Friday, 28 August 2009

Job interviews .... in front of a whole office... relaxing

Did I mention we work in a pretty small office? The main room where the unwashed masses - that means everyone except Jay and Chip - are pretty packed - we have ten of us squashed in which is partially why Kay and Andi love their day working from home - a rare chance to breathe.

However right now not only are we all packed in together we are also interviewing poor unsuspecting young grads to join us. Andi needs a replacement for Kay.

Kay has been promoted and will now be the Production Manager.  Over lunch Kay tells me she has been wanting to get more responsibility in publishing for over a year and although this job seems like it will be hard work she is excited. She hopes she will learn a lot her only concern is they have not agreed to pay her any more money until three months later. She seems to trust it will be sorted and back dated. I trust her - she has been in this company a year - if anyone would know she will.  I smile and say I hope it all works out for her, I  know myself how boring admin can be.

The interviews take place while we are all  trying to work. I feel so sorry for the interviewees - it is hard enough without having an audience. Andi tries to be nice in the interview but it is awful - in front of a room of people. One interviewee looks so nervous and one poor girl whispers the whole way though.

Some are memorable for all the wrong reasons though. the guy who asks if they frown upon drinking at work - dude learn to hide it! Or the girl who asks how many days sick pay they receive (Find it out after you have been offered the job) Or the girl who when asked why she left her last job replies that her "boss was a complete bitch".  And I thought I was bad at interviews (I did one time inadvertently set off a fire alarm but in my defense I am sure they said first door on the left)

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