Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Secret Santa and Fishy drinks

So last week was eventful highlights were:
  • Naked Ted pictures - instant diet remedy you will never want to eat again
  • Scary rabbits
  • Flashers
  • Vomit
  • Hand holding
These did not all happen at the same time but I can see why the connection could be made. But this week will beat it all because Thursday is our Office Christmas Party! An excuse to leave work at midday and drink until they throw us out! Of course I shall be remaining sober and I am not at all excited that Jamie is single.... No definitely not.

But first we have a new boy - Mr Jimmy Fisher aka Fishy (his choice)
Fishy is taking over from Rob at the end of December and Ted is fawning all over him.
"Fishy will bring a level of professionalism that this office is sadly lacking so far." He says looking at me and the sales boys sternly.
"I didn't think you were that unprofessional Ted." I say, "But you may need to work on your people skills.”
Ted gives me an evil smile,
"That reminds me evaluations and pay rises are taking place first week in January so I need to send forms to you."

Oh Crap – yes history has been made Ted has figured out how to shut me up

"So TEAM sales," Ted continues, "And Marketing " Simon interjects,
"Well anyway TEAM TED," Ted continues ,"We need to make a good impression on Fishy. He has great experience and a great CV. The only negative thing is...." WE all look up...
"Apparently he likes a drink a bit too much."
Ethan rolls his eyes, "Ted you told us to take him to the pub for a welcome lunch."
"Oh I know." Says Ted, "Just don't let him get drunk. And that reminds me - it's Christmas party on Thursday and we need to do an office Secret Santa. Who was in last today?"
Everyone laughs
"Right." Ted grins, "Katie you are officially in charge of the Secret
Santa, make sure everyone gets a name and make sure you include Fishy. And No cheating.."

Anyone else think it might have been nice to arrange this more than two days in advance?


  1. Sorry to sound daft, but what's a Secret Santa? Does it mean that you hide yourself behind a big, bushy beard and nobody's meant to know who you are?

  2. Ha ha that sounds more fun. It is when you put everyones name into a hat and you have to buy a present for the person you pick out. I got Rob....

  3. Kate, I look forward to your Thursday Office Xmas party!
    love and hugshugs

    P.S.I had a wonderful time. Hope you had a great time too.

  4. Curiously our office party is also on Thursday, however our office approach is sadly not quite like yours - however the after party could be fun!!

    Enjoy it and good luck with the Secret Santa

  5. So what you're really saying is that you're gonna hit on Fishy at the Christmas party?

  6. Whatever you do, avoid "drinks like a fish" jokes when discussing Mr. Fisher. That would be way too obvious.

    Have fun at the party!

  7. Good luck with the Secret Santa. I expect a full writeup on Friday regarding the party! Remember it well as I'm still working on the screenplay.

  8. a lambe to the slaughter! LOL

  9. Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com - me too but partially in fear. I packed myself plasters in preparation for the falling over.

    Muscles - Hope yours is fun too Friday to compare?

    mo.stoneskin - No he is kind of mean - more on that later!

    Hunter - I deleted two already

    Ian - Just remember to cast a prettier less clumsy Kate then the real thing

    f1trey - I could surprise you and not make an idiot of myself - unlikely I know

    K x

  10. Oh boy.. Jamie is single, there's a new guy named Fisher aka "Fishy" that likes to drink a bit too much AND Rob is leaving lol... to top it all off your going to be remaining sober? hmmm.. I CAN'T WAIT to hear how THIS PARTY plays out!
    rotflmbo Kate way too funny ;)

  11. More than two days notice would have been nice, for sure.

    I'm sure the party will provide you with much to write about.

  12. Aion - I suspect I won't manage that....

    Badass Geek - I wonder if maybe if I do anything stupid I can say it is all in the name of research....

  13. Two days for secret Santa? Holy crap. Well if everyone gets stuff from the gas station, you'll know why.

  14. Aunt Juicebox - I know forward planning is not Ted's friend.

  15. Oof. Secret santas are hard enough without having any time to think!
    Love the idea of this blog, can't wait to read more :)

  16. Oh yes, by his name choice, Fishy sounds very professional :)

    Good luck with the secret santa!

  17. i think mr. fishy will fit right in with this fun group. have a great party and don't drink too much!

