Thursday, 27 August 2009

I discover the local pub - yay!

I decide it will be good fun to join the others for a quick drink after work. I have been pretty antisocial since I joined as I tend to do stupid things when I drink. But as we wander over to the pub I feel upbeat. I will stay for one or two I think to myself. Self control that's what it is all about.

Andi is only staying for one or two  so this should be easy we will leave together. And it is nice we all talk about the company - Jamie tells us a bit more about Dave. I was curious why he left on such a bad note.

" The problem is Jay takes resignation as a personal insult." Jamie explains, "He makes anyone who is leaving feel like crap and then if he can tries to rip them off - he was trying to deduct commission from Jay." I smile nervously this doesn't seem good.

Several drinks later and I am learning more about my co-workers than I would have imagined. For example after leaving a work do last week Jamie got so drunk he ended up pawning his watch to buy drugs. And had to walk a mile to get home. I end up confiding about my last job when during my first week I ran out of money for food.

Forced to survive on dry pasta for a week as my only meal I was delighted to be invited to a dinner all expenses paid. Unfortunately the food was late arriving and I managed to drink two large glasses of wine - on a virtually empty stomach. And then pass out on the table. Not one of my best impressions I admit.

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