Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Alcoholic interviews part one - One vodka and tonic later

Well to kick things off with a flying start Ted invited both candidates along at the same time. I knew he couldn't get it right for very long.

“Er you didn’t want to keep them separate?” I ask. Rob raises his eyebrows at this.
“No.” Says Ted, “I thought it would save time and money to do it all in one go.”
“But don’t you think they might feel a bit awkward knowing they are both competing for the same job?” Rob asks tactfully.
Ted frowns and the looks up brightening. “We could sell it like X factor, competing for one spot.”

What planet does this man live on?
Rob and I exchange dubious looks.
“Ted this is a junior sales position not a record contract.” I point out gently

Ted looks confused. “And?”
“God were you out for pizza when tact was handed out?” I say.

I know he is my boss and I should not lose my temper but.... the man is an idiot. I roll my eyes and turn to Rob who is laughing
Rob nudges me and says “Er Kate you were probably out when they were giving us tact too.”
“Yeah but at least I stuck around for brains rather than asking for excess nasal hair.” I retort.

Note to self - before making mean remarks about your boss - check said boss is not standing right behind you. Luckily I am saved by one of our interviewees arriving. A rather scared looking young guy who seems shyer than I would expect a sales guy to be. Seconds later the other candidate turns up, a girl who seems quite fun and outgoing but laughs like Janice from friends.

Who do you think we should vote?


  1. The shy guy.
    He seems nice enough and salestechniques can be learned. A Janice laugh can never be lost.

    Except when it drives you so mad (and it will) taht you accidentaly kill her.
    which would be very understandable;)

  2. I too agree that the shy guy should be hired. It's the quiet ones that really surprise you. :)

  3. Wow, Ted sounds like quite the brilliant boss.

    I'd cut the shy guy a break. If he's still green, it's not surprising that he might be a little shy in such an awkward situation.

  4. I kinda liked Janice. She was so needy. Not good sales person material, granted, but the shrinking violet ne'er takes the shrew, as they say in Andorra.
    (I think that pertains to shyness... but I couldn't swear on it)

  5. Love this blog...going to follow...going into the light...


  6. It's a toss up. Neither sounds ideal. They both lack confidence. Janice is eager to please, but you never know what the quiet ones are capable of accomplishing.

  7. Me! As I need a job. :-)

    But seriously, I would normally go for the quiet one, but a typrical sales person needs to be resilient and cope with anything. Janice might be that person.

    Take both on a commission basis, highest wins. True darwinism at work!

  8. Janice, definitely. People will buy just to get her off the phone, and keep her from calling back.

  9. omg. ted is absolutely clueless!

    AND i vote shy guy.

  10. Hi Kate, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Through that, I found yours and I'm going to follow along because this is better than anything on TV!

    I vote shy guy. A laugh like Janice's will lose customers. Shy guy was probably just nervous, moreso when Janice Laugh showed up. Ted's a nimrod. It's all so delicious!

  11. I think we got 8 votes for Simon and four for Janice - although my maths is pretty awful! I actually really liked Janice - unfortunately she didn't seem to like us

    Thanks so much for commenting. I will visit you all later on

    Katie x