  18. Does anyone ever get any decent gifts at Secret Santa anyway. I say do away with it due to the time constraints ;-) Plus you need time to blog!

  19. Christmas party gonna be messy.

  20. Kat - I know. I am trying to think of something evil and I only have two days...

    Kato - Exactly. Besides we are professional....

    Sarah - Well I figured I might have to drink otherwise what will I have to write about.....

    carma - No generally just rubbish!

    Anonymous - you never know I might behave...

  21. Hey Kate,

    I've tried emailing you a couple of times but it hasn't gone through - maybe caught in filters? It might inspire me to write about emails and filters - I'm sure there's humour there! Anyway, good luck with the secret santa. Our office has someone dressing up as Santa Claus. I can't wait to make my "looks like he's just empied his sack" joke.

    Don Joe

  22. Ohhh the Christmas party, could be fun? Make your secret santa exchange one of those where you give away junk you don't want. You know stuff that's supposed to be funny. Makes it easy and no one has to shop for a gift.

  23. Don - I just emailed you :)

    Sparkless - Good idea but I kind of wanted to use it as payback. I picked Rob

  24. Kate - NO haha. And still want that Google wave invite?

  25. Are you going to be Mrs. Santa?

    Oh btw, I NEED those naked Ted pictures!!!!!

  26. As a Jimmy and a Fish, I like the sound of Jimmy Fisher.

  27. Have fun with your secret exchange, thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  28. You better get a hot little red dress and fluff that hair. No man can withstand a santa with hot presents under those clothes.

    I am sorry, cliché. I couldn't help myself.
    I'm all out of smart things to say. Sorry! :)

  29. PS check your emails I've got a proposition for you...

  30. You're in charge? WooHoo!! Two days is more than enough time to plan and plot. Make it good, sister! I'm counting on you!! :-)

  31. We had a secret santa last year in the hospital dept, bought one present for my name, female .. so simple. I'm still waiting on mine form a bloke !! Needless to say I'm not taking part this year :)

  32. Can I get a job in your office? Seriously!! My job is way boring. Yours seems like a blast! Good luck with the Secret Santa!! =)

  33. I can't wait to hear the stories of the office party.

  34. The tension builds as we all await the round-up of the office gala. How do you keep track of all this? Yikes!

  35. Sounds like he'll fit right in to me!

  36. sounds like an incredible week...lol.

    secret santa...not even fun...almost as much as evaluations...

  37. Have fun with your Secret Santa. You should use elfster.com. Much easier and hardly any work for you.

  38. Kate, I'm bewildered by one thing: the fact that Ted knows Fishy is a boozer, based on a job interview. So, Fishy wanted a job and disclosed this? Or were the 2 drinking buds in the past? It all sounds strangely fishy and unprofessional.
    Enjoy all the holiday festivities!

  39. have fun with secret santa.. i hope you get some spl helpers around ya.. ;) anyways have you become obsessed with vomit. cause i ran into the same thing on your blog a few posts back.. i guess the season is getting to you.. :P

  40. You should've played it like Dr. House and put your own name on all the secret santa slips.

  41. I am of the mind that you tell everyone that a good single malt is the gift of choice for whomever they draw as a name. Make sure you draw the big dudes name.

  42. I think you should cheat! No fun otherwise.


  43. I hate secret santa because I always end up with some crappy gift and I am too nice to return the favor. We do the even more stupid game where you take someone else's present if you want it. I hate that. I am getting drunk but there is no one in our office I want to put the moves on. Maybe someone's wife?

  44. Ian - Definately I want to wave!

    Dutch donut girl - No one needs naked Ted!

    plentymorefishoutofwater - I have to confess you were name inspiration :)

    OceanDreams - Thanks

    Wynn - Ha ha I like the cliche although my hair doesn't need a lot of fluffing - damn curls.

    Marla - Thanks I have plans for Rob!

    Indigo - If anyone doesn;t bring their gift tomorrow I'm going to make them go shopping for it.

    Melanie's Randomness - Sometimes but you get a lot of sales men trying to sleep with you which can get kind of annoying. On the plus side I drink for free though...

    The Peach Tart - The blog means I have permission to misbehave right?

  45. Hehehe, wow, it's almost like you had an emergency christmas party...hahaha