Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day One: The new Girl

Good things:

I found the office and they even let me in- score!

Bad things:

Pretty much everything else – I feel like I have wandered into failblog. So far epic fail.

I am a little disconcerted when I arrive. There is only one other person there - a designer with interesting facial growth and a dubious odour - still I begin smiling widely.

He looks a little concerned - Oh dear perhaps my smile is actually crazed I try desperately to look nice and normal. To my horror he physically takes a step away from me looking horrified.

Nice one Kate scare off the office nerd.

"You must be the new person." He mutters unenthusiastically, "We haven't set your computer up yet". He then turns away and logs on to his PC ignoring me.
I bite my lip and glance around. They do know I’m coming don’t they?

The Designer (also known as Stee) is now watching porn and ignoring me.

I try to read a few of the magazines. Hmmmm legal crap and some financial rubbish wow this is fascinating.

I wonder if I should cut my losses and run the hell out of this place. Surely there will be better jobs… but I so wanted to do well. I bit my lip again -I am actualy bleeding now! Good start Kate!

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