Friday, 9 October 2009

I have a very sore head....

Ouch my head hurts....maybe this post should be renamed reasons why trying to be nice is a bad idea.

Well I feel awful and have limited memory of last night. Note to self must learn to say no. I was tempted to call in sick today but decided to come in and face the music.

I arrive pale and wearing sunglasses (only ten minutes late so progress) and attempt to smile. If you are smiley you can't possibly be hung-over right?

Jamie keeps giving me funny looks making me paranoid, my hair is curlier than usual hair and I am makeup free. While I don’t wear makeup everyday I tend to skip if hung-over. Bad idea as I am looking suspiciously flushed today and I keep blushing under Jamie’s scrutiny.

“Late one last night Kate?” Jamie says accusingly.

I blush and stammer something noncommittal. Must get through this day must get through this day.

I make it to lunch without being sick or saying anything stupid. Mostly managed by not speaking though I answer the phone once with the wrong company name. I don’t think anyone noticed.

At lunch I go and get a huge coffee and look at my phone - I have a text from Rob saying “Thx for being so lovely last night”

Back in the office I smile at him in what I hope is a reassuring way butnon flirtatious way. I like that he trusts me I just wish I could remember more about what happened. I remember telling him something about my on/off (currently off) boyfriend which is embarrassing. Plus I am having weird flashbacks which makes me think he might have made a move.

At the end of the day the guys suggest coming out. I refuse. Well done Kate I think.

After work I get a text from Jamie saying: “What’s happening with u & Rob???”

I also get a text from Rob saying: “Are you and Jamie involved?”
Oh crap...I respond to both saying no.

I then get identical clearly drunk texts from them a few hours later saying "If you choose between me and Rob/Jamie which one? drink Monday? xxx”

Great I appear to have ended up as the prize in a male pissing competition.

I reply saying "Dear Beavis/Butthead - sleep it off"

It’s going to be a bad Monday.

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  1. Great reply. I used to be skeptical when people couldn't remember things from the previous night...then it happened to me for the first time aged 28. Horrible, isn't it? Don't let it happen too often though Kate, you'll end up in the newspapers...

  2. Try coming in the next day, only to be reminded by one of your male co-workers, of how he had to take you home because you were to smashed to walk, never mind drive, and that you owe him money because having vomit removed from the car seat is not cheap – yip, this happened to my co-workers, she didn’t know where to stick her head.

  3. LOL!!! I thought so. Love your reply.

  4. Fantastic post and perfect reply.

  5. You always manage to come up with the quick reply on the spot whereas I can only ever think of them after the event - respect!!

  6. A wise man once said, "Never dip your pen in the company ink"

    Needless to say, I am not a wise man and have paid the price in awkwardness :D

  7. Hahaha! Love it! Careful when drinking, miss. ;) Hopefully your Monday ends up being okay.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. i think it may be a good idea to call in sick next time this happens.. :)

  9. PMFOOW - I am not old enough for memory gaps it is scary!

    Frog - ouch not fun!

    Rachel/Sparkless/Hunter/littlemissangry Thanks - it was through luck not wit though sadly!

    Kate - it is years of making an idiot of myself finally paying off

  10. CJ - Good advice sadly hard to follow occasionally....

    Sarah - Might well be I will remember that!

    Girl With The Bow Tie - :) thanks for visiting

    K x