Friday, 23 October 2009

Simon says... stay of execution and a date!

So Simon was offered the job!

Ted rang his recruitment consultant this morning and said how impressed he was by this young mans demeanour. Not to mention the other one ran away screaming eh Ted?

Simon for some unknown reason has accepted and is joining us on Wednesday next week. True to form we have immediately organised welcome to the team drinks for Wednesday lunch. Even better as Ted is on holiday Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

It was also a good day as I ended up not having to do my presentation in the dreaded management meeting. To explain why this is so scary once a month every Friday all the managers which include Ted, Jay, Andi and May have an all day meeting with one of our shareholders.

It tends to go on until past five and at lunchtime Andi emerges and begs each of us in turn to either poison shoot or incapacitate her so she doesn’t have to go back. I also hate giving presentations. This week though they were so busy there wasn't time for a marketing presentation. The shareholder is popping in Wednesday afternoon to meet me so I can give it to him one to one. So bets on whether I can do this without screwing it up? Or blushing?

And I have a revenge flirting plan. Jamie is still going on about his new girlfriend constantly... but I have a date. Every week I go and grab a coffee at about 11am. For the last month a guy called Tim has been chatting to me - he works in the area and has been pressing for a lunch date. So I am going out with him next Thursday. Take that Jamie.

Right off for Jacks leaving do - must make sure I mention the date.


  1. using jealousy as a weapon is a dispicable trick! (let me know if it works).

  2. So is Simon a potential flirt? Lucky you on not having to do the presentation. Good luck with your one on one.

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  5. Revenge flirting is so intense. It is exciting!


  6. Can't wait to read next week's posts - I'm completely addicted!

  7. So when is the date? S

  8. Hi Kate,
    Thank you so much for passing by and commenting.
    I'm following!

  9. haha. good luck with you shareholder meeting AND your revenge flirting plan! ;)

  10. Kate, I came thru ur blog for the first time today...and U r absolutely right..the office is the best topic for any blog..u will never be devoid of contents to type in...and mostly they will be all juicy and!!!

    I just started writing down...from here and there of my life....Do go through...

  11. i love your blog, thanks you so much for commenting on mine.
    I hope more people will...

    yes, that is a shameless request.
    deal with it:P

  12. Ooh, Jamie must've been bad. I must remember to come read more of this story, as well as check out the before bits!


  13. When I read the title, I actually thought Simon asked you on a date.

    And you're using Tim to make Jamie jealous? Very nice, haha.