Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Prank phone calls and doughnuts - all in a days work

We have a magazine going to print in three days and zero sales. Ted is out of the office all day and clearly the sales guys are all working hard making calls.... yeah right.

In fact team are trying to get the word "lubricating" into a call with bonus points if they can actually close the sale. There are doughnuts to be won for the winner

Ethan gets the next call. He is polite and professional but at the end of the call apologies if there was a rustling noise explaining, “In this weather my lips get chapped unless they have constant lubricating.” Jamie and I instantly exchange looks –and I blush. Obviously we both have dirty minds – note to self flirting with workmates is a bad idea.

Rob decides to take the next one. We listen to his outrageous flirting with the buyer and he says it has been an illubricating experience. We all groan. Minus points for outrageous flirting and not using the word properly.

Jim calls one of our biggest clients a well known bank. He gets through to the reception and tells the poor girl (on speaker) that he is in a van with a delivery of five hundred doughnuts and is she authorized to take them. She sounds confused.

“Are you the man in the blue van?” she asks,

“Yes!” Jim asserts much to our amusement “And I need to deliver these five hundred doughnuts into your office.” He coughs to cover his laughing.

“Well I might have to check with my boss” The poor receptionist says sounding flustered, “But your van has just driven off hasn’t it?” She now sounds thoroughly confused.

“Oh has it.” Says Jim, “I must have gone then – goodbye.”

I think Jim won the doughnuts.

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  1. You can't beat prank phone calls. I really thought I'd have grown out of it by now, but no....

  2. "Lubricating." Good one. The next word should be "moist" and try to use it as many times as you can. ;)

  3. Fun office game to play:

    Walk around with your fly open and when people comment responde by saying, "I actually prefer it that way, thanks."

    Arrange a bunch of little army men on your desk, aimed at a co-woker. Assure them it is "purely a defensive measure."

    Page yourself over the intercom, making no attempt to disguse your voice.

    Move your desk into the elevator and whenever people enter ask them if they have an appointment.


  4. I love the suggestions I am going to recommend moist for the next one although the sales team are now fixated on the word donkey - can't think why!

    Yes Jim and Rob both managed to get a sale that day - no idea how!

    Thanks for stopping by

    Kate x

  5. That is brilliant, if rather hilariously naughty! I know that lawyers sometimes have competitions to see whether they can get certain words or phrases in to their arguments in court on occasions, which can be most amusing if done with flair...