Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Apparently marketing exec = general skivvy.

I feel as though I am settling in - with the help of google I am beginning to learn how to do this job. However I seem to have two tiny little problems.

The first one goes by the name of Jay. Remember him skinny, gray, kind of annoying talks like the queen, talks a lot of crap  and owns the company. Yeah.... him  I am beginning to get used to a cry of:
"Kate, could you please go to reception and fetch my visitors." Comes a "frightfully" posh voice..."And make them teas and coffee."

It isn't just me - May gets called for this too as does Jack. So it can't even be called sexism. I think it is just called thinking he is far too important to make his own sodding tea ism. Is that an ism? Anyway I digress problem 2 - Dave.

Dave is beginning to scare me. Constant taunts about how crap this place is and some stand up rows over pay with Jay. (I wonder if perhaps he is just annoyed that his name doesn't contain a more prominent ay sound but apparently this is frivolous and not funny) I know it is mean but I can't wait for him to leave. I am sick of his glaring and general moodiness. Luckily for me it is his last day on Friday and he and the sales guys celebrate by going out at midday and not returning until 3pm completely plastered.

This again is partially my own fault - like a moron I volunteered to cover the phones. I actually figured they would suggest we took in turns so I could join but no they seemed delighted again. Hmmm must stop volunteering for things I don't want to do.

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