Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ted is the boss, and revenge pranks

So while Ted ans Ethan are in a meeting I decide they best way to take my mind of what impression I gave to Arthur is to concentrate on revenge. Specifically for Rob. I love him but the man must pay for the double incident.

I grab Simon in the kitchen and enlist him. Simon has some interesting ideas he seems a good person to get on side. We start out waiting until Rob goes to the toilet and double team him. I quickly soak his chair so he will get wet when sitting down and Charlie prints out a note.

Rob is known for taking a while in the toilet so after five minutes Simon and I slip a note under the door. It says
"We know you're wanking in there."

We hear Rob laughing from inside and Andi and May come over to see the commotion. Andi immediately decides to join in but teams up with Rob. (Traitor)
May smiles and warns us to be careful Ted doesn't spot us when he gets back. Rob and Andi pay us back by swapping letters on our keyboards and it all descends to a nice game of office cricket when Ted gets back.
May spots him first and calls us and we are all sitting serenely in our desks by the time he returns.

Ted looks around, "Been working hard all?" He asks
"How was the meeting?" Rob asks Ethan. Ethan smirks, "They liked my socks and I got a signed contract for two months sales.
WE applaud Ethan and Ted looks a little sour.


  1. Do you guys ever get any work done? LMAO!
    I can't fault Ethan and I love the fact that Ted is such a tosser, lol. Wait a minute, why am I so involved here???
    Get a life Reg...
    OK, I will...
    ... but it's soooo addictive. :-)

  2. Cool post. Might borrow some ideas for my own office revenge...

  3. This is starting to sound alot like the tv show the Office ;)

  4. "We know you're wanking in there." -- haha that was hilarious!

    Very nice revenge. You're always having fun at the office, it's almost not fair.

  5. Let's hear it for clover socks!

    and it's good to see you have an co conspirator in simon already :)

  6. Office cricket - we used to play this every day at my last but one job. But we had to stop when one day we used a bottle of brown sauce as the bat and it smashed all over the ceiling, floor, people's posters and computers...boss was out at the time.

  7. If that note was only a joke, I might have confessed to my wife unnecceasrily.

  8. You should probably have one of the guys tape that note to the inside of the stall. Kind of a Big Brother is watching sort of thing...

  9. Now that's funny. Do ya really think he was in there flogging his mule ? I need a job like yours. It's prank central over there. Thanks for the laugh.

  10. Your office sounds like a lot of fun - can I come and work with you please?

  11. LOL! There be an award over at my place for you :0)

  12. This is exactly why some companies are afraid to hire creative people.

    Those companies are no damn fun at all.

  13. Kate, you write really well...hop over to my blog for a present

  14. Haha Go Ethan!! I had a feeling that he was going to win the sock argument/battle! Nice going Kate for getting back at Rob: he more than deserved it:P

    Still anxious to know what happened with Arthur!!


  15. Screwing around at work makes the time pass.

  16. Nice revenge plot. The note under the door is awesome.

  17. Haha. This only makes me realize more that where I work sucks!

  18. i love your office antics. sounds like a whole lot of punking is going on in there. fun times!!

  19. Do you guys ever get any work done? Sounds like a mad house. S

  20. Hi Kate, Just given you an award on my blog - take a look

  21. Hey, just stumbled onto your blog.
    It's very addictive. I am sure, however, that you have been told this many times by various readers =P
    That was a very creative prank by the way. I'm kind of, almost impressed.

    What's happened to Laura? Is she still there? She seems so interesting.

  22. R.R.Jones - Er honestly? Not much!

    Tina - I recommend them just be careful someone warns you when the boss is coming

    Ian - I've actually never watched the office despite having a weird Ricky Gervais crush

    missykimmy - It's all fun and games until ted gets back :(

    Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats - I know Simon is good fun actually - have more about him coming soon

    plentymorefishoutofwater - Office cricket is great although I am losing by a mile.

    the blogger formerly known as bulldog - ha ha backtrack immediately!

    Hunter - I like it (making a note for next time)

    Hiding Myself From Me - I am in two minds. If it was its a nice change from him trying to get one of us to do it for him...

    Kitty Moore - Really Ted works here too...

    TOM FOOLERY - Thanks :)

    tattytiara - those companies would have fired us!

    Tina- Presents woo - thank you

    Sarah - I know I was rooting for Ethan too and he is so nice he deserves to win

    Secretia - Very true

    Tara - Thanks - it was very silly but fun

    Kato - If it makes you feel better the pay sucks

    jo/Anonymous - yeah there is a lack of work going on...

    Keren David - Thank you :)

    voice in my head -Laura is still there but we all moved downstairs and she is stuck upstairs with Jay. Poor girl hopefully she'll be more involved again soon

    plainolebob - I love when you visit me!

  23. Fake Google ad confuses the hell out of MIT students, who are not as smart as previously thought. The Google Jobs Prank