Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Party, alcohol, and pubs we are no longer welcome in

So to recap the bad influences, me Andi, Rob, Laura, Simon, Ted and several of the journalists have been drinking since midday and now moved our way into a nearby pub.

After a few more vodkas I notice it is geiting dark which I find very funny. I also realise I need the toilet and for some reason can't stop laughing on the way.

As I return from the toilet I run into Rob.
"Having a nood gight?" I ask in an attempt to be coy. Unfortunately the slurring might give me away
He laughs, "The night could be better" OH my God...... he is actually moving towards me.

You know when you do something that is a really bad idea but your brain only seems to engage half way through... Is there a polite way to ask someone to remove their tongue from your mouth? Or at least stop trying to lick your tonsils

"I think I should get back to the others." I say once I have reclaimed my mouth
He winks and says "I knew it"
I roll my eyes "Get over yourself" and stomp off. And fall over a bar stool. Ouch

So is kissing Rob worse than stacking it in a crowded pub?

I decide the best way to distract myself is to go and talk to Simon and Fishy who are right in the middle of all the other office people. Simon and I start chatting and I decide I want to wear his watch. He lets me wear it and I make him wear my bracelet. We both giggle at this and he gives me a hug.

I actually think I could fall asleep just lying on his shoulder.

Unfortunately I don't. I am not sure how but somehow I end up kissing Simon.

Proper full on passionate kissing for about ten minutes before the sounds of applause stops us

Oh Shit. SHIT

I think we got everyones attention.

We both blush and Simon wanders off to the bathroom.

Andi comes over and asks if I am okay? I say I am fine and I think I will leave soon. I look at the watch on my hand stunned. It is eleven - how did it get so late.

Suddenly a shout makes me look up and I see Simon and Rob being forcibly evicted from the pub. The landlord gestures to us - "you lot out as well". He barks. "And don't bother coming back"

Well we made an impression.

Now the big question.... tomorrow at work how am I going to live this down?


  1. My darling daughter, who majored is Sociology, says alcohol is not, technically, a social dis- inhibitor. However, our society accepts it as one.

    She always was a difficult child....

  2. Why live it down? You've become legend at work.

    Make it your office Christmas card and call it a day.

    You're welcome.

  3. Oh Kate! Which was the better kiss?

  4. ...and the story continues...

  5. Sounds like you made quite an impression...This is why I dont drink in front of co workers

  6. Tonsil Hockey is a sport with a good following...take the watch to the pawn shop and demand your bracelet back !

  7. Deny everything. That's my motto.

  8. Wow. Sounds like your own personal soap opera is going on.

  9. LOL being evicted is gonna stink.... you run outta places to grab a pint and everyone will be back at your place!

  10. So, wait... why did you get chucked out? There is mystery here...

  11. Wow is the first post that I read but soooooooooooooo interesting... I' ll follow you and keep on reading your adventures there is always something to learn!

  12. Hahaha. Funny as hell. Were Simon and Rob fighting? I KNEW something would happen between you and that Simon. It's always the quiet ones.

  13. I'm with PMFOOW on this one, it is always the quiet ones; and the fact that you don't remember how you ended necking with Simon shows what a smooth operator he is... Respect to the man, lol.

  14. just play dumb and deny everything. i hope nobody took a picture of you kissing either one...

  15. Call in sick - say you picked something up in the pub...

  16. Amazing the things we find funny after a vodka or two. A great post, it certainly put a smile on my face.

  17. Were they fighting over you?!?! That would be the best story ever. I hate when the sun just sets and then all of a sudden it's late. Why does time fly while drinking?

  18. I'm definitely Team Simon. Are we making t-shirts now? :)

  19. Claim you had a blackout and don't remember anything. I'm Team Simon, too.

  20. Oh, and even though I haven't seen Rob, I think I would secretly want to make out with him if I were you. Don't know why really..

  21. "Having a nood gight?" I ask in an attempt to be coy. Unfortunately the slurring might give me away. This is HILARIOUS.

    And deny deny deny. Unless they have you on film, you can imply they were so drunk they were seeing things...

  22. Practice saying "So what?" in the mirror until you can do it without any facial expressions..

  23. Kate I think Simmon has become a star!I needed the smile today!
    hugs hugs

  24. Just put it all down to being drunk and shrug. If anyone says anything just smile and say you do dumb things when you're drunk. Ha ha ha

  25. Hello! This screams "threesome!" Live it up!
    Fine, I'm kidding (sort of). But seriously, act like you're deeply offended. They took advantage of you in your inebriated state! Be outraged! Men fall for that crap all the time.

  26. Which was better kisser?

  27. Boy, oh boy! So no thank you Rob and more please Simon?

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is, well, pretty different to mine. But hey, my wife is different to me and I met her at the office party - which was not unlike the one you describe. It was the best party I ever went to - how's that for festive season romance!


