Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

Woo I just won my first award ever -the Kreativ Blogger award, given by Plentymorefishoutofwater. He is hilarious and I recommend everyone follows him immediatel

As part of this I need to write seven things about me ... so here goes seven previously undisclosed facts about Kate:

1 My arms, legs hands, wrists and feet are all double jointed. It can seriously freak some people out.

2 My nicknames include: Daisy, Kitkat, Cactus, Blondie, Trouble and Elliot-alike

3 Apparently I remind lots of people of the blonde girl from Scrubs due to extreme blondness and how high and fast I talk. This gets made worse when i am flustered or annoyed

4 I refuse to leave the house unless my underwear is matching and pretty. This is not in case I get killed by a bus but in case I survive it and am operated on by a cute doctor.

5 I really struggle to make things work on the blog. Case in point the sentence above is in italic and it is not meant to be.

6 I have to carry my passport around with me in order to get served in bars which is really annoying as I am over 25!

7 I have total rabbit phobia much to everyone’s amusement. The sight of a rabbit makes me scream a fact that my workmates use to their advantage often. It stems from Watership Down a terrifying film I watched when I was very young

Finally, I must pass on this Kreativ Blogger award someone else. I really struggled as there are so so many amazing bloggers but I finally narrowed to three so honourable mentions go to:

http://youmakemydate.blogspot.com - I have only been following Sara for a short time but she is so funny. As a dating disaster she is letting the public vote on what she does when dating. It's almost a reality TV show in a blog...but better.

http://thelifechick.blogspot.com The stories in this blog are inspired by the funny, tedious, or painfully humiliating experiences - definitely worth checking out 

And the winner is: Danzers!
A real-life light-hearted serial about a midlife crisis, why his wife might be a Prostitute and how he's going to leave her and move to the South of France with a Polish pole-dancer! Happy reading.

So thanks again Fish!
Kate x


  1. Thanks for the comment!

    Love your blog, so I added you. :)


  2. Kate, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Just I looked at my profile in your follower's list, and I am :) i followed you.
    Have s great day from start to finish!!
    hugs hugs

  3. Congratulations! Its fab getting your first award isn't it :D xx

  4. Congratulations! I have only been following for a little while but I do love your blog!

    Makes me laugh :)

  5. "Extreme blondeness" LOOL Love it!

  6. Congratulations!

    It's been fun to watch this award as it's traveled across several fantastic (and deserving) blogs of late.

  7. Hey Kate!

    Congratulations on the award! Love your blog, and keep the posts coming!


  8. Pardon my lack of manners....meant to congratulate you on the award as well!

  9. Number six is only annoying until they stop asking. Congrats on a well deserved award Kate.

  10. Ohh you deserve it too Elliot? You have to carry your passport? Don't you have a driver's license?

  11. I really resent the fact you are catching with me, follower-wise ;-)

  12. Wow, love your style, really funny and nice to read! Keep up the good work!

  13. Kate, congratulations on the award - the comments from other bloggers alone testifies to your writing brilliance!

    Thank you so, so much for the honourable mention in this post. I love your blog, so my head just doubled in size reading your praise. In fact, one hand it holding it up, while the other is attempting to write this message without any typos.

  14. You're absolutely right, now that you mention it. Rabbits are shifty little buggers and I've been trusting them far too long.

  15. Congrats! Loved learning new things about you. You're scared of bunnies! Poor girl.

  16. Congratulations!

    If you were in the US, you'd be naked before you made it to the surgeon. Maybe you'd impress the really cute paramedic...

    BTW...I always wear pretty undies even if no one will see them except me. It's a confidence booster. (Don't tell anyone. They're not supposed to know that I ever need a confidence boost.)

  17. Congratulations on your award, you deserve it.
    I love point 4, a very noble strive...;)

  18. Congratulations Kate! So happy for you and your award.

  19. Congratulations Kate. You remind me of Bridget Jones!

  20. Very interesting seven facts about you. I laughed out loud at number four. Congratulations on your award!


  21. Congratulations! I completely agree that Watership Down is the most frightening thing ever. I shuddered just typing the name. Bloody (literally) bunnies should not be shown to small children.

  22. Ley/Betty Manousos/Kato/Sarah/kdragon74 -Thanks so much.

    Girl With The Golden Touch - I know couldn't stop smiling!

    Ian- It's an affliction!

    Hunter - Yeah its been fun watching the chain!

    Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats -Thanks. it can still be bad I remember being kicked out of various pubs for being underage when I have been well over. Grrrr

    Sparkless - Not to sound blonde but I think I accidently shredded it... I just got a new shredder it was a fun toy and there were some casualties...

    L-Plate Author -Thanks :)

    plentymorefishoutofwater - I think it is entirely due to all your design help!

    Will answer the rest in a second K x

  23. Kate, congrats! Also, thanks for the honorable mention. And, this is funny.

    A few weeks ago, Bob gave me this award, and I was going to pass the award onto you! But, I was in a writing funk, and couldn't set myself to the task of thinking of 7 unknown things about myself to complete the post. In the meantime, POF gave you this award!

    This is really one of the best blogs out there, and I've read every entry since I've joined. Keep up the great posts, and thanks again for mentioning my blog!

  24. Sarah (the-delicious-life.blogspot.com)/2be/You Make My Date -Thanks :)

    Tara/tattytiara/Anna Claire - Yes rabbits are scary!

    Jen/Little Sophie/little miss angry/missykimmy - plus matching underwear is so pretty!

    JennyMac/anon/lifechick - thanks :)