Monday, 23 November 2009

Resignations and challenges

So why are you leaving? We all ask. repeatedly

Rob has insisted that we all buy the first round before we he is saying a word. As annoying as this is I also admire his style. The man certainly knows how to get what he wants.

"Have you got a new job?" Jamie says
"Or are you just going for a pay rise?" Ethan interjects.
Rob laughs “No I am 100% serious guys."
We are all quiet for a moment – the office without Rob?
“But why?” Jamie finally asks.

"Well after breaking up with my girlfriend it got me thinking, I'm 32 and I've been working since I was 16 and mostly in sales. One morning I just thought you know what I want something different. I want more fun while I am single and uncommitted and still have all my own hair. So I decided to book a round the world trip."

"Oh my God you’re actually serious. So when are you flying out?" I say stunned.
"I leave for Hong Kong on the 5th January."

We all are quiet for a moment. Rob can drive me mad on occasions but he is good fun and we will all be really sorry to see him go.
"So are you going to have a leaving do?" Jamie asks
Rob grins, "Do you know me at all mate? Not even just one. I was thinking something along the lines of the twelve drinks of Christmas…. You guys up to it"
The guys cheer
"Besides I know you all want as much of me as possible while I’m still around.” He says giving me a look
I roll my eyes and Ron leans in and gives me a hug, "You know you'll miss me when I am gone."
"Cut out groping me" I say.

The others look up,
"Don't get excited." I say, “It's his thing he gives you a hug and makes sure your chest is pressed against him."
"I feel so left out" said Simon with his best injured look. “What’s wrong with my chest.” We laugh
"Ah the old boob brush." Jamie says. “Tried and tested”
“You two are disgusting.” I say

“Maybe but the ladies love me.” Rob gins
“By ladies do you mean prostitutes?” I ask "Because I am sorry to tell you this but it is not love it’s just money.”
Rob laughs sand punches me lightly "Can you go an hour without being a smartass?"
“Can you go an hour without being a sleaze?" I retort
"See what I mean?" The guys laugh. Traitors.

“Maybe we should make a competition of it.” Ethan suggests.

Now this could liven up the week... just need to think of what he has to do when he loses.....


  1. Good for Rob. Hopefully we'll get some good stories out of the going away parties.

  2. Oh wow. He's got the right idea though. Being married and having a kid, you kind of have to put off most of the fun stuff like world travel. My husband and I have been "talking" about a trip to the UK for years, and "one day" when we are by ourselves, we'll do it. But it seems like by then we'll be back in diapers.

  3. It is a loss when a friendly coworker moves on. People line up with their remarks afterwards, good ones and bad ones.
    Change is the thing...

  4. I love hearing about people sacking up and taking big risks. Sounds like Rob has adventure coming his way.

  5. good for rob. it will be one of the best things in his life.

  6. Good for Rob!! For the boob brush I mean, not the world trip.

    Just kidding!! xoxo

  7. Postcards and Updates :D
    "groping Rob" lol ... who will take his place? :)

  8. Wow, that's impressive. Must be nice to be able to quit your job and travel the world. Jealous, what??

    I can't wait to hear how this all turns out!

  9. Good for him and I love Simon at the moment

  10. Simon's my new favourite (as Ted didn't feature and I have a weird Ted fetish) x

  11. Yeah i agree...good for Rob. It's probably the best time to pack up and going wandering around the world. Wish it was me! :)

  12. Wow. This kind of thing must be going around. After 15 years, one of our engineers just quit to take a six month break and then...? Kudos to them!

  13. Oh, no! It's like losing a cast member on a great TV show!

  14. How exciting! I wish it was me.

  15. i love the banter that you and rob have going on. it's sad that he's gonna be travelling ('coz no banter that way) though yay for him.

  16. I admire that. My sister and her husband quit their jobs to travel to Nepal, just because they always wanted to go. And then quit jobs again to jike the Appalachian trail. Me, I followed the school, marrigae, carrer, baby path. It wasn't unitl my mid-40's that I started living a more adventurous life.

  17. Is that true about the prostitutes?

  18. i really admire people who have the balls to do that. Good for him!

  19. Hey
    If I was 25 yrs younger, I'd go get an MBA and then travel the world!
    Bye Rob!!!!
    And...Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Hmmm I must be old cause I keep thinking "but what will Rob do when he gets back? It's only a year travelling."
    I wonder if you'll see him next Jan looking for work but with alot of great stories and pictures?

  21. Oh I love this! You and Rob have the best bantering ever. I'm sure you'll miss him tons, you can admit that much. (:

    It's great to see you back. Missed you too, Kate!

  22. The Peach Tart - Knowing Rob i am sure there will be.

    Aunt Juicebox - Yeah I am kind of jealous..

    Badass Geek - As always

    Secretia/Sarah- Agreed and I will be sorry to see him go. I hope he will continue to pop up now and again...

    Hunter/catherinette/Ian/Lou - Yeah it is pretty impressive. I am sure he will have an amazing time.

    Kato - Ha ha yeah typical Rob!

    Aion - I know the new person has a lot to live up to.

    Anonymous - Simon is really sweet

    Kristy - If it is catching I hope I catch it!

  23. Tara/jo - I know Rob will be missed.

    Jen/Roxy - Me too - a little jealous.

    secret agent woman - I admire him too - pretty huge step but I am sure he will not regret it.

    plentymorefishoutofwater - Simon is fun and sweet - whats wrong with him???

    Write Right Where You "R" - I know it will be a once in a lifetime trip

    Sparkless - Knowing Rob he will fall on his feet. the man could charm the birds from the trees

    missykimmy - Yeah I will miss him like mad!