Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My new job - I survive the first few weeks

The new job continues and I survive! I make tea, I listen to conversations I smile and I try to fit in. At no point do I find out what the hell I am supposed to be doing but so far no one seems to have noticed. My boss returns from Switzerland buys me coffee and tells me to read the publications.

He also seems to get drunk a lot - apparently there is a boy bonding session every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtime. I somehow get stuck answering the phones a lot of the time when these are happening I am not quite sure how.

I try to bond with the two women in the office but they both work from home a lot. May is nice to me though when she is in and even draws me a map of where to go for lunch. I found all these places on my first day but it's nice to be nice so I think her.

I also begin to bond with Chip our resident American and very gay accountant. He is funny and extremely sharp. I find my rather sarcastic sense of humour challenged and we quickly establish a friendship based upon mutual piss taking. Maybe I can fit in here.

On my third day two new sales men start - neither cute unfortunately (what are the odds?) One is American with the complete inability to put any expression into his voice. If he came in and said the worlds was being invaded by giant rabbits (I have rabbit fear okay?) it would still seem dull. The other Fred is quiet. So quiet in fact that we don't notice after his lunch when he doesn't return and it takes two days until we realise he hasn't been seen since Wednesday.

After some investigation we find his letter of resignation sitting on his former desk and discover all of the blue biros have vanished.

What a great company this is......

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  1. Killing time, enjoying your story, had to google what blue biros were...lol.