Friday, 30 October 2009

Hi Simon, jealousy and the fire of karma

Pretty sure this will go in history as one of my stupidest things to date.
The day started so well. Simon arrived he seems really great. I have put Jamie in a terrible mood by mentioning my lunch date as often as possible. The guys all go to the pub for lunch and I remind them loudly that I am going on a date with coffee guy and might take an extended lunch.
Jamie glares. Ethan rolls his eyes. “Have fun and try not to fall off the shoes Kate.”

Hmm the shoes are lovely it a little difficult to walk in. However I didn’t fall over on the date. I wish…..

I met coffee man who seemed nice, friendly and actually quite good fun. We went to a nice Italian restaurant with candles on the table - nice. He tells me he’s been wanting to ask me out for months which pretty much makes me feel like a maggot for using him to make Jamie jealous. I decide maybe I should move on to some one who is single.

Lunch flies by and we both realize we have to dash back to our offices. He insists on paying. I try to put in half but he won’t let me. As we leave I wipe my hands with the cloth napkin and toss it back onto the table.

On the candle.

Which sets it alight

And then sets the table cloth on fire

I just set the table on alight....

Oh my God it has all gone up in smoke - literally. The waiters run over with jugs of water. I don’t think I have ever been this embarrassed in my life.

I run out of the restaurant.

Yeah he's never calling me again...and I am pretty sure I am banned from that restaurant.
I hate karma. And napkins


  1. HAHA that is just such a great story. Well, maybe not for you, but it was entertaining to read! On a lighter note, sorry about your date and have a great weekend!

  2. Aw Kate!

    On the flipside I guess it makes you unforgettable!

    Have a great weekend!

    Clair :)

  3. Sounds like a fantastic first date story to me. Things were literally set on fire!

  4. Just be thankful you didn't set him on fire. It could have been worse.


  5. don't worry.. he'll call, you just left him stunned, "blazed" and confused lol.. how could he resist!

  6. omg! well that certainly sounds like one hot date to remember haha! i hope you guys will at least have a laugh outta it...

  7. That sounds like a very bad date.... i hope next week is better

  8. I would deffo call a girl who did this...quality. My favourite blogger strikes again.

  9. WoW hot date, maybe?
    sounds like.
    Love your header icon.
    Have a great week-end!

  10. LOL!!! Sorry if I'm laughing but dang I needed a good laugh today. Love the new header.

  11. That's the office part right at the top of your blog.


  12. Am new to following your blog but i absolutely love it! keep up the good work!

    N x

  13. You poor thing.

    But to be fair, that could happend to anyone.
    And lots of guys find clumsy girl very cute, so I wouldn't be too sure about him not calling.
    It's all very embarassing for you, but maybe he didn't think it was that bad.

    And if he indeed doesn't call, than he's just a humourless jerk.

  14. Why worry?
    You only used the guy to get Jamie jealous. If anything you could use the situation to your advantage, pretending that the embarrassment of the first "date" was too much for your precious ego blah dee blah dee blah.
    It's all worked out nicely... unless you're the coffee guy of course. :-(

  15. I'm trying to resist adding yet another fire-themed joke.

    Anyway, on the plus side, you can tell Jamie you're coffee man's new "flame".

    Dammit. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

  16. Lol... I think he'll call, as someone else said, you're unforgettable now!! I'd love to have been one of his friends when he retold that story!!


  17. Oh, no! That is terrible! But some day you'll look back and laugh. Right?

  18. He'll call. nobody forgets someone who sets fires to restaraunts. I would try it myself, but I never go anywhere classier than muckdonalds, and they have plastic tables.

  19. Oh no! That, um, sucks. To be frank. But, on the upside, I love your new header!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  20. Hey! Your blog always makes me laugh so I gave you an award on my blog!

  21. This is indeed funny stuff! It makes the rest of us look so dull! My best. Count Sneaky

  22. hilarious. and i'm sure he's gonna call! ;)

  23. What I love best about this incident, Kate, is that you shared it! You're a brave woman with lots of spunk. The dude may not be worth it, but I say it was worth it for the blogging that ensued. Keep us laughing WITH you. :)