Friday, 25 September 2009

Thank God this week is over!

This has felt like a long and hard week but it is finally Friday – yay!

Not only was I too embarrassed to look one of my workmates in the eye after blatant flirting I decided to ward off any potential gossip was to flirt outrageously with one of the journalists. Smart move.

His name is Chris and well is he hot, single and famous?
Unfortunately not. He is a year older than me but looks twelve. Skinnier than me and painfully shy. He blushes even more than I do.

Perhaps I should have found someone more suitable.

Well my flirting attempts are such a success that Chris seems terrified to be around me, when he left the office and I said goodbye he backed away from me and I detected shaking.

Should I start Kate’s guide to repelling men? Apparently I’m a natural.
To make matters worse I am sure Rob and Jamie guessed exactly what I was up to and were not fooled. There was a certain amount of sniggering from their end of the office.

This afternoon once Chris has escaped I am feeling more relaxed. Even Ted seems cheerful and we all start chatting about plans for the weekend. Rob has been boasting non stop about his weekend plans with the latest conquest.
"The words too much information, mean nothing to you do they?” I comment.
Rob laughs and responds, "Too much information nothing. I'm all about the women, talk to them, take them out, treat them right."
I smile.
"Wow Rob that's great - maybe one day you'll be ready for a real girl rather than an inflatable."
He gives me a look, "Jealous Katie?"
"Oh sorry Rob." I say seriously, "But I like men..."

I am rewarded with a laugh from Ted and Jamie but I think Rob is plotting revenge. Note to self do not let him make me a drink.

Edit - apologies to earlier readers I accidently hit publish without having done my spellcheck. Oops!


  1. Nice work Kate...has anything else been added to the rules board?

  2. Poor Rob, but he walked into that one!

  3. For some reason the rule board appears to now have a huge poster of boyzone over it. I am not sure who put that there.

    Thanks for the comments guys x

  4. LOL - nice one!!

    Any cake left over here?

  5. lol, Kate, if you looked like Kate Garraway, you might have more luck.

  6. LOL...sassy. Enjoy 5 pm...its almost here. And have a great weekend.

  7. I think you might be just what Chris needs. Really enjoyed this post cos it made me laugh after a sh***y day.

  8. Where I work there's only one person.


    Perhaps I could flirt with myself. Or the cat...

    No, maybe not.

  9. LOL!!! Flirting, what's that? I've been married for 19 years.

  10. Haha, oh dear! But happy friday! Enjoy the weekend!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. Hope you had a good weekend! Looking forward to more office related posts! haha.

    Thanks again for stopping by! Gosh.. Now I hope you get famous!