Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Other activities best avoided topless include:

  • Ironing - especially with steam
  • Answering the door - unless you are an exhibitionist of any nature
  • Running down the stairs
  • Eating anything hot unless you can guarantee no spillage
  • Eating anything cold (see reasons above)
  • Speaking to workmates while webcam is still connected. Again that is taking the office bonding a little further than perhaps necessary
  • Leaving the house - unless you want to get arrested
  • Talking to your parents - it's not that they would know it just feels a bit sick and wrong
  • Dancing for five minutes to embarrassing songs and then realising the curtains are open. (i never did this honestly)
  • Letting a cat anywhere near you - it's just asking for trouble
I think when I work from home it is easier to let my mind wander. Okay after five minutes on ebay (well I saw some red shoes yesterday) I will do some work.

Yes I will yes I will yes I will.....

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