Thursday, 1 October 2009

Email truth or dare - inappropriate?

It's been a quiet afternoon.

Jim went home early (he's been doing that a lot since he quit - Jim I am the queen of headache excuses and I know you are faking) and Ted has been blustering through a series of phone calls with limited sucess. By limited I mean no sucess.

Jamie emails a few of us suggesting we liven things up with a few office games. The few us of silly enough to agree at now getting strange looks from the the rest of the office. Joe has looked over with a confused look more than once and May has sent me an email with the words "Behave Katie!" written in them.

May is lovely but a few years older than me and I seem to have tapped into her protective side. She told me yesterday she worries about me getting into trouble with the boys. I don't like to tell her I have been getting into trouble with various boys for several years now. Besides her intentions are good and I like her.

So far this afternoons games start tamely, pass the cough, secret Mexican wave calling Ted's phone surrepticiously from one of our mobiles and then hanging up when he answers, calling Ted's phone from the toilets and asking to order pizza, after the last one of those I saw the ears go purple again so suggested we moved on. It moved on to clothes swapping. This involves us all emailing a number between one and ten to Ethan who is acting as ref and the two closest numbers going to the toilets and coming back wearing an article of each others clothes.

So far I am wearing a bracelet of Andi's Jamies tie and one of Rob's socks. Rob is standing out the most in one of my stockings and Jamies shirt.

I really hope management can't read our email accounts and Ted stays so utterly oblivious...


  1. I'm a new reader to you and I just want to say that your job, is like my heaven.

    Have you ever seen the show The Office? Your life is like that, it's amazing and thank you so much for sharing that because I think it's awesome and would just want to do your job.

    But also, I didn't know that adults played those types of games, like ordering pizza from a toilet? I like it, it makes me want to leave highschool knowing there is still fun things to do when you're a grown up (:

    Love your blog,

    Your new Aussie Reader, Charli (:

  2. The clothes game is hilarious! I also work in cubicle land, so that may be fun to try one of these days ;).

  3. Dang! I don't have any coworkers or co-irkers as a friend of mine calls them. Do you think the retired neighbours would like to play the clothes switch one? No?

  4. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! It's good to know that other people get into trouble at work too! We got up to a lot of fun in the stationary cupboard too, as well as playing the clothes game!
    Sometimes I still wear odd socks, just for old times sake, and I still play net-ball with the waste paper bin too!
    Keep in touch, and we'll come up with some new games to play!
    ONLY ELEVEN WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE...Then we usually have some fun!

  5. Haha!

    How do you guys get any work done? :P

  6. You are all too sassy....Love it.

  7. Love this post! Have you read "Company" by Max Barry? It sounds like you and your office mates would fit right in!

  8. Oh my god, how funny is the clothes swap???

    I can just imagine the looks towards the fellas with women's clothes on!!!

  9. Oh, to work in an office where I could liven up my day like this!