Friday, 11 September 2009

Welcome to me office I talk like moron

Recently I have been attending our weekly meetings with Jay, Andi, Jim and Kay. These meetings are pretty much a guaranteed cure to insomnia. My idea of a meeting would be, "here are certain topics - lets discuss them". Jays idea seems to be "My voice sounds great I am sure everyone wants to spend their entire Friday afternoon listening to it.

Andi and I have taken to being a bit silly in the meeting. Jay has a sense of humour lack so we are trying to be subtle. It includes bringing a large scented candle to the meeting, pass the cough but these only last for so long.

Until we hit jackpot - the bingo bollocks.

Basically we hand out bingo cards to all of the unfortunate attendees with some of his more irritating phrases on. We all pay a £ and the person with a line wins. If no one wins the money gets rolled over.

My bingo card today contains:

Modus Operandi

360 degree thinging

Pushing the Envelope

Moving Forward

Heads Up

Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet

Wish me luck - the cash could be mine!


  1. Good to meet you Kate! This meeting sounds pretty similar to a lot of meetings Ive been to in all kinds of 'professions'!!! How much did you win then?!

  2. I've done something similar (albeit without a prize) at big work meetings. We called it 'bullshit bingo' and it certainly helped pass the time!

  3. Thanks so much for the comments - Ellie I love the idea of renaming it the bullshit bingo - and Flowerpot I won £10 which I then spent buying the particpants drinks!

    Kate xx

  4. Ace. I am pinching three of those saying for my own personal repertoire x

  5. Ooooh, good luck. This looks like so much fun I amost wish I had a meeting to go to.

  6. Haha sounds like fun!! Good luck and win big! :P

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Thanks!

    Fish - there are many more crazy business talk this man just seems to invent them!

    Suzanne - ha ha the bingo was great but the meeting itself insomnia curing

    Gril with a bowtie - thanks for the wishes and thanks for visiting :)

    Kate x

  8. Just found your blog...hilarious! I love this post because it reminds me of our Monday morning meetings. Our director LOVES to hear herself talk...the meetings are completely pointless, always long, and very painful. I would love to do the BINGO game with our meetings!