Monday, 30 November 2009

Revenge of the killer rabbits and naked Ted

So after wounding Rob's er... baubles he has kind of declared war. I am not sure if I prefer this to the flirting. Seeing as he only has a month left he seems to have made sleeping with me his number one goal. I have told him a million times it is not going to happen but he has upped the flirting 100% which seems to be annoying both Andi and Jamie.

I think something might have happened between Andi and Rob but I don’t know how to ask her. I have seen her looking rather red eyed though and have emailed her saying I am here if she needs to talk.

In the meantime today has been interesting. I arrive late as usual only to find someone changed my desktop to a screensaver with a scary rabbit. I promptly starting screaming and run to the other side of the room and hit until Simon changes it for me. I try to go back to my desk with some dignity but everyone is still laughing and then to make matters worse I fall off my shoes.

Don’t you love Mondays?

The days carries on being kind of crappy. I have to give a marketing update in the sales meeting. It is just in front of the guys so not too scary but I still don’t like presentations.

I like them even less when I open up my folder find starring back at me a very well endowed naked man with Teds face photo shopped onto him. It has the message “Hellooooo Dolly” underneath it.

I give a small squeal but try and cover this up with a fake cough.
Ted is giving me a funny look but luckily doesn’t say anything. Unfortunately the picture has had some effect in that every time I look at Ted I blush and the more I try not to the redder I can feel myself going.

“All okay Katie?” Jamie asks, “You look a bit hot and bothered.”

Is murder at work ever justified?


  1. Murder at work is ALWAYS justified!!!!

  2. Your office makes for blogging GOLD. And the only thing to do with a picture like that is to pass it on to someone else. ;)

  3. Ah, Monty Python Lives ! The killer rabbit has returned !... Falling off one's shoes can NEVER be good ... now the only question is, who's face are you going to photoshop on the picture and who will you be sending it to ?

  4. This is sounding a little like an office I used to work in, during another lifetime! We had a laugh, but I couldn't wait to get home..

    CJ xx

  5. Hi Kate, many thanks for visiting me over at Pen And Paper, it was nice to meet you.
    Though I've never worked in an offfice setting, many of my friends have and yours sounds so true to life. I've really enjoyed your blog with its witty insights and hilarious headings.

  6. In this case, I can only recommend murder.
    And as long as you don't let Rob get you drunk again, I think you'll be fine.
    Great that the flirting is making Jamie jalouse though.

  7. Kate, I'm wearing converse in my office and I still feel like I could fall off them today!

  8. Excellent, another UK based blogger. New here but I have decided to stick around after reading some of your back postings. Though I am probably going to have to read back quite far to figure out who the hell everyone is that you are talking about.

    One question: How do you fall off your shoes? Is that physically possible?

  9. Oh God your blog is throwing me back in a time warp to my past life! Loving the blog. I remember the office shenanigans all too well and it is great to relive them vicariously through this blog. Classic!

  10. Oh goodness you sure do know how to start the week off with a bang! Thanks for the Monday laugh.

  11. always put a password on your computer, and rabbits are not scary - most of the time. and yes, murder at work is a great idea. just don't get caught!

  12. 'I fell off my shoes' - brilliant line..

  13. Not always justified..but always satisfying!

  14. Now that WAS a Monday.
    Murder is generally frowned upon in the work place but then again, so is passing wind in the lift and everyone does it.

  15. It's justified most of the time. Hot damn, people get annoying sometimes.

  16. Absolutely justified ;)! And I totally agree w/ the previous suggestion that you make passing the Naked Ted the new office prank. Revenge is sweet!

  17. Oh Lord... agree to all of the above!!! and revenge is definitely sweet!!!

  18. I think you managed to hit on the main reason I so rarely wear heels in public! That and the fact that once I was going to a wedding by train, no less and my heel got wedged into one of those grooves on the train floor and I got stuck and couldn't get off the train. I had to secretly coax it out with a lot of swearing and get off at the next stop and walk back. I'm destined for flats really.

    Scary rabbit? Like Frank from "Donnie Darko" scary?

  19. I really like your writing. Thanks for leaving lovely msg on my blog.

  20. Haha, your posts always make me laugh! I think in this case, murder is an option, but death stares might work just as well...


