Monday, 26 October 2009

Silly games, flirting, jealousy in a far too small office

I must stop having a crush on my co-worker especially now he has a girlfriend it is becoming embarrassing.
Today Jamie and I have been scoring points (no not the fun kind.) Every sentence he says starts with "My girlfriend" In retaliation I have responded with constant mentions of "My date."

Rob eventually gets annoyed and starts pelting the pair of us with crumpled paper balls. I decide to join him for a cigarette despite the fact I don’t smoke.

"So what’s going on with you and Jamie?" He asks
"Nothing" I say "he has a girlfriend remember."
Rob laughs "Yeah but that’s just another notch on the wall for him."
"Yeah exactly." This is the problem with being one of the boys. You learn stuff about them that you probably shouldn't.

Rob gives me a hug and says.
"You know I'm still single...."
"Yes and just last week you told me you were looking to shag your way through a rugby team by the end of the year." I say.
He laughs "I could try not to."
"While that is tempting I think I’ll pass. Besides I have to work for this stupid presentation I’m giving this afternoon remember?"
Rob smiles - "Dutch courage that’s what you need."

I get the feeling this is a really bad idea. Must not drunk too much and make idiot of self in front of shareholders. Must not be so nervous I can't speak in front of shareholders, must not fall over in front of shareholders.

As we walk back into the office Jamie loudly mentions his girlfriend.

I email Rob saying a drink sounds like a great idea.


  1. Hey - thanks for comments left on my blog. Best bit is, it led me to yours! Love it - remember that old saying though 'never shit on your own doorstep'(cos it can get pretty messy) - don't get together with him! x

  2. I can feel the tension from here.

    Good luck with the presentation!

  3. hehe now i'm a follower
    big hugs

  4. So you like Rob or Jamie? Decide......

  5. I love how he says "I could try not to." when you mention his idea of shagging his way through a rugby team by the end of the year. I bet your heart just fluttered at his solemn protest of love.

    Ugh, having a crush on Jamie must be painful since he has a girlfriend. I sympathize with you!

  6. Any chance of anyone doing any work around your place?

  7. What sort of rugby team did he have in mind? He sounds quite sweet, though I think you should focus on the shareholders and wait for nice Simon to arrive.

  8. Hahah! My crush at the office has been my boyfriend of 5 years. And my best friend is his boss.

    It gets a little hairy, so I know where you are coming from.

    Love your blog!

  9. haha, this is what I was thinking also

    "Any chance of anyone doing any work around your place?"

  10. Ohhhh no! Do not drink before your presentation. Bad, bad idea. LOL!

    Wear some killer outfits to work to make Jamie drool.

  11. Actually, were the same outfit to work two days in a row and tell him you didn't have a change of clothes at your dates house. :)

  12. Is he going on and on about his girlfriend in an attempt to make you jealous? It's unusual for a guy to talk so much about someone who is just another notch.

  13. First, thanks for visiting Secret Story Time.

    I worked in a 9 woman office once and there were 4 men in the warehouse. Everyone of us fucked everyone else, according to the office rumor mill. Most of it was false, but it caused bickering all the time.


  14. I feel like he's using his girlfriend to make you jealous. Nevertheless, guys with girlfriends are trouble. Dating coworkers is also trouble. Keep this is mind.

  15. For some people "I could try not to" is a heroic sacrifice to offer. It's all about the individual tolerance to deprivation.

  16. who's cuter..rob or simon? ;)

    AND its so obvious what jamie is doing. haha.

  17. ooh, nice.
    jalousy/ revenge flirting is always so funny.

    well, mostly for others.
    especially since you two are being so obvious about it.

    but the question is, why would you want a guy who thinks of girlfriends as a notch on a bedpost?
    doeen's sound that great...

  18. Quality blog Kate, I think you should get Ricky Gervais to create a raunchier version of The Office at your place!

    Virtual ball of paper thrown your way - duck!

  19. Kitty - thanks for dropping in. I love your blog too.

    Hunter - I know I should run screaming and the presentation went very badly will update tomorrow!

    plainolebob - Aw thanks - hugging you right back.

    Anonymous - Jamie definitely.

    Lola Lakely - I know! Be still my beating heary you'll try not to shag around.

    the blogger formerly known as bulldog/Ian - ha ha and I thought you had to be mad to work here

    Sparkless - Very good advice. I should have listened...

    plentymorefishoutofwater - I like to think I don't cause the trouble I just seem to attract it

    Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats - Oh I like it! The date is tomorrow though and it is a lunch date. I am name dropping the restaurant lots (It's an Italian and nice)

    Jen - Probably but then we are both point scoring at the moment.

    Secretia - No worries I love your blog. Well i think our office is over sexed too much testosterone

    Emma Grace* - Agreed guys with girlfriends are a no. Hoping for them to break up is okay though.....

    tattytiara - Good point but not quite what I am hoping for.

    little miss angry - Well Simon starts soon so when he arrives I will compare ha ha

    Little Sophie - Good point and that is really the reason for me saying no as have no desire to end up there.

    Chester - Ha ha love it and I find Ricky weirdly hot. Virtual paper just hit me in the head!

    Kate xx

  20. Rob sounds like fun. Hee. And what's up with Jamie always talking about his girlfriend? Maybe he's trying to get you jealous. (:

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