Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New boss and how not to fire someone

Introducing Ted.

He is in his forties and gives the impression of being pompous. Within five minutes we have already nicknamed him Mr Motivator by his ability to sap any energy and enthusiasm out of the room.

So the big question - what the hell has been going on while I have been away? Well first I appear to have left my desk unattended and lost it. I am now moved into accounts where Jane used to sit.

Jane has disappeared too. I grab Jamie in the corridor. "I'll tell you at lunch time." He promises, "The new world pub."

I begin to pick up my rather pathetic personal effects. A few note pads, a rubber banan that Jamie gave me and a pink fluffy pen.No more being silly with the boys then.

I meet Jane's replacement, a rather wary looking woman called Laura. Laura smiles at me rather nervously and says she is glad someone else will be joining her here. She has been here two days and feels like she has been cold shouldered already because of Jane.

I ask her what happened and with a quick glance around to make sure no one is listening she tells me.

Jane arrived in as normal last Wednesday and Laura was already there having been asked to come in by another agency. Laura had been told to go and sit in Jane's old desk which she did but then Jane arrived and was confused. Jay then called them both and Ted into his office and said "While it's bene lovely having you here Jane we've decided we need a little more experience so Laura will be taking over after today and you'll be training her."

Laura tells me how Jane looked close to tears and decided to leave early.

I fume - yes Jane was a temp but what a disgusting way to treat someone. The MD of our company could be called tactless idiot. Or as I am going to say a complete wanker.


  1. That's terrible. I just lost my job without notice, but at least I wasn't humiliated like that x

  2. Right, that's it, I'm adding you to my favourites. I feel like a fly on the wall...

  3. I've been fired more times than you've had hot dinners (and I am now self-employed). If you're a temp, it happens. The trick is to grow a thick skin. And don't write a blog about it... I hope you change the names?

  4. Thats the way it goes with temps. Its worse with permenant staff, its the norm to be escorted out the office by security in my previous job. I remember one junior trader being taken for an afternoon drink by his boss. He said to his boss, "i'll just leave my jacket on the back of my chair" his boss said "I would take it with you if I was you" - we never saw him again.