  21. When and where do you want to meet up? Murder is certainly an option at this point.

  22. Dont murder Ted, invent a time machine, send him, with his photo, back to the middle-ages and see what the witch-finders make of his photoshop tom-foolery. (just an idea).

  23. I'm not so sure about murder, but perhaps planting Leylandii trees near someone's front lawn!


  24. No harrassment issues in your place because you are all having fun then? Most places today you can't flirt, joke, or do anything sexy or dress provocatively, they have the'r rules etc, and someone may be offended.


  25. I think Rob needs a swift knee in the baubles.

  26. I like the idea of the scary rabbit screensaver. It would frighten me back to work if I was slacking.

  27. It's only justified if you can find a suitably callous way of performing it.

    I'll start brainstorming.

  28. If your murdering's in the best interest of the company you should absolutely do it at work. Might as well get paid for it if you're going to all that trouble anyway, right?

  29. i don't love mondays but even mondays in your office sounds like proper fun.

  30. I wonder if the scary rabbit put the picture in your folder.

  31. Thanks Kate for popping over to my blog always much appreciated.

    The answer is YES there will be photos online!!!

  32. iephotography - I have this weird feeling the law disagrees!

    Hunter - I am not sure anyone else has been bad enough to derserve that - we are talking about Ted here.

    Hiding Myself From Me - As above for the Ted pass on and rabbits terrify me :(

    Crystal Jigsaw - I think that sums it up!

    Kate x

  33. Naked pic of Ted...eek! That is scary...even if it was fake.

  34. Workplace murder is justified. I almost committed it myself Monday. And Tuesday. And probably tomorrow, too, the way this week has been. Lovely.


  35. Seriously? No, seriously? lol

  36. This sounds rather like my office - just with more attractive women and far fewer desperate middle aged men.

    Or maybe I'm just projecting.
    Or wishing.
    Or something.

    Anyway - nice of you to stop by. Thought I'd repay the courtesy.

  37. Petty Witter - thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment :)

    Little Sophie - Sounds fair to me - by the way Jamie update coming soon!

    Tina -Glad it isn't just me!

    Dan - I think falling off shoes is a combination of being very clumsy and liking pretty but impractical footwear. I don't recommend it...

    Nicola - Ha ha did you work in media too?

    Sparkless - A bang or a splat!

    Sarah - Good point about the password but rabbits are terrifying.

  38. Keren - Funnier to write than experience - ouch.

    f1trey/McGillicutty - I need a revenge plan.

    R.R.Jones/Wynn - true and this is more of a service...

    Rebecca Knight - Now I just need to decide who needs naked Ted next. That sound so wrong

    The Vegetable Assassin - But heels are so pretty.... why should only people with coordination get to wear them. Rabbits are scary in general I have rabbit fear

    Beautiful but Grumpy - Thanks I really like your blog too.

    LC - Death stares. I like it

    Ian - I am thinking maybe just getting him back will work!

  39. the bulldog formerly known as bulldog - thinking outside the box I like it!

    Workforced - Unfortunately that might require more effort than a good old fashioned slap!

    Secretia - I think an HR team would have a field day and then fire us all!

  40. plentymorefishoutofwater - I'm still in trouble for the first one!

    Fran Hill - Unfortunately rabbits freak me out so much I am even less productive in their presence

    Technolustmaxx - any suggestions yet?

    tattytiara - Very true - it could make me more productive...

    jo - yes but we do have Ted....

    mo.stoneskin - I wouldn't put it past them

    Aunt Juicebox - It was naked ted wasn't it?

    iephotography thanks :)

    Tara - I know but a great diet idea.....

    Joshua - I sympathise - hope your week got a bit better x

    Marla - Unfortunately... is that good or bad?

    Matthew - Thanks for visiting me - there are only four women in my office though! The men are probably disappointed...

  41. Hahaha!!! Poor Kate!! I would have had to excuse myself on account of laughing so hard from what was in that folder!

    Good for you for keeping it mostly together!

  42. Your job sounds so much more fun than mine. Nothing happens remotely close to that in my world. At least your job is interesting. It could always be worse my dear!