Friday, 27 November 2009

Cokehead boss and baubles taking a hit

Poor Jay, he seems to have gone further and further into a cocaine filled haze these days. I would feel sorry for him if he wasn't such an asshole. He has been basically threatening all of us with having to work Christmas even and new years even and he has been dangling the promises of a bonus above us. We have a sweepstake in what this will actually be. Jamie thinks 50p.

Jay is so rich and removed from this world he has no idea about having to pay rent and thinks we all dress shabbily as we can't afford designer labels and this from a man who chooses to wear braces?

Jay walked down today with a bounce in his step. I inwardly groaned Jay makes even less sense when he is high.
"Katie I have an idea." He announced. "We take pictures of all of us and create a card on our website. We could make all our heads dance. Start to arrange the pictures. Theres a good Katie."
I glare at his back as he saunters out the office doing alittle jig by the door.

"So your doing a photoshot eh good Katie?" Rob says.
"Shut up." I say
"So you getting your baubles out for this?" He says
"Say that again and you won't be using yours." I say.
" I don't need to say but I can imagine.. ouch" He says as I kick him. Yep in the balls.

Mean or deserved?

Jamie and Simon burst out laughing and Rob hops around for a bit groaning.

I get the feeling Rob is plotting revenge already...


  1. Fantastic post.

    Thats exactly how I started in life as a photographer!!!!!
    Id be happy to help out if you need one!!!

  2. Maybe he'll forget about it? Rob doesn't care what he does now, so watch out!

  3. Mean or deserved? Perhaps a mixture of both. =)

  4. Deserved. We once had a Christmas tree in the office decorated with polaroids of us all..

  5. MEAN! "Poor Rob" didn't deserve that... he was the Victim of "Displaced" Anger lol :) .. 'twas meant for JAY! :D

  6. A bit of both maybe...

  7. I need a boss like that, instead of the dour, ex-Stasi torturer that I have now. :-(

  8. Perhaps maybe just a wee bit mean. We are, after all, talking about Rob's family jewels.

  9. Kicked him the balls you say? Hope you're ready for a mushroom cloud of revenge. ;)

  10. iephotography - Probably not the best moment to capture!

    Tina - Yes it might not have been the smartest move. Rob likes playing tricks without provocation.

    Badass Geek - Is it meaner if I admit it made me laugh?

    Keren David - So glad it is not just in my office!

    Aion - Possibly true but Jay is scary and would fire me!

    R.R.Jones - I wouldn't recommend him - he either makes no sense at all or is crone to chronic mood swings

    Hiding Myself From Me - I don't think I broke them. Otherwise he is going to be really mad

    Hunter - I know I need to watch my back now

  11. Definately deserved id say!
    as always awesome post :)

  12. Awesome post. Will you do the photoshoot?


  13. You know, you had me confused for a second with this sentence: "Jay walked down today with a bounce in his step" because I read it as "Jay walked down today with a bouncer in his lap" which I thought was a lovely image. :) Was he an enormous, six foot six muscled bouncer? Was he wearing a muscle tee and a scowl. I'm somewhat relieved though...

  14. Distracted by the bouncer image now LMAO

  15. you actually kicked him in the balls?? hahaha! oh man...

  16. This could be a prime-time soap, a la Desperate Housewives! How do you keep the fact you write about it a secret???

  17. Your blog reads like 'Bright Lighs, Bright City' if it were recounted outside Dirty Dicks on Bishopsgate.

  18. I worked in so many places with so much drug use, saw every nutty thing happen!
    When people are high at work, anything is possible :)


  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    That e-card does sounds cringe-worthy. If Jay is high enough, maybe you can get a shot of his backside instead. And then when he sees his dancing bottom online and asks what on earth you've done, tell him sorry - you couldn't tell the difference between his face and his bum ;-)

  20. I had a cokehead office manager once. She embezzled from us to feed ehr habit.

  21. Kate, I did ejoy your post!
    Watch your back!!
    Have a great day,
    lots of love
    hugs huhs

  22. Only women would suggest it is justified to kick a man in the balls as you have no idea how this feels. He would have been justified in giving you a backhander for that.

  23. Damn I wish I logged on sooner and read this...DARN IT DARN IT now I am one post behind!