Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Man trouble and blind drunk interview techniques

Today has not been good. I should have stayed in bed.

Things that make a bad Tuesday:
  • Running out of tea bags without caffeine I am neither pleasant nor useful)
  • Falling over when getting off the bus
  • Ripping stockings in said fall and having to spend £7 on new ones
  • The fact that I made myself bleed in the fall
  • The lack of sympathy from my workmates
  • Ted looking at me and saying "You look TERRIBLE Kate."
  • Jamie's new girlfriend

I know I shouldn't be jealous. We are just friends. Who flirt and text occasionally thats it. But he is being so annoying. If I hear one more word about his hot date tonight I might accidently spill tea on him.

I decide that revenge flirting is promptly needed. I consider calling Chris the sweet journalist. Then I remember my last attempt at flirting with him nearly lead to a restraining order.

I sigh - maybe this is a good thing I can stop having mixed feelings for a colleague and yet knowing I should not act on it. It will be a good thing. This is a good day. Then just when I perk up one the elastic in one of my stockings promptly snaps. Making a noise. While I am wearing a short skirt.

Yes having hosiery fall off your leg must be as bad as it gets...

"Katie?" Ted calls "Did I tell you that you need to give a presentation in the meeting on Friday?"

Kill me now...


  1. Revenge flirting, I really like the sound of that!


  2. Haha I CAN'T WAIT to read how this turns out between you and Jamie. As for teabags - keep a spare supply in your desk. I do.
    PS if there are any buttons/gadgets or whatever on my blog you like, I'll gladly talk you through doing it. The header is easy - you just have to find a picture you like. I think this would be good for your blog:

  3. Capping off a rough day with a quitter stocking -there's always tomorrow. ;)

    Looking forward to your next post.

  4. Blind drunk interview techniques, when I get that drunk I lose all my technique.

  5. I immediately started smiling on reading this post! You are brilliant!

  6. hehe.. you need to find that inner zen.. take a hokey bat and badger some living thing to death. i guarentee you'd feel a lot better.. or just try that woooosa thingie.. heard that works too.. LOL :P .. and that thing about revengful flirting . .. awsome!! you need to carry extra(backup) stockings at this rate..

    hehe.. have a wonderful week.

  7. "Kill me now..." My thoughts exactly.

    I hope your Tuesday gets better. (:


  8. I heard that stocking go. That made me laugh!

  9. God, I know, there are some of those days you just wanna give up, lie down on the floor and curle op into a foetus-position. If only this was possible without being admitted into a mental hospital...
    Besides, if you want caffeïne, you should really consider drinking coffee.
    Even if you are English.
    And keep a spare pare of stocking in your bag or drawer.
    You are hilarious!

  10. Seven sqid? Day light robbery methinks. Ohhh! presentation, Holy moses! Good luck TFx

  11. Great blog. A restraining order?! Oh-oh, that doesn't sound good :) Tomorrow will hopefully be better.

  12. Love the stories on your blog! I hope you have a better wednesday!

  13. Well flirt with everyone during your presentation and kill two birds with one stone! LOL!

  14. You are bad...but in a good way. Love it.

  15. i am a believer in revenge flirting. not that it necessary leads to good things or gets you what you want...but at least it makes you feel better.


  16. Too funny as usual but...you spend £7 on stockings? Ones that last mere hours? Go complain bitterly to whoever sold them to you!

  17. Secretia - Oh yeah it didn't go well. I am posting the update to that as soon as I stop cringing from it.

    plentymorefishoutofwater - I love that image! I am so going to take you up on this I am computer challenged and I love your new look.

    Hunter - I know that damn stocking and it had to go with a bang as well.

    Write Right Where You "R" - thanks cheque is in the post :P

    Nitin - I like your thinking!

    missykimmy - thanks :)

    Answering the rest later I promise!

  18. Revenge flirting made me laugh. Also a good time to switch to dark coffee--it stains, lol.
    Loved it!

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  20. Fran/Little Sophie/Henry North London - I think all of London must have heard it so embarrassing!

    TOM FOOLERY/DJ Kirkby - I know M&S too!

    Tara - Thanks :)

    Emma Grace*/lesinfin/Sparkless/Dutch donut girl -revenge flirting (or any kind of flirting) would be better if I was good at it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by

  21. Your Blog is annoyingly addictive.