn't have been the only one who did embarassing things, so relax, you'll get through it.

    And at least you got the watch off...

  4. Lol, this is good stuff.... Like the kind of stuff that used to happen around my office before all the cool people got let go....

  5. Ouch...I feel your pain here...Glad you made it through tho..

  6. It's not a party until somebody blacks out and/or fisticuffs ensue. Can't wait for the details...

  7. Ohhhh a video, actual evidence. I hate phones with cameras! So there was a fight and that's why they got kicked out. It gets more and more interesting.

  8. Well I didn't see that coming. Thought Simon was a good lad. What a dog! Or is it that you're just irresistable, Kate?

  9. Damn, that's all I can say. I would take two asprin and call in sick in the morning.Wait its too late.

  10. Ian - An interesting day...

    Keren David - I know!

    f1trey - Not good I am still in shock...

    UberGrumpy - I just couldn't work out how to unclasp the damn thing. I am naturally blonde...

    Little Sophie - Similar questions I have for him...

  11. Tara - Good but also kind of cringy..

    JStar - I didn't make it unscathed...

    Hunter - Well I guess we made an impression...

    Sparkless - I know and it really isn't flattering I may kill Fishy

    plentymorefishoutofwater - Ha ha I wish. Definitely entirely resistable but I also did not see that coming.

    Gregorio Martino - Wish I had...

  12. Another day in the office then? Sneaky Simon... Very sneaky - Looking forward to hearing the rest of the tale

  13. Ohhhhh, snap :(. So is the next entry going to be about you tossing a full teapot at Simon's head? I'm now removing my Team Simon t-shirt in mourning.

    Here's hoping you have a better day!

  14. That Simon! I agree with Fish ~ That Dog!! I take back my previous post Kate :) looks like Simon TOOK ADVANTAGE of YOU!!! tha Scoundral :D

  15. Made me laugh, the thought of someone showering and trying to keep one arm in the air. Things are getting complicated, eh?

  16. Oh they did fight over you! I love it. But shitty that Simon has a girlfriend...

    I'm serious jealous of your work environment. I'm surronding by stuffind old lawyers and aging me!

  17. Shower? Isn't that what underarm deodarant and perfume is for? Cover up...

  18. A watch was stuck to your hand? Dare I ask?

  19. I love reading about what's been going on in your life. Such adventure! Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  20. OMG! LMAO! Your life is soooooooo much more exciting than mine. The night before last, I finished a scrap angel for my mother which is absolutely freakin' adorable and my boss took pictures of it yesterday morning and called it cute. Then last night I started on a snow man and...*shrug* This morning my boss and I grunted a friendly good morning. THAT was my excitement.

    *shakes head chuckling* Good grief, girl-child. That's some funny stuff.


  21. I've read back your last few posts. Wow some party, tossed out of a pub. Pretty cool. LOL! can't wait to hear what comes next! Your office should be a TV show! Seriously!

  22. Simon = A-hole.
    And you are strong, I would have called off.

  23. Double OH NO !! with a side order of DAMN !!

  24. OH.My.God!!!!

    I am at a loss for words. Except to say that this post evoked many emotions in me. That Simon!!!

  25. A great post. Looking forward to whatever happens next....

  26. Oops! At least you didn't get hit, that's the way to think about it and the gossip made you forget about your hangover.

  27. Well that was stupid of Simon. Has anyone found out that Rob kissed you?

  28. This is one of those stories that makes me thankful I don't get hangovers!

  29. New to your blog, hope we get details!

  30. Nothing is sacred anymore with phones that take video and pictures....

  31. Wow, I didn't see that last bit coming...

  32. Boy, you talk about long lasting repercussions! lol

  33. Simon is having a roller coaster ride on popularity... LOL

  34. I'm going to withhold my comments about Simon for now until everything's revealed, but, if he turns out to be a prick, I hope that watch gets 'accidentally' dunked in the toilet. I'm just sayin...

  35. how DID that watch get stuck?? lol and whos was it?!!

    ahhh great stuff... wish my office was as interesting =\ unfortunately, I'm stuck with some pretty boring people

  36. Aww...Rob defending your honor? Sweet really.

    Simon is a bloody two timer? What the?

  37. OMG! Don't understand the stuck watch though. WTF? x

  38. the to get your hands on the video. then you can deny everything!

  39. Taratata'... the last minute surprise move! What a intense rhythm to get over a hangover...


  40. A girlfriend! - bummer...she's probably a lot less fun/crazy ;-) than you though and hopefully he will see the light :-) assuming you want him to...

  41. So sorry Kate. I say we all burn our Team Simon t-shirts. He's the one who should be utterly embarrassed. I'm on Team Rob now. Hang in there!

  42. Nothing changes, does it? This exchange is just like playground politics.

    How long do officefolk get off for Christmas? Either way, have a good one! (which I'll keep signing off with just in case you forget).

  43. Can be real tough to attend work after hangovers...ask me

  44. Hey there. I hope you're having a good weekend. It's been cold and rainy here. Our internet keeps going out so I did want to leave a comment on your blog. Take care. Have a great week. Cheers!

  45. Heyyy I love your blog! And your header-is so cute.
    Just read this post and the last. Haven't figured out who to cheer for? Simon or Rob? Guess I have a lot of reading to do.
    Thanks for visiting my blog btw! :)

  46. I'm defecting to Team Rob now, too.

  47. omg! a video? and there i thought a picture says a thousand words. a video must at least say a thousand more. and simon already has a gf??!

  48. Thedailyspew - I know he is not as innocent as he looks...

    Girl With The Golden Touch - I know....

    Rebecca Knight - One might be!

    Aion _ I know he abused my innocence!

    Fran Hill - I wouldn't recommend it. Showering like that uncomfortable and ineffective..

    Single and Shallow - That sounds a little safer though - mine is surrounded by hormones apparently...

    VE - Damn why did no one tell me?

    Dutch donut girl - I tried it on the night before and I just couldn't get the damn thing undone. Ethan managed in a second so I was clearly being blonde.

  49. Keith - It's more making a moron of myself than adventure but thanks :)

    SM Blooding - At least you are creative and make things - thats cool. And my boss hates me....

    Christiejolu - If it is a TV show I want someone a lot prettier than me to be me :P

    Aunt Juicebox - Strong or stupid. I figured best face the music rather than spend the weekend worrying

    Hiding Myself From Me - and followed by a heart course of crap!

    Kato - I know and he seems so nice!

    Urban School Teacher - I predict violence

    Tuesday Kid - Always good not getting hit...

    Wynn - Not sure. Fishy is suspicious but that might just be his general personality..

    secret agent woman - So jealous of you for that.

    Laurnie - There are details....

    plainolebob - You like to be shocked eh? :p

    My name is PJ - I know it is wrong wrong wrong

    Kristy - Me either!

    otin - I am hoping that the Christmas break will distract people.

  50. If I had gotten more hangovers I might have drunk less!


  51. Fights are nothing but vids are not good. I feel for you Kate, I really do.

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  53. oh my! what's the angle with Fishy? Living up to nickname I suppose. To do that and say that to you in front of others, clearly shows what kind of character--or lack of. Damn, that's messy.