Friday, 6 November 2009

Who we are quiz, pay it forward and the colour of Ted's underwear...

Okay I lied. Ted's underwear will not get a mention. A while ago I took part in a pay it forward game where someone sends you something nice and then you pay it forward. (Edit this is not to do with that Haley Joel Osment film that child terrifies me)

I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a version of my blog - but make it into a bit of a quiz because I'm bored and that sounded fun.

  • Only one prize per person
  • UK delivery only (sorry but I'm poor)
  • Try and do something nice for someone else if you win.
Prizes to be won include:
  • The Kate package: More suitable for women kind of girly with the odd weird addition
  • The Rob: For the ladies man who likes to drink a lot
  • The Simon: For the all around nice man or woman
  • The Jamie: For the sports loving player type
  • The Andi: The fun and down to earth one
  • The Ted: For the wannabe micro manager
  • The Ethan: For the big brother types
To win one of these just give the right answer to the person you want to win. (they are all in the blog somewhere)
  • To win Kate: How much do I get paid? Won by Lizzie Loves..
  • To win Simon: How many beers did he drink in the pub interview?
  • To win Jamie: Who when annoyed at him nicknamed him Gaymie? Won by plentymorefishoutofwater
  • To win Rob: Does he want to be Beavis or Butthead? Won by bedshaped
  • To win Ted: What is the best Teddism?
  • To win Ethan: What was on his socks that upset Ted? Won by I am Roszs. Hear me ROAR. Miaow
  • To win Andi: Who did she team up with in the latest prank war? Won by Hiding Myself From Me
And here is a short reminder of who everyone is:

Kate: That's me!

Jay – The CEO – a complete snob who loves to talk down to you.

Andi – American admin manager.

Jamie –The cute sales man.

Rob – Salesman and extreme charmer.

Ethan – The office big brother

Simon: the New sales junior, sweet and nice but desperate to prove he is not a total innocent at the moment.

Ted - A.k.a Mr Motivator. Oh dear.

May – Sensible and on occasions scary. Rob and Jamie are bother terrified of her. I think she is great.

Stee - Graphic designer.

Laura - Poor accountant who is stuck working alone with Jay. Very scatty and on the rare occasions she joins us for drinks a lot of fun


  1. Kate, I ain't very good at payin attenshun,
    so I'll just pay you forward, ok.
    Got your Hot Dawg Blogger award at http://www.plainolebob2.blogspot.con

  2. You earn 22.5K! It was in your very first post, love your blog :) xx

  3. Lizzie beat me to it so...Andi teams up with Rob. Like two peas in a pod.

  4. I know a couple of these, but alas, I'm an American.

    Congrats on the award.

  5. You called Jamie 'Gaymie'...I loved it. Think it was because he called you the wrong name...maybe Kathryn. Am I right? Well am I? Hope so because I am a poor stalker if not...

  6. Hmm, having read the question...maybe someone called him that before you?!

  7. This is a great idea....maybe I'll do this type of game for the holidays :)

  8. Glad I read this post with the handy dandy list of characters since I'm just getting familiar with your blog, and I am really enjoying your blog. Just a thought for those of us who suffer from more-than-two-names-to-learn-at-a-time induced amnesia, having a brief write up of the re-occurring characters on your sidebar would be divine!

  9. I'm sure those people work in my office too ...! Really enjoyed reading your blog posts :)

  10. damn.. i'm not in the UK :( pretty sure i have the answers to all but 1!

  11. Sounds like some of the people I work with. S

  12. Hi there Kate,

    Just thought I would offer some template suggestions, as your blog looks a little bland. Hope you don't take offence to that. Sorry!


  13. Hey it is Kate but not at my PC so not logged in!

    Template suggestions are much appreciated thanks :)

    Just thought I would do an update -I will put this in the blog tomorrow
    Lizzie loves - wins Kate
    Hiding from Myself - wins Andi
    Fish - wins Jamie

    More tomorrow

    Kate x

  14. i remember that movie. very powerful. if only we each can do that to three people the world would be a much better place.

  15. Hello, i've only just joined here and started reading your blog today. its great, makes me think of all the random things that happen in my workplace. I look forward to reading more soon.

    Ani x

  16. Aw I'm not in the UK and the questions I would have known the answers to have already been answered. Oh well, it was fun reading that post! Though I must admit I was looking forward to reading about what you had to say about Ted's underwear, haha.

  17. That will teach me to try and answer things under the influence!
    I mean Rob wants to be Butthead. He doesn't feel much like a Beavis.

  18. I just started reading your blog but I'm enjoying it. Maybe by the next one I'll know more about you guys!

  19. Bedshaped yeah you are right :)

    missykimmy Ted's underwear would not be nice!

    Sorry it is UK only I just can't afford the overseas postage

    K x

  20. Ooo I won! Thank you :) What do I need to do now?

  21. Lizzie, just email me your address and I will post to you!

    Kate x

  22. Hey anyone who won just email with your address wins Ethan!