Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I am sulking until you make me tea

(Sorry I meant to post this Monday but I am completely computer inept!)

It's Monday and my many reasons to be grumpy include:
  • I overslept this morning. (worse than usual)
  • I have mad hair seriously I look like the victim of a power surge. Must get a hair cut.
  • I am still annoyed at two of my workmates for the events of Friday.
  • Ted "hem heming" when I arrive and pointing at his watch. (Admitedly it is half nine and I am half an hour late.
  • The office is still not switching the heating on and I am freezing.
  • I think my pants show through this skirt.


I arrive and plan to make my know to both Rob and Jamie. Instead of a good morning I shot both of them my best evil stare.
"Morning Kate" Ethan says and I glare at him as well - oops
"Something in your eye?" He responds. I sulk.

Ted has been very busy today trying to decicde where we are all going to sit when we make the move downstairs. He mentions that he wants me to be in the hub of the sales team. I mutter that I hope I don't catch anything Rob sniggers and my inbox pings a second later.

"You still mad at me? I'll make you tea if you lighten up."

I reply
"Tea is a start"

He reponds,
"I'll put the kettle on - by the way can I be Butthead? I just don't feel like a Beavis."
I evil stare him again.

My email pings once more and says

"Open your top draw."
I do and find a huge bar of chocolate. I don't like chocolate but the thought is sweet.

He pings again with

I laugh.

The next email says
"Thank God. Your evils are seriously crap."



  1. i wish my work is as fun as yours. :) btw rabbits are not scary. they are cute.

  2. Rabbits are so frightening. I am seriously phobic!

  3. Offerings of tea and chocolate? When I'm mad at my coworkers, I'm pretty sure they just laugh about it.

    Well played.

  4. Ohhh tea and chocolate! Now that's my kind of workplace.

  5. i ad a seriously bad case of the mondays yesterday too, thanks god for tuesday right?

  6. Agree with Sarah. Sounds fun there. And free chocolate? Any vacancies?

  7. You can keep the tea - I'll take the chocolate off your hands!

  8. ooh chocolate! My favourite thing in the world! Haha, that post made me smile. (: Your workplace sounds like fun, and how thoughtful is your co worker? I hope to be as lucky as you!

    And you work in publishing? I actually kind of want to study that later. How is it? I doubt you talk about the work as much as the happenings in the office. I'll see what I can find around your blog. (:

    Thank you for visiting and reading my blog by the way! I hope you visit again soon.

    Great blog! *Following*


  9. Hunter - I think it is more about my ability to sulk than anyhting else I have it down to art form.

    Sparkless - I'm more of a tea and tea and more tea kind of girl

    Chelsea - and thank God for Friday most importantly!

    Fran - if it makes you feel better we all have to work with Ted the boss from hell...

    Lifechick - I will happily trade you any chocolate for tea - the stuff makes me feel ill

    Misskimmy - glad you liked. Will definitely be visiting you too :)

    Kate x

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