Thursday, 22 October 2009

Job interviews and scoring 6 out of 5

The two interviewees - just to recap there was Simon the sweet and nice guy who seems a little shy and Janice the louder of the two who seems good fun but has the worlds most annoying laugh.

However, Janice clearly didn't like the look of us as she left after just one glass of wine and said she wanted to "Go spend time with her real friends." Ouch.

As the night went on Ted was being his normal incredibly annoying self - insisting Simon spends five minutes chatting to each of us individually as an informal interview. Simon rolled his eyes at this but took it well.

I go and take my five minutes of Simon time after Ted bribes me with another drink. I hate it when Ted is smart.

I awarded Simon a point system during the interview - not for the purposes of hiring him but just whether I thought we'd get on. His score is below

"Hey Simon I'm Kate." I say
He smiles and says, "I feel like I've gone speed dating or something which is weird as you are the first female I've gotten - do you think I should ask for my money back."
I laugh.
"So on a scale of one to ten how bad has this interview been?" I ask
He laughs again "Well crap but I have been brought five beers. Unfortunately I get the feeling Ted still expects me to be making sense."
"Yes he has weird ideas about thing like that." I admit.
He looks around surreptitiously and whispers, "My first interview lasted two hours and the first hour was just Ted telling me about his own CV. I felt like thanking him and saying he had the job."
"An hour of his CV? And you came back? Why?" I ask.
He blushes and says sheepishly, "My recruitment consultant told me there would be free drinks."

I like him!

How I scored points :
  • Being cute - 1 point
  • Being cute enough that I saw Jamie look annoyed when we were talking - HA - 1 point
  • Making fun of Ted - 1 Point
  • Making fun of Ted again - 1 Point
  • Admitting he only came to the interview for free drinks - 1 Point
  • Blushing - 1 Point


  1. Though I voted for Janice, the guy sounds OK.
    A sense of humour. 1 point.
    He likes a drink. 1 point.
    Knowing who to be honest to. 1 point.
    He likes the ladies. 1 point. (OK, not sure if that' true but blushing when talking to you is a good clue)
    He likes a drink. 1 point... actually that's all that counts for me.
    Give the man a job and let's get whammed!!
    That's how I see it anyway.

  2. 6! Looks like you've got your guy - he's the kind that'll get you laughing even though you've got the feeling that you've just got your arse fired!

  3. Go Simon!

    He got my original vote, and I'm sticking to it...

  4. Love it!!! He had my vote from the start! It seems he'll fit in nicely with a great sense of humour! :)

    Beautiful Dreamer

  5. Another brilliant post. Is Jamie showing signs of jealousy today? Ooh milk it - get him to make tea for the rest of the week (do you have teabags yet?).

  6. Definitely Simon, he sounds great.
    On the other hand the only 'pub interview' hire my ex-boss ever made ('Great guy...a really good laugh') was an unparalleled disaster, incompetent and offensive.
    But Simon doesn't sound like that, and it'd be good to crank up the sexual tension in the office even more.

  7. I've been (and still) having computer problems. Had to catch up on your last three posts here. Got to tell you, half of me wishes I worked there and the other half goes "oh hell no!" LOL

  8. This is adorable :3. Simon sounds like a nice chap indeed!

  9. Your office sounds like fun. I know not to you, LOL! But it is fun to read about all the goings on at your office!

  10. Free drinks as part of an interview. Something is not right there. Or maybe I've just gone for the wrong jobs. Or maybe this whole thing is a dream.

  11. Office romance??

  12. Awesome! Love your point system.

  13. haha..i'm loving simon already. plus he blushes. how cute ;)

  14. I browsed and I loved what I saw.
    You have just an interesting blog.I loved reading your office daily life.
    All those little things.
    I'd love if both follow each other.
    Happy Friday!

  15. I had Simon going out of the gate, so I'm not surprised one bit.....but, that being said, 5 beers on a job interview. Yikes! I'd be a blithering idiot if I drank 5 beers!

  16. you gotta lose Simon, not only is he a drunkard, but he confessed way too easily.

  17. Ho wis he not the cutest guy ever:)
    It always makes my day to hear about/meet guys that are funny like that.
    Instead of making the usual sex or fart jokes, I mean.
    Those just aren't funny.


  18. Thanks for stopping by my insane blog! I liked the bulleted scoring points list. Your blog sounds like fun!

  19. Fish - Yes we have teabags now thank God. I am horrible without them. No Jamie is just name dropping the GF a lot

    R.R.Jones - Ha ha the points rule

    Frog/Hunter/Beautiful Dreamer Good choice - he got offered the job today!

    Will be back later and reply to the rest

    Katie x

  20. So...Can I get this guy's number? *sheepish grin*

  21. so girls do have the same type of points systems that guys do... good to know haha.

  22. Keren David/Rebecca K -Simon seems really nice fingers crossed :)

    Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats - Hell no sounds about right!

    Christiejolu - I think it is fun and a little crazy!

    mo.stoneskin - I suppose when you are drunk you are honest right? Yeah bad bad idea!

    Anonymous - Now do you really think I would kiss and blog? (Ha come back and see)

    the blogger formerly known as bulldog - on one hand I agree with you. But I don't think anyone sober or sane in fact would last here

    Tara -thanks :)

    little miss angry - he is really sweet. I just hope he blushes more than me. I am sick of being the office tomato

    Betty Manousos - thanks I just visited you :)

    My name is PJ - I wish i had that excuse for being a blithering idiot but sadly I can manage sober!

    Will get to the rest soon

    Kate x

  23. Haha! Cool blog, girlfriend! :)

  24. Sorry not to post to all individually but thanks so much for commenting. I do really appreciate them and read them I am just having a witty response fail today

    Kate x

  25. I like this Simon guy too. I'll just keep reading your most recent posts and see what actually happened.

    And I don't like Janice. Well, I don't know her, but that 'real friends' part doesn't sit well with me. Are you sure she had friends?

    Great post, as usual.