Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Do not crap where you eat or in my case work

So Rob and I are back to normal. It's hard to stay mad at him he is too annoyingly charming.

Things with Jamie are more difficult.
We had to work together today on creating a new sales brochure for him. I suggest a few ideas and he grunts. I ask his opinion and he monotones that whatever I think is fine.

This is not fun. After half an hour of working with a brick wall next to me I suggest I might get further doing this by myself. He mutters " you might prefer to ask Rob."

I glare at him, "Grow the hell up Jamie, there is nothing going on with me and him or me and you. I like men." Cheap shot I know but seriously...

He narrows his eyes at me
"Oh my apologies Kathryn."
I glare as him I hate being called Kathryn and he knows it. "No problem Gaymie."
This is the reason you shouldn't flirt with your workmates - it makes us act like children.

After we finish up I gather all the information up and stalk towards to lift. And promotly fall over into it. Jamie immediate dashes in with a concerned "Are you okay Katie?" and helps me up.
"I'm fine." I say blushing "Just clumsy."
I don't say anything for a moment and then look at him. He smiles shyly at me.
"So are we okay Kate?"
I smile hooray I finally found an advantage to my ability to fall over a spec of dust!
He grins. "Don't worry if I try and hit on you again I'lll wait until you are drunker."

Er is that a good thing?


  1. Probably not, but still. The men in your office really don't like you to be mad/crossed at them, do they? (: At least your day hasn't been boring.

  2. missykimmy - it's because I stop looking being such a pushover when I am mad.

    Martinis or Diaper Genies - Thanks I am still not sure whether to take it as an insult or a compliment

  3. Oh I meant Jamie's comment not yours - yours is always appreciated!

  4. You can't beat inserting the word 'gay' into someone's name. Great blogging.

  5. Kate,
    me an Bess wanted to say hi, and glad you found the little secret there, but don't trip too hard.

  6. This is fantastic :). It's like Bridget Jones but better!

  7. lol this makes me thankful that I no longer work!

    I tried to find an email to privately invite you, but since I couldn't, this is an official invitation to join

    If you want to be a member just go to our homepage and click BLOGGERS>>>JOIN and I'll expedite your application. :)

  8. Hi London! This must be a fun blog to write! I never worked in an office really since I was a teacher! Probably a lot of the same stuff.

  9. Your office is more exciting than mine... I'm jealous!

  10. I never could learn to use my clumsiness to my advantage. Good for you. ;)

  11. haha. really funny AND getting very interesting this is...;)

  12. plentymorefishoutofwater - I know immature but yet pleasing....

    plainolebob - thanks for stopping in. I will try and avoid broken bones although with my coordination no promises!

    Rebecca Knight - thank you :)

    Will get to others later I promise!

  13. Offended - thanks I went along and visited yesterday

    Sandra - Yes it is definitely fun and keeps me from getting annoyed at work!

    Kristy - Don't be too jealous - have you met Ted?

    Tara - I just hope I don;t break anything.

    Littlemissangry - thanks :)