Monday, 28 September 2009

Watch out for the quiet ones

Well after last weeks series of embarrassments things can only get better.

I am going to start this Monday as the new Kate. The professional Kate the one that never embarrasses herself or says stupid things.

I decide to go with Laura for lunch - Laura seems sensible so it should be safe. Wow was I wrong let this be a lesson quiet does not equal sane.

Laura it turns out is crazy . She decided rather than lunch we should drink a bottle of wine. In my defence I did protest (a little) thinking no good could come of it. I was right. I hate being right.

After the bottle of wine on an empty stomach feeling queasy I managed to lean against a wall and get a black stain on my bum. Classy.

Then after making myself coffee to sober up I spilt half of it down my top. Ouch! Not only is my pretty pink top stained but it hurt like hell and splashing cold water didn't really help.

So spent the afternoon looking like I had an accident on my way to enter a wet T shirt competition.

Andi gives me a hug which makes me feel a bit better though. She still loves me.

I decided to put my headphones on and listen to happy music. I couldn't cause trouble that way... you would think.

I listened to Scissor Sisters and actually got some work done creating marketing campaigns when a sudden tap on the shoulder made me jump. I looked up to see Rob grinning at me.

“What?” I say grumpily.

“You do know you have been singing filthy gorgeous out loud for the last five minutes?”

I’m going to buy shoes.

Anyway I’m a good singer... they are just jealous...


  1. Brilliant start to the week! You just know the rest of the week will be awesome in comparison!

  2. Well thanks to the wine passed down my throat last night, today I'm feeling like a zombie, even the english breakfast sunk at around 9am today didn't help!

  3. Couldn't get a better start than that.
    Well, things can only go up from here!

  4. Eek, looking forward to the next installment. Are you not allowed communal music in the office?

  5. A whole bottle each? Go Girl :-)

    "Wide eyed and legless...." A 1975 hit. Oh, sorry, before your time I think ;-) Tfx

  6. my work experiences were never like this! (although I do know wine at lunch does not improve your fine motor skills).

    Finally getting to say hello back from Nicola Morgan's blogoffee morning. Hi!

  7. Amanda - yes although today my boss has been floating around so couldn't get online and edit my meanness about him. I suspect he might not find it funny.

    Chester - for some reason wine hangovers are the worst...

    Teaser - Lets hope!

    PMFOW - No no music allowed - how mean.

    Tom - clearly my age is showing - yes I am an eighties child.

    Melinda - thanks so much for dropping in - please come again :)

    Kate xx