Monday, 21 September 2009

Updated who everyone is

I thought it might be a good time to remind who everyone is. Starting with those still serving sentences:

Current lifers with no hope of parole

Kate: That's me! In my mid twenties with long blond hair, fond of shoes. I am pretty well spoken which can help me out a lot at times considering Jay’s blatant snobbery. However, don’t let that fool you I was born in Essex. I get told a lot that I look very young and innocent and have to carry my passport to order a drink in the pub.

Jay – The CEO – a complete snob and loves to talk down to you. Refuses to travel more than a minute unless in black cab. Believes we should all be thanking our lucky stars for the privilege of working with him. A complete tight wad and generally has not clue of living in reality or doing a moments work. Grey hair so styled it wouldn’t move even in a hurricane and is tall and skinny. He wears designer clothes at all times and is fond of braces.

Andi – American admin manager incredibly professional but more than capable of downing copious amounts of cider and being one of the boys. Comes out with very interesting stories in the pub – this girl certainly has a dark side. Brown hair and in her early thirties

Jamie –The cute sales man. Laddish plays rugby so in good shape. Likes to drink has quite a filthy sense of humour a bit of a ladies man. He is in his mid twenties with dark hair – with a bit of a curl and is of average height and build. Not bad looking and a definite flirt to any woman who isn’t May.

Rob – Salesman rather young looking in the face and gives an impression of innocence. a practical joker and a terrible flirt with the ability to sell ice to Eskimos. Charm by the bucket loads he is in his early thirties and is tall and slim with light brown hair, freckles and an infectious smile.

Evan – Sales man polite and consciousness he is the only sales man May can stomach. Slightly on the chubby side he is in his mid thirties with light brown hair. He also seems very fond of blue socks.

Ted - A.k.a Mr Motivator. Oh dear. Clueless he immediately alienates the whole office and his lack of tact knows no bounds. Close friend of Jay which only makes us like him even less. he is in his mid forties a little on the chubby side with light brown/gray curly hair.

Minor Offenders

Jack – The sales junior who is only able to speak in Monotone. One of the youngest as this is his first job since university. Jack is American with a southern drawl. He is on the short side with light brown hair. He clearly looks up to Jamie and is trying to impress him.

May – Australian Production manager. Doesn’t get on with the sales men finding them a little too rude for her. The exception to this is Evan who is nice and polite to everyone. She can be quite scary and certainly doesn't mince her words even with Jay. Brown curly hair and is on the large size in her late twenties

Stee - Graphic designer. Quiet and I am guessing in his late thirties.

Jim – My boss who will be leaving us soon so has become a minor offender. Great guy – lots of fun and thoroughly irreverent attitude to Jay which is very funny

Laura - New accounts girl – in her early thirties – so far quiet but she has the ability to put away a lot of wine so one to watch.

The Recent releases – may they work in peace include:

Dave (Angry sales man)

Chip (Sweet and very gay accountant)

Jane (Blink and you miss her)


  1. This blog deserves to be read by the masses. The content draws you in. I am hooked x

  2. Thanks for the comments :)

    Rob has on off relationships - he can't ever seem to settle down...

  3. Sounds like me but male. Better steer clear.

  4. This was a really interesting post. You are remarkably shallow Kate, and I applaud you for that. Imagine if everyone mentioned in the blog suddenly got terminal cancer. What would happen then?