Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I need to learn to be nice or at least civil to my boss....

So poor old Jack. Not for struggling with the job but for being on the receiving end of an email like that.

I feel I might not have helped matters. Ted asks me if I had seen the email
"Yes." I say. "Wow I hope if I fall out of favour by that time we can afford to broadcast it on TV or at the very least webcam."
Ted glares at me. "That wasn't the case and you know it Kate."
I smile at him, "Do you think I could borrow a pen?" I ask, "I was going to give you my parents and grandparents emails so you can CC them if you decide to fire me. If only Jack had thought of that."

Oh crap his ears are going red - never a good sign
“Not fired but helped to find a more suitable career.” Ted retorts, “Anyway don’t you think things in a small office should be transparent without secrecy?”

“Maybe.” I respond, “So as we are being open what’s your salary and bonus?”

Okay may have crossed a line the ears actually turning purple now - shut up Kate shut up.

Ted storms off and I try to remind myself that thinking before opening my mouth is a good idea. Actually this shouldn’t just apply to work...

Jamie and Rob both burst out laughing as soon as Ted leaves the office and Rob gives me an appraising look. “You’re never going to be a yes man are you Katie?”

Perhaps not but when I do say something nice they know I mean it. Surely that counts for something. And I am a terrible liar so why bother....

Ted returns noticably calmer and gives me a slightly amused smile. Phew in the spirit of being a good employee I make him a cup of tea. Cups of tea solve everything right?

Must be nice today must be nice...


  1. You can probably get away with a little more at the moment, on the heels of your successful marketing promotion. Might as well feel (and wield) that power a bit! Fun, isn't it?

  2. Kate,
    Bess, really likes you. she says you think like her, Jamie and Rob are fair game too, lol.

  3. Cups of tea DO solve everything! :)

    Also? I think you may just be my hero. That was awesome!

  4. I wish I had the guts to say things like that!! Good for you :)

  5. Whewwww! You got some backbone to stand up to your boss like that! Do you think Ted learned anything?

  6. Kudos for being honest. There are enough fakes out there anyway.

  7. LOL! You are the queen of comebacks! I would only think of things that clever (and dangerous) ten minutes after going to bed that night.

  8. I am not sure this is a good thing I am working on engaging brain before speaking. And Ted nearly caught me blogging twice when I was supposed to be working. I don't think he would be impressed!

    Thanks for commenting :)

    Kate xx