Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Christmas party sweepstake kisses and vomit

This morning I arrive late as usual to find Jamie looking shift and quickly hiding his computer screen from me.

“What’s that?” I demand
“Nothing.” He says
This is weird Jamie and Rob both look like they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar and Simon is blushing. Ethan looks half disapproving and Ted is nowhere to be seen.

So where’s Ted? I ask

Ethan laughs, “He has a hangover he’ll be in late.”
We all join in laughing

Poor Ted, he had a work event last night and was lecturing all of us on how to learn self control. Apparently he needs to learn this himself.

I offer to make tea and Simon comes to help.
“So what’s the chart?” ask him
Simon looks guilty. “What chart?”
“You are a worse liar than I am!” I say “I thought that was impossible.”
He blushes, “I promised not to tell.”
I do my best pathetic look much to his apparent amusement
“Please tell me?”
He shrugs,
“Christmas party sweepstake.”
The what?
“Sweepstake who will get drunkest throw up, hook up.” He avoids my eyes at the last part.
“Let me guess Rob?” I say

I march over to Jamie’s desk, “Show me the sweepstake now!”
He laughs “Simon cracked after five minutes? Damn I had thirty seconds.”
“Show me it right now or I will pour this hot tea on you.” I say
He laughs and opens up the screen.

Work Christmas Party Sweepstake Place your bets now
Who is most likely to hook up
Kate with Jamie/Rob/Simon
Andi and Rob/Jamie/Simon
Laura and Rob/Jamie
Ethan and Ted
Jamie and May

Most likely to get drunk and be sick first

So I have two questions should I be annoyed and who am I hoping to draw for my £2?


  1. Don't be annoyed, it's not worth it and they'll only think they've won! Use it to your advantage :)

  2. You guys have way tooo much time on your hands!! Place your £2 on some lad getting drunk then ensure it happens

  3. Don't be annoyed and let us know who you hook up with!



  4. I used to love talking about things like 'most likely to hook up' scenarios at work. That's one of the ways my wife and I first bonded. (I don't think anybody would've given me a chance with her though.)

  5. I guess they have your ability to hold your booze in high esteem.

  6. Don't be offended and can you put a pound on Ethan/Ted for me?

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  8. Put the money on yourself, then: snog Simon five minutes after arrivig, neck 20 shots of sambuca in quick succession and swiftly vomit into a strategically placed bin.

    Two bets won in less than half an hour. Good work.

    Or not. Just an idea...

  9. Ooh, my money would be on Ethan and Ted hooking up :D. Let us know how it turns out!

  10. Well Kate don't be offended, it's not worth it.
    hugs hugs

  11. Dont' be offended, laugh.
    I know I do;)

  12. hahahaha if the choice is not to your liking then say you got crabs.....

  13. Are office parties like that show 'Greece Uncovered' but without the centre-partings and alcopop-stained tongues?

  14. put money on yourself and win!

  15. I wouldn't be annoyed, you're all in there! It would be different if the stake was about how long it would take for YOU to throw up or make out with Rob.

    And hmm, I haven't followed this blog long enough to guess any good bets. You and Rob? ;)
    (at least it would be all according to any movie ever written)

  16. Bet on whoever's drinks you think would be the easiest to spike.

  17. haha! why don't we have any such sweepstakes in my office? then again i really don't wanna hook up with anyone here!

  18. I'm with Keren on this one: Ethan & Ted; it'd be the best Monday morning gloat you'd ever have, lol.

  19. love your blog - very addictive!! wish i worked in your office - i dont have one man in mine x

  20. Funny. I am laughing in that - I shouldn't be laughing at this - way. Men!!! Bets!!! Agg!!

    I want to work in your office, by the way.
    Perhaps it may be a little exasperating at times but just think of the fun!!! Hee hee.

  21. Just be thankful you weren't odds on for "Most likely to call everyone bastards whilst falling down the stairs and shitting themselves at the same time"

    Now that would be embarrassing.

  22. I reckon you want you and Simon in the first, and Rob in the second...can't wait to find out! Great post.

  23. Sadly X'mas parties not a big rage in India though no stones left unturned for New Year

  24. I always go with the most likely to hook up is the woman that has the lowest esteem level and the highest alchohol intake that is attracted to the least attractive male. It is hard to read that from a blog.

    But that is just a theory and NOT truth.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  25. Hahaha!! I wish we had a sweepstakes at my job!!

    It wuld make things more interesting!