  29. Amazing what alcohol does to a person! LOL!

    Your next post should also be interesting.

  30. A 10 Minute Passionate Kiss in exchange for a little feminization (you making him wear your bracelet lol) hmmm...
    Yeah! WELL WORTH IT :D

    P.S. I hope you OWNED your night! Sounded like you had a great time :)

  31. LOL!! I was wondering where all the fun has gone and now I have the answer.. You are having all of it!

  32. Ummmm this is the best story ever. LOL

  33. omg! you kissed not one but two colleagues. and on the same night! hopefully no one else knew you kissed them both...

  34. "At least we made an impression." That's one way to think on the bright side.. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  35. Oh no!!! Deny, deny, deny!!! Everyone was probably just as drunk and won't remember!!

    Although, go for a little more of that Simon

    Maybe in private next time?? :)

  36. Team Simon all the way! You go, Kate. The guys are the ones who'll have to live it down, at least the one who doesn't get to be with you.
    He's going away soon anyway. :)

  37. hey there! LOVE the concept of your blog!!! Can't wait to read more =)

  38. You can totally use my line. I am sure across the pond over there no one uses it.

    Dr. Dr. DH

    Don't remember. Don't recall. DIDN'T HAPPEN

    You're welcome! :D

  39. Jeanne - ha ha I truly hope she is wrong!

    Moooooog35 - I am not sure this is how I wanted to become a legend....

    Ian - Yes.... oops

    Keren David - Um I don;t kiss and tell ... oh right I blog instead so Simon....

    JStar - Very sensible. I should do that but then I would have nothing to blog about -

    Hiding Myself From Me - I had to get someone to remove it - cringe

    Badass Geek - If I don;t remember it it didn't happen

  40. You might have been deeply engaged in foreplay for the entire audience...

  41. Ahh the classic office party gone a wee bit too far in public!~ Can't wait to hear what happens to tomorrow!

  42. I can honestly say that our office parties are never like that. Wow! So TV is kinda real. That's...*chuckle* So weird.


  43. Until someone else does something remarkable, you'll have to wear the attention like a badge of honor!

  44. Unfortunately, this is very hilarious...what an eventful life you lead!


  45. I love it. WOW my office is boring and I work with 5 guys, 2 of which my age. No kissing will be done unfortunately. Awww that you got kicked out too but damn girl. They totally must have fought over you. Oooo I hope everything isn't too weird today!!

  46. hahahaha, I love it. What a fabulous story. I hope your workday is going well! :)

  47. Keith - Never a dull moment

    f1trey - It's okay there a a few pubs we are still welcome in...

    TheUnwashedMass - Er thats in the next post in more detail but a punch was thrown

    Lorenza - Thanks :)

    plentymorefishoutofwater - I blame you - you wished it on me!

    R.R.Jones - Yes still cringing over that....

    Sarah - Unfortunately there is video evidence

    UberGrumpy - I should have but I thought best get it over with... I am STUPID!

    Petty Witter - Thanks an alcohol makes us sometimes do very stupid things...

    Ice Queen - I know time goes quickly when making out with your work mates ha ha

    Rebecca Knight - I like the idea of T-shirts!

    Jen - Definitely doing that...

    Wynn - Or bad work at least Ted wasn't there! And yeah Rob has something about him...

    JennyMac - Good move

    buffalodick - It's the blushing that gives me away. If only I could find a cure...

  48. Betty - No worries and thanks for the hugs. x

    Sparkless - I a trying ....

    muscles - I know I have said once today if you don't remember it it never happened

    lesinfin - Unfortunately they might have been a little uncomfortbale with that - spoilsports the outraged is a great idea though...

    Anonymous - I take it you are female? Simon

    Tina - see next post - it all went wrong...

    Mark - I like different and thats inspiration see office romance can be long lasting...

    otin - I know - damn vodka

    Aion - It was a very pretty bracelet!

    Farila - I stole it fun at night not so much the morning after...

    Chelsea Talks Smack - I guess you missed the flasher vomit entry a few posts back heheh

  49. Good god woman you are now one of my hereos.

    I hope Rob and Simon were fighting over you I just need to start reading past posts so I have some back story on these boys

  50. "And yeah Rob has something about him..."

    Those people usually do. Always annoying that you kind of want to and totally does not want to give in!

  51. I think anytime someone is kissing you and you don't want it, it''s okay to push them away. And say "Cut it out" if need be. Not sure politeness is really called for.

  52. Single and Shallow - Thanks although I am still getting major teasing at work...

    Wynn - spot on.

    secret agent woman - It's complicated you don;t want to want to kiss him but then he has a certain charm. Damn men