Thursday, 15 October 2009

Here you are - sit next to me

So we are back to work - or at least some form of work. Sales calls are made, marketing letters are created, printers are kicked.

Everything with Jamie and Rob is back to normal or at least as normal as the pair of them ever get. They are closer than ever but they have started lots of new competitions. So far we have had the sensible who can get the most sales in that afternoon - an activity that Ted approves of greatly to who can fit the most scotch eggs in their mouth. That was pretty grim. There is talk of who can drink the most later on the week. That could be interesting especially as it is Ethans birthday tomorrow.

Ted meanwhile has spent the last few days making various new seating charts for downstairs with changes and amendments along the way. And absolutely nothing else.

"I've finally got a good seating plan." He tells me proudly. "What do you think."
"Very nice." I say unconvincingly while looking down at my work. I am totally swamped today and really don't have time for Ted.
Ted looks at me and says, "Come now Kate I want you to be 100% honest so I know everyone is happy."
I sigh, "You know it is never a good idea to ask me to be 100% honest Ted."
He looks irritated and snaps, "Just tell me what you think."
"Fine." I say. "I think this seriously took two days of work. It's a damn seating plan!"
I see his ears go a little red and him take a breathe.
"So you don't care where you sit then?"
"Not especially." I respond carelessly.
"Thats good." He says with an evil grin, "Because you and I are sharing a desk."

I can't believe it. Ted got me!


  1. Haha serves you are bad, Kate - BAD. Like it though.

  2. Yep, you walked right into that one. What does sharing a desk mean? Left side draws yours and righ hand side draws his?

    Will you be going to Frankfurt?

  3. Better draw a line down the middle of that desk and mark your territory with stuffed animals and pink lacy things...

  4. Bloody oath. Ted is a genius.

    I know you will think of something so much better to get him back. Btw your conversations with him are hilarious in themselves.


  5. Haha, I'm very sorry about that, but then again, not so much. Your office might just get more interesting that way. (:

    But I do hope you find a way out of sharing a desk with Ted. He doesn't sound like a very pleasant co-worker.

  6. Ohhhh Ted wants you! Ted was joking, right?

  7. You got to act fast Kate, start placing unnegotiable things on the desk! :)

  8. permanent seating arrangements?? i agree with hunter above about the marking territory bit if that's the case...

  9. You had the same reaction to the seating plan as the kids at my school do when I tell them they're not choosing where they sit. Every now and then, one sneaks to another place to see if I notice, but I always do. It's a good game.

  10. hmmm - never had to sit with other people at work before, but then again, times they are a changing

    thanks for visiting me over at the crib! i like what you've got going on here and makes me feel like maybe i can get even more variations of THE OFFICE than i already do


  11. Pictures!

    We need pictures of this cold war desking sharing marlarkey. Take them in full view of Ted, then tell him it's evidence for a tribunal ;-) TFx

  12. You know I feel like Iv'e seen this blog happening! These things must happen everywhere or is it coincidence! Or is this MY office! Whats your real name again?!

    PS: Love you too!

  13. I sit with a woman in the same cube.

    I mean, it's cool being able to do all kinds of kinky stuff behind her back when she's not looking, but the inability to squeak out a good one every once in a while kinda sucks.

    You take the good, you take the bad.

    It's like 'The Facts of Life' but without Blair's massive boobies.

    So, nothing like that, really. Not sure what I was thinking.

  14. Just carry a really big purse to work every day and lay it across the desk so that it takes up as much space as possible.
    If that isn't possible, then wear perfume that's strong and causes him to sneeze until he moves you to another place.

    In other words, you have to fight fire with fire Kate... it's the only way =)

  15. Hahaha, love the post and the idea for this blog. Thanks for leaving a comment last week on mine. :)


  16. Haha Kate. In the US, we call that move a "side-swipe".

  17. stop showering starting from day one of sharing the desk until he moves himself or you to another location.

  18. Air Family: Describes the false sense of community experienced among coworkers in an office environment. (Douglas Coupland- Generation X [p.111]).

    A neologism for everything.

    I like this blog. Lots.

  19. Enjoying what I've read so far--good to know other jobs are as crazy as some of the ones I've worked!


  20. Just found your blog and have had a most entertaining hour reading it all back. Good luck with Ted!

  21. wonderfulful way of have a hidden creative genious in you. Un leash it.
    You are giong to have lots of followers!Followme....

  22. i've just come across your blog, i'm about to get a new job in an office. it's reminded me it's not all sprwadsheets and other keyboard tapping activities.

    Thanks Mark

  23. Fish - I know I really deserved it but still beaten by Ted - that stings!

    The Wyvern - worse facing each other. I am going to spend time building up piles of files to block the view!

    Hunter/little miss angry - I like your thinking

    Charli :) I know damn him!

    missykimmy - ha ha I am sorry for myself

    Sparkless- No he was serious - aaaaah

    Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats - maybe a years supply of tampons will scare him off??

  24. Fran Hill - if I could sneak I would but it will be my drawers and things there :(

    SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB - thanks for visiting

    TOM FOOLERY - I'll try and sneak a picture when he isn't looking.

    Danzers - I hope not - if you work with me I am so fired! Do you work in London?

    moooooog35 - near Ted you would not want to do that - trust me

    Jamie Nicole/Sarah - All good suggestions.

    Michael/Cryin/Technolustmaxx - thanks :) and thanks for visiting I will drop by you later

    The Lioness - I am still bitter - outsmarted by Ted!

    kdragon74/lifearts thanks and thanks so much for dropping by I will come and see you later today!

    Muttering Mark -Good luck with the job and thanks so much for visiting :)

    By the way I promise I will get around to visiting everyone who has commented