Monday, 19 October 2009

Miracles can happen - Ted does something good!

I mentioned a few entries back that Jack was on probation. Well Jack has now found another job paying him 5k more and is buggering off at the end of the week. Nice one Jack!

In light of this Ted has been panicking about being a salesman down and is finally doing some serious interviewing. Between this and our planned office move happening next Friday work has been well and truly relegated

Ted has been interview various people to replace Jack and hearing his opinions is hilarious. The first "Young chap" he interviewed was "Very green, not at all what we need in a fast paced company."
"But I thought he was interviewing to work here." I respond
"Do you have listed on your CV under special skills being a complete smart arse Kate?" He says but with a grin.
"Better smart than dumb" I say.
Ted laughs. "I think I'm calling that one a draw Kate." He says.
"Spoken like a true loser." I tell him. I know I am pushing it but he is in a jolly mood as he has found two potentials so I think I can get away with what he calls "The banter"
I won't correct him and call it "the truth.

Ted has asked Jamie to come and help on the interview process but Jamie is a bit worried about losing all his sales. With Jack on the way out he still needs to hit his targets if he is going to buy us all a drink (He lost a bet with Rob)

Ted suggest that perhaps a good way of seeing if the potential candidate fits in is taking him and us to the pub after work one night. And buying all our drinks until 8pm

The man is a genius! First office/pub interview is tomorrow evening.


  1. I love the concept of 'he calls it "the banter" I call it "the truth...' - too funny...

  2. An office/pub interview? Sounds like a devlishly good time.

    Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. A new office mate. Could be very interesting. Are the potentials male or female?
    Don't enlighten Ted, the banter/truth is much funnier when he's clueless.

  4. Haha, love the banter/truth part! Have fun at the office/pub interview. (: Your posts are always entertaining, do blog about how much fun you guys have at the pub, yes?

  5. Ha ha yes pub post coming soon

    Thanks for the comments guys

    Kate x

  6. You know, reading your posts make me miss working in an "office." haha I'm in a school, where everybody acts retarded! (the adults)

  7. WRWYR - You miss the office - but here you can never escape from Ted! Thaks for reading :)