Wednesday, 23 September 2009

We take pity

I am having trouble typing this but I actually feel a bit sorry for Ted.

After his list of rules the mood in the office which since my little addition now has the following additions:
  • Employees must bow when entering the room
  • Smiling will not be tolerated
  • Anyone found with chocolates will have to write fifty lines
  • A school uniform must be worn at all times
  • An office rabbit will be introduced
I am sure the last one was Rob. I hate him

I think it is safe to say the rules won't be enforced and Ted is looking glum despite his incredibly irritating tendencies I feel sorry for him. I think deep down there might be a nice person struggling to get out.

I chat to Jamie to see what he thinks. I tell him I feel bad for Ted and he openly laughs at me,
"Katie you would feel bad for a mass murderer if you saw them looking upset."
"But I feel bad for him." I protest. "Please? Please?"

Jamie rolls his eyes at me but smiles and even manages to get Rob on board. They decide to take Ted to the pub that evening and have a chat – just to try and help him fit in. I think this is a good idea and demand a full update in the morning. Jamie texts me at seven and says "we're still there - Ted is ok when you get him away from Jay"
I text back:
"See I was right! Ha! Remember Ted is still the boss don't not drink too much x"

He responds a few hours later with:
“Ted and beer and rob and me drinming. More fun with you there too xxx”

I feel partially flattered and partially worried. I hope he isn’t saying anything incriminating. My phone rings again at ten to midnight and I hastily cancel the call. I get a text saying “thinking of you Katie xxx”

Must not flirt with workmates. Must not!

I don't reply. Oh God tomorrow could be interesting...


  1. woooo. Sounds like a lil' ole romance de bureau is on its way...excellent blog fodder, if nothing else!

    I think you should add the following rules to the list...

    - Junior staff are not to look directly at Senior Management.

    - Junior Staff will not start conversations, and will only contribute to such if their contribution is explicity solicited

    - All Senior Management will have Tea and/or Coffee with Jaffa Cakes on desks before 8.45 am. This will be provided by Junior Staff and will be at the expense of the said Junior Staff.

    - Oral relief to be provided to Senior Management in the Senior Managment lavatory facilities by Junior Staff on a rotating basis. The rota will be drawn up by Sir Ted and will feature male, female and transgendered staff (you know who you are).

  2. Aww Kate you should apply for sainthood!

  3. Youre gonna get into trouble!!

  4. Thanks for visting TF. I'll be back to read more of yours soon. But afraid I've got a chicken to stuff, the little blighter is running around headless causing mayhem at the moment ;-) Here, chicky ! TFx

  5. Ahh, the drunken, slurring text.. amazing how us males slur and horn even in type... fantastic! :)

  6. I will have to read the back story to catch up! [I was going to say that I'll have to look up your back passage, but that would be rude. Many apologies!]

  7. OMG! I so want to read more. I can't log on from work though so I'll have to wait.